Another Gentle “Nudge” . . .

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Whatever their failings, machines generally don’t second-guess you. Turn them on, turn them off. Point them in a certain direction. Command them to move or spin or do whatever it is they were made to do and – assuming they are not broken – they will usually do it.

And won’t try to nudge you to do what they think is best.

Electronic gadgets, on the other hand . . .  .

They pre-empt and nudge. Do things you didn’t ask them to – and won’t do things you want them to. They turn on – and off- at random, according to their own lights. They are not broken, either.

Which means, of course, they can’t be fixed.

They seem to literally have a mind of their own – and in a very real sense, they do. They are programmed to guess/intuit/anticipate your needs – whether you need them to or not.

It is like having an insolent intern or personal assistant who is useful to you in some ways but an aneurism-inducing  aggravation in other ways. And unlike the intern or PA – whom you can fire and replace with a more deferential one who actually does do what you ask without giving you lip or funny looks or unsanctioned advice – and doesn’t do things you didn’t ask them to – electronic gadgets are pretty much all the same. In particular, their annoying penchant to pre-empt; to nudge you along certain pathways of the software’s – that is, the programmer’s – choosing.

Always because the programmer has decided it’s good for you.

To – in  a very real way  – parent you.

It most definitely isn’t a master-servant relationship, as it ought to be. As it was, with machines.

And it is spreading.

Do you see”safety” anywhere? Where is he?

Apple announced the other day that the next iPhone will lock you out whenever your car is moving. No texting, either sending or receiving. Nor swiping or tapping, either.

For your saaaaaaaaaaaafety, of course.

Just like the saaaaaafety features built into the latest cars that lock you out of many of the “infotainment” features while the car is moving.

Also for saaaaaaaaaaafety.

And automatically – parentally – mute or turn down the volume of the radio whenever the car’s transmission is put into Reverse. Or refuse to allow you to turn off the traction control. Flashes a red light at you when you exceed the speeeeeeeeed limit (yes, really).

And more.

Apples’ new “feature” – as it is being marketed – will be built into iOS 11, the latest software for their sail fawns. This will spread, as it always does. You will not be able to say No Thanks.

Your sail fawn has decided that you are not capable of safely answering a call or sending a text while driving. Because some people cannot. The people who can’t handle a car regardless.

But it will peremptorily assault you in the middle of night, while you are trying to sleep, with a piercing Amber Alert – about a disappeared kid 50 miles away that you can do precisely zero to assist. What are you supposed to do? Put on a fire hat and run outside and look for the kid?

You cannot delete Amber Alert, either. Or even turn it off.

They are talking about doing the same with “important” announcements from Dear Leader. Amber Alerts expanded to Emergency Alerts. The “emergency” being whatever they decide it is.

Dear Leaders alerts. Wait and see.

Since people have stopped paying attention to their Tele-Prompt-ered “speeches,” they will  be force-fed to us, via dey sail fawns. Unctions to vote. Maybe to remember to eat your veggies today, too. 

It’s demoralizing. Like being ankle-tied to your stretch-pants-wearing sixth grade teacher .

And it’s not just Apple, either.

Nissan, according to reports, is giving serious thought to making its new cars mobile Faraday Cages – impenetrable to radio signals. Texts could not be sent or received from within. Ditto emails and other real-time updates. (Satellite radio transmissions will be a problem; no word as to how that will be allowed through.)

GM and Volvo are playing with the idea of fitting their new cars with built-in “passive” alcohol sensors; the steering wheel and other surfaces would sample your skin – and if the car decides you’ve had one-too-many, it won’t start.

For saaaaaaaafety, again.

All buckled in for saaaaaaafety!

The Kia Cadenza I test drove this week (reviewed here) is a nice car, overall – but like almost all new cars, has a suffocating suite of saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety technologies that you cannot skip. Among them, sensors for the profusion of air bags built into the car (eight of them) that are so sensitive to weight that they sound the alarm if a laptop or hoagie from Subway is left unbuckled in the passenger seat. Literally, an alarm will sound – and the only way to shut the thing up is to buckle up the laptop or the sandwich.

