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In the interests of Diversity and Inclusiveness – and to cause the light of GM to shine upon me – EPautos will be featuring Macho Man Reviews, written from the perspective of the alternate lifestyle and focusing on factors of concern to non-traditional buyers and those of color (except white).

Has it got enough room inside for several Mommies?

Is the headliner resilient to soul glo stains?

All such important considerations will be  . . . considered.

So, get out your flannel shirt and leather chaps with no ass. Put your hands together in the YMCA! salute and come “out” with Chevrolet .. not just for the evening, either!

Another shot of Joe, this time with GM director of diversity communications Jocelyn Allen.




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  1. This might be too hot for Lew even. We’ll see how much love this amazing article gets from all the true colors libertarians out there.

    It Gets Better: “True Colors” Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles

    All joking aside, I wish the real guys being abused by this insane world good luck. Unless you’re a fash. It’s not okay to bash. (And probably not even then for Diversity Saint Ellen’s sake.)

  2. That’s always good anyway sexxbiscuit.

    As you and I get older, we’ll need to do lots of skipping and floating and other exercises so that our gait and inner ear balance does get out of wackadoody.

    I actually have a floppy blobby guy in mind who I could send your Skin Headed way if you need any kind of Chimera for any of your media projects. He’ll do both gay or nahtzee whatever you need. He owes me big and so he could owe you too.

    Disclosure, it’s totally possible he is both gae and a nutzee so don’t accept this piece of Podesta Pizza lightly. Make sure it’s the kinda of slice you like to eat.

    Not sure how he could help. But any warm body is nice when you’re a bald red chicken that just recently joined the Stalin Shave Club.

    3 Dollar Bill Gay Shave Club Advert (mostly SFW)–beard-humor-beard-love.jpg

    He’s a big boner of contention betwixt me and the missus, so seriously, if you can in anyway use a fat shambling intern with poor financial control, you would be doing me a solid. I could have him bring you a carfull of goodies from around the house too if you like.


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