Elon’s not Delivering – or Making Money Selling Cars – But Stock Prices up

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Remember when Frog Face promised to deliver mass quantities of his “affordable” Model 3 electric car?

He is a little behind.

About 260 of them so far – vs. the “thousands” he said would be hitting the roads by now.

Frog Face cited unspecified “bottlenecks” when reporting the fraction-of-what-was-promised quarterly output on Monday. Missing guidance by about 85 percent sends most companies’ shares into a tailspin, but Tesla stock rose nearly 2 percent on Tuesday.


It’s the New Capitalism!

Make money by losing it. By huckstering and by having an on-its-back media in your corner, as Frog Face does.

Makes my teethe ache…

. . .

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  1. I still like EVs (especially after reading about all the clutch and tranny woes on the low torque ICE engine equipped vehicles) the smug bastards that are some of the owners are turning Me against EVs( you cannot reason with those poor nincompoops) one Guy jumped my crap about how much better a Leaf was then a Versa(when I told them about how you could buy a good used Versa for the price of a replacement battery pack for a Leaf, maybe a leaf is more comfortable then a Versa(He jumped my shit about range anxiety-saying He averages about 1800 miles a month, haven’t heard back from Him when I mentioned He has probably plugged the Leaf in 20 times during that period.One thing He cannot grok apparently is this, you( without subsidies) are looking at a MSRP of 30K for a new Leaf, whereas not so long ago you could buy a new Versa with probably 4 times the range for 10 K (with AC).
    Though I will never believe that “Abiotic oil BS) I am getting mighty tired of hearing that trace gas Baloney( CO2-of which cars are only partially responsible for) destroying the Earth, in the “Cambrian Period” CO2 levels were 8 times higher then they are now and this was when all the life forms that existed then suddenly appeared( the Cambrian explosion”. seems like Carbon Dioxide was good for life then.
    What I am saying is this I get tired of people looking down at Me from their”EV highly subsidized High Horse” and feeling smug, while worshipping at the altar of King Al” Fuel guzzling Jet user, who keeps telling all the poor people how terrible they are because all they can afford are old ICE vehicles.
    Everything is alright in proper perspective, live and let live.

    • Hi Kevin,

      The tragedy, as far as I am concerned, is that crony capitalism and political correctness have caused EV design to emphasize performance and style and technology rather than efficiency.

      I do not grok the point of a $40k electric car – I mean, as other than an indulgence (if not a toy).

      But how about a $20k electric car?

      It is certainly doable – provided the criteria do not include that it be sports car quick or have all the latest gadgets. How about a simple, light, frill-free EV that gets from A to B?

      That would make economic sense.

      I think it is very telling that all the EVs on the market emphasize other things instead.

      • Hi Eric,

        Musk (and the rest of the current electric car industry) never meant to create an economically sustainable electric car…. the problem they meant to solve was that for a brief period in history, smug millionaire holier than-the-pope celebrities and others who mooch off the public were forced to drive around in crappy Prius’s…. they didnt like it….. enter Musk and his solution to the problem….. a 100K+ electric car…. so they can feel good about themselves AND not come down to the same level as the rest of the plebs……

        About 10 years ago, an Indian company actually launched a tiny city electric car here in the UK (think it was called a g wiz)… Had 2 seats, was light an simple…. could be parked practically in the the same space as a bike…. did about 50 miles on a charge….. and best of all – only costed like 6 K GBP new….. now that sort of thing may be the solution to congested and polluted cities, and something people can afford (without yet more debt)….. ofcourse that thing came and disappeared, no big deal… not highlighted by the media, no changing the world………

        • Hi Eric and Nasir, remember the Nano, that company(Tata or something like that) made a successful run of those incredible cars, guess what , the people it would really have helped didn’t want them(apparently in India cars are status symbols)people have strange priorities.
          Truth is a Harsh Mistress and quite a Bitch sometimes, She has been pummeling Me pretty hard this past week.You know what ?after I gather myself up off the floor I feel release, release from stupidity, prejudice and general trust and Dumb ass.The lesson in all this is , you cannot rely on anyone except you . The old adage about how you stand on an issue depends on where you sit , is so true.

      • How true, we all do not need uber expensive sports cars, take a Vette for instance, aside from hauling one or two people it has little utility( of course there is the chick magnet function- good for a middle age crisis{of which I have plenty}) Each to their own, Ivory Towers fall, high Horses stumble, the beat goes own(if the salt of the Earth loses its savor, how can it be restored?as the Lord said) Someone else said”This the water, this is the well”.If you Guys get bland or dry up, we are the lessee. I am afraid we are the last bastions of a dying breed, people that can actually work with our hands, build, create, restore , I digress, Wisdom calls, the tragedy of how the masses are bribed with temporary trinkets they can ill afford.Remember the quote on Hells Gate.

  2. If only I knew what Elon knows about bribing congressmen
    Think of the possibilities if everyone could write their own ticket. Farm Out as an old buddy (RIP) used to say.

    Just think of the wealth we’d have. So, who’d foot the bill? Why not throw it off on the federal Reserve? What goes around comes around????eh? Then we’d all be fabulously wealthy.

    Surely the trillionaires wouldn’t mind spreading it around a bit.

    That’s what I call freedom, the old give and take. We just switch roles, they give, we take. ….wonder how they’d like them apples?

  3. There are a few Model 3s tooling around Aspen. The owners must be a little more equal than the rest of us when it comes to delivery.

  4. Elon is best at the crony capture maneuver.

    Hurricane Elon: Category 5 Tesla Money Grab Storm Nearing Puerto Rico’s Devastated Power Grid

    Create a throwaway reddit account and give Elon hell. You don’t need an email or anything. Might have to solve a captcha.

    Don’t wander off The_Donald subreddit or you’ll find yourself in a Clover Normie Hellscape.

  5. He is finding out that actually making cars is hard. People buying expensive cars have very high expectations. His vehicles (even among his fanboy base) are not known for their high quality.

    He really can’t make them faster because he will have dealerships filled with broken cars and angry customers.

    I so wish we could pull the plug on this crook.


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