A great, retarded Skynet is descending.

Or rather, a Skynet that considers us retards is descending. We haven’t been targeted for termination. Just pre-emptive lobotomization. All of us – because some of us deserve to be so regarded (and treated).

Cry saaaaaaaaafety!  . . . and let slip the dogs of control.

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  1. Former HR Frau nee CEO Mary Barra Promises Over-The-Air Updates for Cars by 2020.

    A new electrical architecture will make these updates possible she said before wailing reeeeeee for half an hour about the lack of transsexual female muslim assembly workers in the auto industry patriarchy.

    How is Mary Barra in charge of anything industrial. Might as well have made a chicken CEO of GM to virtue signal you’re not a speciesist. Both Mary and the chicken know the same amount about what’s going on under the hood.

    Can you imagine slaving away in some auto industry office building. Having to listen to their smug clucking and reeeee squawking . And endless nonsensical hen pecking at your every turn.

  2. I’m dreading the day when the Safety Mafia will decide that standard transmissions will be outlawed, since they require the driver to take one hand off the steering wheel (for a brief instant) and use their otherwise-idled foot to depress the clutch pedal to change gears.

    After 30 years of driving, I STILL can’t get comfortable with an automatic transmission doing that simple work for me.

  3. So if your car rolls over on its roof, and you have seat belts on & the bags have gone off, leaving you stuck in the car, and you are unable to get out, this new reg means you can’t use your phone to call for help. Outback Australia has roads that see one car in a day. Recently just this type of accident happened. It took 9 hours to find the car.
    Our PIGS emphasize that if you see something happen on the road, to call the police. Of course you can’t do that if you can ‘t use the fucking phone because of some faraday cage. But that could be good, as it keeps more cops from abusing the motorist. And if it is raining and you are sitting in a parking lot waiting on someone, that now means you have to get out and stand in the rain to use the phone.

  4. I took my first road trip with my new Garmin GPS system, Indianapolis to Panama City, Fla. By the end of the trip, we were calling it “Grandma.” It nagged me if I was tailgating (FORWARD COLLISION ALERT!), getting too close to the edge of the lane or speeding. It wildly overestimated my travel time, assuming I guess, that I drive the speed limit, which I hardly ever do. I was really starting to feel like I had a paranoid, naggy, pants-wetting side-seat-driver passenger. On the upside, it did warn me of a couple of red-light-camera intersections in Montgomery, Ala. … lights I wasn’t likely to run anyway because there was a lot of traffic and it would have been dangerous. My old Garmin didn’t do any of this stuff. It just gave me the route and when it thought I would arrive and was generally pretty close. I am hoping there is a way to shut off all the nanny alerts.

  5. “Cry saaaaaaaaafety! . . . and let slip the dogs of control.”

    Love that line! Mockery is an effective weapon for the resistance.

  6. This is one of a very few true red pill free speech forums that exist anywhere. I can’t think of another libertarian site that allows such free laissez faire comments and ideas. I wish there was a section on the days lewrockwell articles so we could all comment on them. And other Alpha writer’s sites too….

    Welcome to the epautos, voat, /pol/, cripple chan, 4chan, unmodded internet niggerfaggot…

    …anyone even a fat gay kike can say whatever they want…

  7. Not true, it can be done…

    On your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications.
    Scroll to the very bottom of the screen.
    Under Government Alerts, turn the type of alert on or off.

  8. I’ve learned all kinds of manners and customs. And can still conform to them, and maybe seem a part of them. BrentP says people know when you’re bullshitting, maybe in wise guy Chicago, but not most backwoods small town areas I grew up in. If they suspect, none have dared voice it.

    Went to Catholic school until college. Made to attend Hebrew day school additionally for two years. Made to get a community college degree while in grade school. Take a year of Russian. A year of Chinese history. Latin. Spanish. Be a piano prodigy fancy boy. Spend summers on an uncle’s farm where only Afrikaans Dutch and German were spoken. (which I’m not at all fluent in)

    There’s a million of us in America that aren’t really from anywhere. When we were in Europe, only the Romans ever acknowledged us. (Romani?) I don’t think my Mom’s even a legal citizen, she might have UK citizenship or Canadian. Grandma was rumoured to be Chicago mafia connected.

