Useless Eater “hero” Steals Money in Plain Sight

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Watch this one. A couple of guys are wading in a river, looking for whatever they find. They’re young, fit – and most of all, not harming anyone or even potentially harming themselves.

Up waddles a tax-feeding parasite with a government-issued gun. He uses the implied threat of his government-issued gun to force the guys out of the river and hand them “citations” – that is, piece of government-issued paper ordering them to pay a fine for the manufactured offense of wading in the river without a life vest. Which the victim is clearly wearing but the cholesterol-addled “hero” apparently couldn’t see.

Regardless, what sort of person threatens people with guns and steals their money because they were wading in the river – with or without a life vest?


  1. First mistake they made was stepping out of the house. They should only go outdoors to go shopping or work. Otherwise just stay inside or maybe once in a while go for a walk on the jogging path. Water’s for looking at, preferably from a well-designed concrete slab of a park, or maybe from the patio of an overpriced restaurant. When will these weirdos get that into their heads? Who do they think they are, Huckleberry Finn?

    (sarcasm, obviously)


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