2017 Mazda6 Video Rant

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Here’s a quick walk-around of the 2017 Mazda6, which no longer offers a six. Thanks to Uncle, it’s a four cylinder-only deal now. But you can at least get a manual transmission…

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  1. I have to agree that the 6 is the looker of the bunch. It has flowing lines that goes through the whole vehicle, for a more complete looking design. Most of the other midsizers look more like bolted on parts from a bin, which is a different design philosophy. Most people think you can’t have pretty and practical in one package, so you end up with that modular look most of the time.‎

    The 6 would be another car that would be awesome as a diesel, especially since they don’t offer a V6. Mazda doesn’t offer a V6 in ANY of their vehicles anymore right (at least in the US)?

    It’s actually amazing that any automaker can even make a decent looking car anymore with all the regulations of today. The other midsize cars aren’t ugly, but they sure aren’t pretty either.

    One question for you Eric. When those 10 speed transmissions start breaking, how practical could it be to replace it with a more simple less expensive 4-6 speed transmission? Is there a reason why you couldn’t install a more simple transmission if it fits in the space and can mate with the engine?


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