    I just say my Mom’s adopted and my Dad’s from Poland. I look the part, and can speak English well without an accent.

    Every Xmas you’d get boxes of used stuff or new in opened boxes stuff. Extremely valuable stuff.

    At any given time, Dad was a citizen of multiple states, has little houses and utilities bills in various names. One time at football practice I saw him with some other lady, maybe also a wife or realtor or other sales lady who love our kind of extra business. I still have dozens of things in my own name. I’m originally not the only Tor here. But now I’m probably alone, though others may have the logins and verified devices for banking utilities virtual existence several places.

    Like everyone else, I’ve been taken down a peg or two or thousand. What little money I personally have left is in Berkshire Hathaway, which has done great under Trump so far, but who knows. My Dad is the chemist in breaking bad, except for industry, in things like sugar free foodstuffs. The coating that makes french fries brown faster with less frying. All kinds of cash consulting and Polish mafia bartering.

    Being 50 going blind and being cash poor is the worst feeling. I might give up work and homeschool my youngest and maybe some relative’s kids. Texas is cool about that. Going back to Vegas every so often is cool. You can legally grow pot plants, at least for now. For your own use of course.

    Is it NAP to lie about things. I don’t see any alternative, unless I want to be divorced and broke. And that’s the fastest way to legal trouble there is. If you’re going to break rules, go big and really break them. Just don’t hurt or harm any people, ever. Unless it’s self-defense.

    I used to do hands on things. Now it’s just the office grunt work. Soullessly doing payroll paying business taxes creating reports, sometimes double booking reports a good picture for the bank a poor picture for the state. Being inside all the time is no way to live. I miss being outside on the jobsites. It sucks when you’re old and growing useless and everyone just pretends to listen because you’re paying for shit. Everythings gone green. . what are those things palm trees?

    Therea some dirty plates and a glass of milk wrinkled and nearly blind
    I lay and rousing with anger in I cry for food, don’t take us to the hospital, I say as do my demented parents down the long hall in the master bedroom we do as we please drawing down the nest eggs I still remember when the ambulance men lifted Mom to the stretcher– Is this what you call making me comfortable? For a moment her mind was clear– Oh you think you’re smart
    you young people, and I agree and Dad’s ribaldly singing “I Used To Live In Chicago…” but I’ll tell you, you don’t know anything. Then we started. we passed a long row
    of oaks. The Livable Forest they said about Kingwood. She looked at them awhile out of
    the ambulance window and said,

    What are all those fuzzy looking things out there? Trees? Well, I’m tired of them and rolled her head away.

      • All I wanted is a Pepsi… Sometimes I try to do things.And it just doesn’t work out the way I want it to.
        And I get real frustrated, and like I try hard to do it.And I take my time, but it just doesn’t work out the way I want it to.It’s like I concentrate on it real hard.But it just doesn’t work out.And everything I do and everything I try.It never turns out, it’s like, I need time to figure these things out.But there’s always someone there going, “Hey Tor, you know, we’ve been noticing you’ve been having a lot of problems lately, you know?
        You should maybe get away, and like, maybe you should talk about it you’ll feel a lot better”
        And I go, “No it’s okay, you know.I’ll figure it out, just leave me alone.I’ll figure it out, you know?I’m just working on myself”They go, “Well you know, if you want to talk about itI’ll be here, you know, and you’ll probably feel a lot better if you talk about it.So why don’t you talk about it?”And I go, “NO I don’t want to, I’m okay!I’ll figure it out myself!”But they just keep bugging me, they just keep bugging me and it builds up inside…

        So you’re gonna be institutionalized.You’ll come out brainwashed with bloodshot eyes.You won’t have any say.They’ll brainwash you until you see their way.

        I’m not crazy!-Institutionalized.You’re the one that’s crazy!-Institutionalized.You’re driving me crazy!-Institutionalized.

        They angels stuck me in this earthly political institution.Said a corporeal life on this planet was the only solution.To give me the needed professional materialistic help.
        To protect from the enemy myself.

