Baltimoreans on the Hook for Millions… to Pay for “heroes” Who Ran Amok

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The Baltimore City Board of Estimates is scheduled to vote Wednesday on paying more than $1 million to settle police misconduct complaints.

The city’s taxpayers are  is also now on the hook for another $2.3 million to compensate a man who was falsely arrested of rape.

The settlements beg the question, how much money do taxpayers have to pay out before the “heroes” who did the damage are held personally accountable?

Cases of Baltimore police brutality and misconduct are costing taxpayers millions.

“Just the fact you have to make any payments shows that we still have a long ways to go to improving the relations between the police and the public,” Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott said.

The biggest chunk of the $1.1 million — $600,000 — will go to the family of Tyrone West, who died in police custody after a traffic stop in July 2013.

“This is why some of the council members, including myself, have been pushing to see how we can make changes in policy? How we are going to make these things aren’t happening in the future?” Scott said.

Meanwhile, it appears that city taxpayers will have to shell out another $2.3 million in a lawsuit brought in federal court. Marlow Humbert sued and won for false arrest in a 2008 rape case in Charles Village. The lawsuit was against a previous administration, but the current administration will have to deal with the payout.

The Board of Estimates will also vote on whether to pay Shaun Mouzon $400,000. According to board minutes, police shot Mouzon several times as he ignored their attempts to pull him over for carrying what they suspected was a firearm.


  1. Never any talk of holding officers accountable. They bend over backwards placing the blame anywhere else. So… nothing will change. Politicians know that the only power they have is backed up by armed government goons. Why would they ever turn up the heat on them?

  2. Councilman Brandon Scott gave an insider look into the problem even though his intention was to give the public equal amounts of blame.

    No doubt unarmed drivers there go out of their way to get gunned down. Every person shot and beaten were laughing under their breath thinking “I sure showed this guy”.


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