Latest Reader Qs (6/7/2017)

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Here are the latest Reader Questions…

StuckinSoCal asks:

Curious if you might help me troubleshoot a Oil Pressure Concern that I have.  Have a Mod Hi Mileage (145K) Avalanche with the 5.3l V8, a common Chevy motor.  During Start up and first few miles, Oil pressure runs about 40-55 PSI on the dash gauge…smooth idle at stop signs.  When Motor reaches operating temp in around town driving, PSI drops to 20-30 PSI, and when stopping after extended road driving or uphill operation, begin to get slight rough idle and PSI in the 15-20 range…Run Mobil 1 5W30, change at 6K interval, but 2nd owner.

Brother in law thinks that I may have an Oil temp issue, partially blocked oil cooler, etc.  No oil temp gauge, only trans and coolant temp.  Any suggestions about diagnosing this issue?  Maybe something else.  Had the pressure measured digitally, range was 20-50 PSI, they stated to worry if drops to 12 PSI.  Would like to get more miles out of the powerplant...

My answer:

First thing to do is establish what the normal operating psi is at various engine RPM. The next step is to verify what the actual oil pressure is, using a gauge (as opposed to a sender). The third step is verify you are using the correct/specified viscosity of oil. Too thin/thick can affect pressure significantly and in newer engines can also cause problems with systems such as variable valve/cam timing, which often use oil pressure to operate. 

Once you have the answers to the above, you can determine whether, in fact, your oil pressure readings are too low or too high. 

That said, I doubt you have an oiling problem. It sounds more like a tuning problem. Plugs, coil pack/wires/dirty injector, etc.

Kirsten asks:

Eric, have you had a chance to look into the manual transmission RPM hang when shifting the Subaru Forester? Just wondering if you had found anything related to reprogramming the computer.

My Answer:

There are two issues here. . . finding someone who can reflash/reprogram the ECU and warranty coverage. While there are aftermarket sources for the WRX 2.0 engine, I haven’t been able to find anything for the 2.5 engine, unfortunately. Anyone reading this who has more info, please chime in.

The other issue – warranty coverage – is the biggie. Subaru will likely void your warranty if the ECU is modified. You’ll have to decide whether that risk is worth the prospective benefit.

Many new cars – not just Subarus – have the same problem you’re dealing with. It’s the result of drive-by-wire/throttle mapping, which is increasingly set for maximum mileage rather than best driving characteristics. Same goes for automatic transmissions, by the way. Many of them will “jump” up multiple gears (especially on a downhill) in order to get into the top overdrive gear, for maximum mileage. It feels really weird sometimes – as though the car is surging forward.

Thank Uncle for this…

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  1. To Eric from…

    Hot Rod Economist on Facebook Fan Site:

    As a fellow libertarian car enthusiast, I really appreciate all that you do.

    I don’t follow the car market as much as I used to but I am glad that there’s a voice out there with both the car market and the free market in mind.

    Keep it up!

  2. Most important fact about God.

    56% of the world is Jewish/Christian/Muslim. This is a grotesque centralization of knowledge power. This is where NAP could make the greatest impact. Decentralize the power of knowledge back into the hands of the entire world’s people.

    Their are far more ancient Jewish writings than what made it into the old Testament. Many of them are the writings of Babylonians, which is where the Jews lived. The Babylonians and their neighboring civilizatioins were Western Society’s true founders. Their astronomy, math, science, civilization and literature is the equal of our own. Yet people in those times were 90% free, unlike modern Americans who are 1% free. It is this freedom of scope reduction that makes you wish erroneously for mass depopulation of clovers.

    The value of religion is that it hides our true ancient heritage in plain sight. It’s is extremely difficult for the non-scholar to find ancient writings. If he is Christian or Muslim, he has been programmed to only accept the “God” inspired one found in “Holy” central religious authority books.

    Also the writings are in languages no longer extant, or only understood by a handful of people. Translations are done that conform to what the authority’s want revealed. Not the faithful translations of ancient stories and knowledge.

    The genius of the Jew’s Christianity and Islamic versions of their religion, is they control the narrative from behind the scenes. It is not about their genetics or race, but about their dumbing down and misleading of most people of the world.

    EPAutos needs more staff for its research department. Send eric an email if you’re interested in applying for this exciting position.

  3. This is great feature. I can’t believe there aren’t more questions tho.

    average IQ of students in different college fields, as well as the % of female students

    Women’s IQ is less spread from the mean. Less geniuses and less imbeciles. Feminism and gender equality is bullshit that hobbles men’s working lives.

    Women dont need to (and dont want to) go to work all day. Men will worker longer and harder, but not as a slave though. Contributing to a project with a group of men where everyone is rewarded and recognized is an unparalleled experience.

    Women will help, but it is only men who are building a life on your own real property, becoming skilled and building, repairing, rebuilding something.

    Making a cumulative effort everyday towards a vast and long-term project over years, where you realize the results and beauty/ingenuity you have brought to the world, the place you have made to live in and pass on.

    If men are trading their time for shekels they will be unsatisfied with any product you could then trade those for. Using land use laws to force men into wage slavery is the new slavery since 1865 and it hits men harder.


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