        I was in my room, and I was just like, staring at the walls thinking about everything but then again I was thinking about nothing.And then my mom came in, and I didn’t even know she was there.She called my name and I didn’t hear her, then she started screaming, “Tor! Tor!”And I go, “What? What’s the matter?”She goes, “What’s the matter with you?”I go, “There’s nothing wrong mom”She goes, “Don’t tell me that, you’re on drugs!”I go, “No mom, I’m not on drugs, I’m okay, I’m just thinking, you know?Why don’t you get me a pepsi?”She goes, “NO! You’re on drugs!”I go, “Mom, I’m okay, I’m just thinking”And she goes, “NO! You’re not thinking you’re on drugs! Normal people don’t act that way!”I go, “Mom, just get me a Pepsi, please? All I want’s a Pepsi”And she wouldn’t give it to me, all I wanted was a Pepsi.Just one Pepsi, and she wouldn’t give it to me, just a Pepsi!

        They give you a white shirt with long sleeves.Tied around your back, you’re treated like thievesDrug you up because they’re lazy.It’s too much work to help a crazy.

        I’m not crazy!-InstitutionalizedYou’re the one that’s crazy!-InstitutionalizedYou’re driving me crazy!-Institutionalized

        I’m sitting in my room, and my mom and my dad came in.They pulled up a chair and they sat down.They go, “Tor, we need to talk to you”And I go, “Okay, what’s the matter?”They go, “Me and your mom, we’ve been noticing lately you’ve been having a lot of problems.And you’ve been going off for no reason.And we’re afraid you’re gonna hurt somebody.And we’re afraid you’re gonna hurt yourself,So we decided that it would be in your best interest.If we put you in a place where you could get the help that you need”
        And I go, “Wait! What are you talking about?We decided?! My best interest?! How do You know what My best interest is?
        How can You say what My best interest is?What are you trying to say, I’m crazy?!When I went to Your schools.I went to Your churches, I went to Your institutional learning facilities!So how can you say I’m crazy?!

        They say they’re gonna fix my brain.Alleviate my suffering and my pain.But by the time they fix my head.Mentally I’ll be dead.

        I’m not crazy!-Institutionalized.You’re the one that’s crazy!-Institutionalized.You’re driving me crazy!-Institutionalized.

        They stuck me in an institution.Said it was the only solution.To give me the needed professional help.To protect from the enemy myself.

        It doesn’t matter I’ll probably get hit by a car anyway

      • That you have replied. There are no upvoats here, so I can’t see what hits and misses here.

        On Voat I delete things that get no replies or upvoats. Here I just let the carcasses lay, and hope the vultures will at least eat them so that some creature is at minimumally fed by my errant labors.

        When I posted things to Reddit from here there were five of us that had five identities and we all used them as appropriate. Each of the five identities were a certain parcel of our full philosophical package.

        Not in the cheap shilling and sockpuppet way many use additional user IDs. But in the who am I in this moment kind of way.

        Consider that all of the characters in The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged were Ayn Rand herself. Or her internalizing of various people she knew and met.

        On Voat I have only 2 identities. Oh do you really, you and that turd in your pocket? What turd? What is your purpose in saying such an abstruse inanity…[Joins his cat staring blankly out the backyard from a parting of the vertical blinds…]

          • …the human botfly occasionally uses humans to host its larvae. The larva, because of its spines, can pose an extremely painful subepidermal condition. The fastest way to remove a botfly is by putting a generous amount of iodine in the hole. The botfly will react instantly by poking out of the hole…

            …riddle me this, NAPman…
            TIRE : RETREAD :: PARCHMENT : ?
            MICE : MEN :: CABBAGES : ?
            ALL IS ONE : MONISM :: ALL IS SELF : ?
            SWORD : DAMOCLES :: BED : ?
            THING : DANGEROUS :: SPRING : ?
            PILLAR : OBELISK :: MONSTER : ?
            4 : HAND :: 9 : ?
            STRIP : MÖBIUS :: BOTTLE : ?
            THOUGHT : ACTION :: OBSESSIVE : ?
            GOLD : MALLEABLE :: CHALK : ?
            LEG : AMBULATE :: ARM : ?
            HEAR : SEE :: TEMPORAL : ?
            JEKYLL : HYDE :: ELOI : ?
            IDOLS : TWILIGHT :: MORALS : ?

            so many White with ? so few Green with ?

  9. Regarding safety contraptions, you can *still* get away from them relatively easily in modern cars, but only if you get a bare-bones work truck or commuter car. (Think F-150XL or Nissan Versa…)

  10. The modern smartphone traces its roots back to the personal digital assistant, or PDA. Many of us had Palm Pilots, Windows CE palmtops and a few even had Apple Newtons back in the 1990s. They were mostly a flop, although Palm had some success for a few years.

    The key word in personal digital assistant is assistant. They were designed to be like a little secretary for those of us who didn’t have the office cred to have one. Of course they weren’t anywhere near up to the task, perennially deaf, dumb, blind and not too bright. Over the years they have become much better, but it has been a tough slog. I’d say now they’re about to the level of a recent business school graduate at her first day on the job. Not much of an assistant, but at least she’s fun to look at and a pretty good flirt.

    Of course that secretary is (well, might be) trainable. And if you’re willing to work with her she might even get to be a great asset to your work life. Eventually she’ll figure out that you shouldn’t be interrupted if you are on a conference call with the VP, unless it’s your operations manager -because he knows not to bring anything to you at that time unless it’s truly urgent. But that’s a fairly complicated rule. Or that your profanity in the memo you dictated needs to be scrubbed before sending it out, unless you sound REALLY pissed off. Or that you shouldn’t be bothered because you’re driving, unless it’s the wife asking you to pick up the stuff on the shopping list she just emailed you.

    This is the major failure of software. Much like the T-1000, it is sent out on a mission in read-only mode (really old movie reference but this crowd should get it). Most don’t trust tech companies with our privacy. Nor should we as they’ve shown to be pretty bad at protecting it. And that’s one big reason why they’re still no where near powerful enough to make even simple decisions about interrupting us. The default mode is to treat it all like it’s super urgent. If these things could be trained easily to know what’s important to us a lot of the problem will fix itself. But making things trainable for users is hard to do and is a hard sell anyway, so instead we get more flash and less substance. Someone who doesn’t know you, nor understands how you work or want to work, makes the decision.

    Historically because phones have always rung when someone dials the number (unless you had a secretary), they have to continue to ring no matter what. And remember back in the old days phone calls were expensive. Cell phone calls could be as much as $1 a minute, so either talk for a few minutes or eat lunch, your choice. Just the fact that your phone was ringing was enough to know someone was willing to pay money to talk to you. Now calls are free. So there’s no cost to spammers, scammers and politicians who want to bother you. And the caller ID signaling system was set up with the default set to “always trust” no matter where the caller says they come from, so now caller ID is pretty much worthless too.

    If I trusted Apple a little more, I’d be more inclined to let them look at my contact list and pool it with everyone else’s so we can have a decent whitelist. That would eliminate 90% of the spammers. But then there’d be the “paid callers” who would pay Apple to get on the white list so they could continue to bother us all the time. I could even imagine the phone would tell you that it was a paid caller and let you reject it, but the damage would still be done. Because even though I do think Apple’s employees want to do good work and make my life better, they are much more interested in keeping the stock up and the cash flowing. And the last thing the cellular companies want is to have your phone screen incoming calls, even when they’re free. That’s just not in their mindset. Apple screwing around with the phone “app” on their devices is tantamount to heresy, because that’s just the way it’s always been. And Apple doesn’t want to put any effort into the phone app because customers don’t seem to care about the phone app, and are stuck in the mindset that anyone, anywhere should be able to dial my number and bother me.

    It’s a screwed up situation. Maybe it’s time to scrap the voice telephone call and move on.

    • The Mossad MI6 CIA and UN Globalist Ayatollahs are the real life skynet behind all the devices.

      Look at whatever you want on the internet. But remember your wife and kids might see your browsing history.

      Sure you’d like privacy from your family, but there’s a call log, and every phone number you’ve ever called is stored for (((billing))) purposes.

      Your car can’t be reasoned with, bartered with, it doesn’t feel pity or remorse, and it absolutely will not stop pinging ever until you buckle your seat belt.

      Hasta la vista freedom.

      • That’s the problem. The early hackers did some pretty cool stuff, especially the Unix gurus. They envisioned a future where everyone would run their own home servers, and maintain them too. Then they show off to their friends who aren’t Unix gurus. They want this cool stuff too. But instead of learning the ropes the second generation decides to just let George do it. And to fill that void we get the Steve Jobs (or Henry Ford if you wish) generation of techs, happy to take our money in exchange for convenience. That’s all good too, but eventually someone figures out they need outside investment capital to roll out the new stuff, and that means they have to scale too. And the best way to scale is to centralize. Data is worthless, but at the same time extremely valuable. Once you lose control over your worthless data it is in the hands of people who you don’t know, will never know and really don’t see you as anything other than a paycheck. Flowery words about privacy aren’t going to cut it.

        I’m not overly worried about my family, they know I’m a dirty old man. I am worried about my employer, who can ruin my life in seconds. I am worried about law enforcement going to extremes to connect threads that aren’t there. And I am extremely worried about the media whipping the marching morons up in a frenzy of morality and fear in order to ruin the Internet so they can go back to their highly profitable role as gatekeeper and primary time waster. Because that last one will come with some pretty unattractive extras from an out of control and largely incompetent government.

        • I got fired once for sending a video of what claimed to be a girl fucking a pig. I never even saw the video myself. My monitor at work had like 5 pixels in it I wouldn’t have been able to see shit even if I had looked at it. Just trying to be funny with this hot girl at work.

          I was the ultimate UNIX geek. I actually entered the database in a spiritual sense. I was in the bits as they never did say.

          which groovy, I got the below output


          helloworld.groovy with the below content

          println “hello world”
          Do the chmod +x helloworld .groovy and attempted to run the file with ./hellworld.groovy and sadly, I got this error ./helloworld .groovy: line 2: print: command not found

          whoops an error change to

          #!/usr/bin/env groovy
          println “hello world”

          Patience was her name. She worked full time where I worked. And also worked full time as Public Guardian. The heroes who decide what to do with the property of people who died without a will. Or were put under state monitoring so their estate was nice and big when tax time came.

          Holy shit she was firecracker. It was some stupid joke about some other girl at work who would have been like fucking an animal or something.

          Next job I got and still have is an office of all guys and the owner’s wife who is a Mormon Scientologist. But is totally cool and just one of the guys, she just walks away when things get too blue.

          First day I got an email of Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton or some celebrity fucking some guy we all got the email and we all laughed and I didn’t watch that even all those years ago my macula was sensitive and watching video in a brightly lit room was hell for me. I prefer absolute darkness and the darkest video calibration setting possible once my eyes are adjusted.

          My boss was the happiest clover ever after he used my computer and saw what was on there. Oh you’re going to be arrested for bestiality blah blah blah. Scary stuff. Who knows what the laws really are in the right prosecutors hands.

          He was this French prick with an impossibly hot Japanese mail order bride. Great investment, that Hiromi looked to be. Way better than the BRK I’ve put my last few shekels into.

          Shed a tear ’cause I’m missin’ ones like her. I’m still alright to smile
          Temporally spatially shifted Girl, I think about you every day now
          Was a time when I wasn’t sure. But she set my mind at ease
          There is no doubt She got me fired now

          Said, woman, take it slowvIt’ll work itself out fine
          All we need is a little namesake patience
          Said, sugar, bleeding from a paycut make it slow
          And I’ll lie and say I’ll come together fine
          All I need is just a little patience

          Mm, yeah

          Said, woman, financial hemorraghing comes so slow
          And things will be just fine You and I’ll just use a little spending patience Said, sugar, take the time
          ‘Cause the red gas giant lights are shining bright
          You and I’ve got what it takes
          To make it, We won’t fake it,
          Until we break it ’cause fusion beyond helium in large amounts is something stellar gravity wells can’t take it

          ‘CAUSE I NEED YOU
          OO, I NEED YOU
          WHOA, I NEED YOU
          OO, ALL THIS TIME

  11. Several years ago a safety lockout was mandated by Congress. (Can anyone remember what it was exactly?) Anyway, Congress was swarmed with complaints about it and they withdrew the legislation. Boycotts work. And speaking up/writing complaint letters work.

  12. I’m a bit conflicted on the idea that newer iphones will not function while you’re in motion. The number of people compulsively, constantly dicking with those things behind the wheel (and elsewhere) is utterly frightening, and the distraction level is far worse than driving drunk. (At least when you’re drunk you know you’re loaded, and you pay EXTRA-careful attention to the road instead of taking your eyes off it!) Watching other people in a state of total self-absorption with those phones is disgusting… almost like watching somebody masturbate behind the wheel. So, on one hand (heh) I say, “Shut ’em off!”

    On the other hand, how will the phone know that you’re a passenger instead of the driver? Will passenger phones shut down as well when the car is moving?

    Personally I avoid all this crap by 1) using an old style flip-phone that is nearly always OFF 2) using maps, road atlases and road signs to get where I’m going instead of asking the phone for constant instructions.

  13. I don’t own a cell phone, so what does that make me? Anti-social? Maybe a deviant….yes, that’s it I’m deviant, I don’t own one of those dreaded little beasts. So maybe that also make me a suspect for all kinds of deviant behaviors like believing in privacy, natural rights, the right to be left alone, the right to not being robbed at gunpoint by government goon thugs, aka cops and IRS; the right to exercise liberty and freedom from the control of narcissistic megalomaniacs.
    So now, everyone , beware….I’m a domestic terrorist threat to you all!
    All because I don’t own a cell phone.
    I don’t own a drone either, although I do fly R/C planes.
    I also raise my own food……horrors!
    I drive an 11 year old T&C minivan, with the check engine light constantly on. More horrors.
    At least I have some semblance of freedom, what ever that may now be allowed, that is before they strap me down and reprogram me.
    I don’t even own a flat screen.

  14. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but the ultimate techno-safety horror story is “With Folded Hands,” written seven decades ago and gradually coming true.

  15. I kind of like Nissan’s idea of turning the car into a Faraday cage; at least then the PTB couldn’t hack the computer and drive the car into a tree. The radio wouldn’t work but I still have a portable CD player to provide tunes for long road trips.

    • fear not, there wil always be some antennae located OUTSIDE that farraday cage, thus fully functional on a continual basis. How else day gonna CONTROL ya? I’ve thought if I ever get stuck with wunna dem modren cars with alll that stuff on em i’d have to figure out how to defeat those things…. and one way is to simply cage the antennae. Of course, the ones cast into the windscreen are a might tricksy……

  16. There is still hope. Texas just shut down the heroes’ “Waze Traps” on I-35 with a uniform “No Texting While Driving” law that makes allowances for using a phone for other purposes such as navigation.

  17. For now, the ubiquitous cell phone is technically optional. I cannot give it up because my business runs around it, but when that changes the cell phone goes away. And you can drive old iron which has nothing but the visceral essence of the open road. No buzzers, no blinking lights, no seat belts. And most of the time within your own home you are left alone.

    The real race is between those awakening to the nightmare and refusing to go along, and to the mewling domesticated mass who want nothing more than for their betters to be reduced to their pathetic, sniveling level of ignorance and servility.

    The time is going to come where men of conscience are going to have to push back hard. The whiny marxists/statists/fascists and the bully boy traffic cops are going to have a very harsh awakening at that point. Claire Wolfe was right- we’re at that awkward stage where it is too late to work within the system but too early to shoot the bastards. But they are making it later by the second…

    • I can use a cellphone or be unemployed. At least companies are now paying for it instead of assuming you have one and giving you hell and saying that’s a job requirement and effectively making you pay for your job only required device, especially now it’s a part of mandatory digital logging.

      When I began trucking in the 60s you rarely saw a “Weight and Measurement ” (now, DOT )car and mostly they didn’t jack with you hauling most loads they could visually estimate your GVW.

      Close enough to a bar….spelled honky tonk in Texas, you might just buy a couple cold ones for the pair of them, shoot the proverbial shit for half an hour while everybody soaked up some ac along with the suds and have some new friends on the road since you were almost assured of eventually finding some common acquaintances.

      That’s all gone to hell with the new style Collecting Revenue crowd.

      At one time you could compare sidearms. …..shit….

      • I don’t have a sail number except for a free app on my iPad mini. I’ll get your call if I have wifi.

        Or I can read your stored sms text later when I have wifi.

        Eric eschews sail fawns. Some here have them for various personal or business reasons.

        We must resist the divisive identity mindset. And avoid autistic fagscuffles about taxation, churches, voting or what have you.

        Many men have only night vision. They use rods and see only good green things and bad red things. They ignore what their cones say and see in binary.

        All women and lots of men use day vision. They have higher spatial acuity using cones and see things in a more complex way.

        Sleeping during the night and working during the day has gone a long way towards feminizing western culture.

        I work best alone and at night. Take a woman to a job on an unelectrified moonless night. Her helpless dependence on men becomes readily apparent.

        The matrix is coded in binary. But is most enslaving under bright artificial full color spectrum light.

        A free man groks both rods and cones perceptions in principle.

        But can’t be blamed for preferring some nights of solitude in the dark woods. Where his ancient intellect can shine unmolested.

        Free from the brightly lit matrix blinding us from our true inner selves. Making us believe their illusions are real.

  18. At least for now, when you try to use the iPhone when it thinks you’re driving, a button pops up that says “I’m not driving”. If you press that, you can use the phone. I saw this myself in the iOS 11 developer preview. You can also disable the feature altogether in settings, at least for now. Apple wants to sell iPhones, they’ll make these things enabled by default, but they’ll avoid user revolt and allow you to turn that stuff off.

    Also, if you go to settings->notifications, you can turn off amber alerts and emergency alerts too.

    • I have an old fashioned flip phone. Even with this ancient device, I can turn off amber alerts, but I CAN NOT turn off emergency alerts. If the orange one wants to speak to me, I have no choice but to listen to his wisdom. My phone is at least 10 years old.

    • I too have a flip phone. Will never voluntarily use a “smart” phone. It is nothing more than a surveillance device.
      I am so determined to never have to use a “smart” phone, I have 5 back-ups – one is a brand new, never used – to my Kyocera Cyclops flip phone. At my age, they will outlive me. “Smart”phones be damned.

  19. Third Amendment | Constitution

    Amendment III. No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

    Hasn’t this Constitutional Right also now fallen? “Your” phone and car are in fact agents of the government. “Soldier” sentinels reporting on you and keeping copious notes about you and your activities that will report you to Dear Leader whenever Dear Leader and his agents seek to kidnap and cage you.

    The world we live in would give Orwell nightmares. Big Brother was confined to telescreens and microphones. Dear Leader is in your pocket and under the hood of your car always.

    It is like a rapidly mutating virus infecting every aspect of “your” – if you can even refer to your own life as yours anymore. In college, I did my senior thesis on the affect of technology on society. 20 Years ago I feared there would be a point where countermeasures no longer would be effective. I believe we are near the cusp of that occurring.

    The only counter that will eventually be left is simply not giving a fuck. Instead of fearing the knock in the night, accepting its eventuality and not giving a damn. They can only take your liberty and property so much before they take your life. Though, the Soviets who are idolized so much by “our” elite did figure a way to turn your own body into a torture chamber that there was no escape from – Pharmacological torture, using Sulfazin to literally set your internal organs on fire.

    Isn’t it wonderful to live in a free country?

  20. Fed-X scanners have had that feature for at least 5 years now. Plus the scanner automatically sends your location back to the terminal so they always know where you are. This is also true of UPS, USPS, and most trucking companies.

  21. There are not very many steps before “nudge” becomes a hard shove. From there, it’s incremental til you find yourself in a camp.

  22. If iOS 11 bricks the phone when it’s moving at a certain speed, whether or not a passenger may be fiddling with it — who knows? — watch the rate of jailbreaking shoot through the roof.


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