Republicans Save EV Subsidy . . . And in Other News, it Will Get Dark Tonight

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The same Republicans who worked overtime to make sure Obamacare wasn’t repealed – or even “replaced” – have done as expected and made sure the $7,500 subsidy for the purchase of electric cars remains in place.

These Republicans are Senate Republicans – the worst Republicans of all.

House Republicans are no great shakes – all politicians are by nature grifters – but a few of them come to Washington still slightly wet behind the ears, a degree naive  . . . in the sense that they suffer a few occasional and temporary pangs of trying to do the right thing. They are like newly created vampires who – for a brief time – are somewhat restrained by their fading memory of being human.

For this reason, language was included in the House version of the Republican spending bill which would have eliminated the despicable $7,500 sop to the electric car “industry,” – which is an “industry,” in the sense of making things that can swim on their own in the way that Caitlyn Jenner is a woman.

But Senate Republicans are like the Ancients in the television series, The Strain. They no longer remember what it was like to be human, if they ever were.

A real-life Master…

What matters to them is retaining and if possible enhancing the federal government’s power – which amounts to the same thing as their power. Once elected, a senator becomes Washington’s representative, not yours or even the state from which the creature nominally emanates.

And so, the EV subsidy was restored.

Once upon a time, senators were constrained to represent their state as they were elected by the state legislature, which was interested in the interests of the state – which wasn’t ideal, either – but at least it wasn’t the federal government.

The 17th Amendment changed this via the direct election of senators – which sounds soporifically democratic, but in practice amounts to the vitiation of representation for “the people” – because there are simply too many people for any single person to have any meaningful representation. Your individual vote no longer matters. The senator plays to the mob with unctuous platitudes – and then proceeds to represent . . . Washington.

And Washington is not interested in you, except insofar as a resource to be exploited.

As vampires regard their victims.

Corporations are, meanwhile, interested in Washington.

Because Washington is power. Corporations supplicate politicians in the same way (and for largely the same reason) that still technically human “helpers” such as the character Eldritch Palmer in The Strain, the TV series mentioned earlier, assist the vampires. They hope to leverage the power of the undead to their advantage – perhaps even become undead themselves one day.

It is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Once viewed from the above perspective, it all makes sense. Expecting Republican senators to repeal – or even replace – Obamacare is exactly like expecting a vampire to lie in the sun.

It is against the interests of both creatures.

Similarly, the childish belief that senate Republicans would even consider rescinding the $7,500 subsidy for electric cars. This would be against their interests as well as the interests of the interests whom they actually represent.

In this case, it’s not the insurance mafia – which is the interest being represented with regard to the cementing-for-good of Obamacare (don’t for a moment be bamboozled by the toothless – and rest-assured temporary – recision of the penalty for not buying insurance at gunpoint) but rather the technocratic corporate nexus that is being represented.

It is a kind of ad-hoc consortium (think Stoneheart Group, again from the TV series) consisting of like-minded elites in politics, business and the media who despise above all the privately owned and privately operated automobile, which goes as its owner pleases, when and where its owner pleases. They have spent decades working to make car ownership more expensive and driving more onerous – increasing congestion by deliberately reducing road capacity via HOV lanes and bicycle-only zones for instance.

They have attacked the internal combustion engine – garlic to their vampire – by insisting on effectively zero emissions output and when that was achieved they began insisting that carbon dioxide – an inert gas – is also an “emission” that must also be controlled.

And there is only one way to do that.

By getting rid of internal combustion.

This explains the rise of the “climate change” religion, the coda of the technocratic corporate elite. It justifies everything and has the additional benefit of being (like the “war on terror”) an endless mission that will never be accomplished.

The technocrats know that it is necessary to get rid of internal combustion not because it harms the planet but because it harms their interests. They know that for electric cars to succeed, IC cars must be destroyed.

They see electric cars and especially automated electric cars as both cash and control cows. They know perfectly well that electric cars will never be economically viable . . . assuming one bases that supposition on the purchase of the thing. Their solution – their interest – is to get everyone making perpetual rental payments.

The smartphone model.

You will sign up for a “plan.” And then pay.

Then throw away.

You will also be controlled.

Utterly, in a way that few can conceive of . . . yet.

It cannot be over-emphasized that the “autonomous” cars hymned about in the press – which is also controlled by interests that aren’t interested in our interests – are in fact automated cars. If the public had not been enstupidated by generations of government schooling – the purpose of which was exactly this, to enstupidate the average person – the con would be immediately obvious to the public. But since the public has been enstupidated, it is illiterate – and so swallows whole the halting (to the not-illiterate) idea that a car programmed to operate a certain way, by parties other than oneself and irrespective of the wishes of the person by the wheel, is  . . “autonomous.”

These are the same people whose noses do not wrinkle when they read the word, “customer” on a government form.

And who are surprised that the Republicans of the Senate enshrined the $7,500 electric car subsidy.

Just as they enshrined Obamacare.

And all the rest of it.

With more coming.

. . .

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  1. Instead of talking to people who bother them, educating people, suing people, or just moving away, Americans think the only possible solution to any problem is a decree and force now.

    Instead of loving freedom and allowing others to live as they want, Americans have become busybody control freaks.

    Americans do not realize that if you don’t allow others to do something then they lose the freedom to do it themselves.

    If you forbid others from living in a tiny home then neither can you.

    If you forbid others from owning a dog then neither can you.

    If you forbid others from being a fag then neither can you.

    If allow others to own a gun then so can you.

    If allow others to read a Bible then so can you.

    If allow others to smoke marijuana then so can you.

    If allow others to work for $1 per hour then so can you.

    Americans falsely think problems can magically be fixed by decrees now. Airlines are regulated, but there are still plane crashes. There are seatbelt laws, but people still die in car accidents.

    Americans think having a piece of paper proves that you are safe. There are medical licenses, but doctors still make mistakes. Business licenses don’t prove that you will get good customer service. Driver licenses don’t prove that you will never have an accident. A degree doesn’t mean that you’re smart.

    The 1% says we must have pilot licenses, business licenses, driver licenses, and fishing licenses, but no one points out that there was a time when people could fly, run a business, drive, and fish safely without state permission. Documents can be forged and officials can be bribed, too.

    The only way that you can prove if someone can do something is if they can do it.

    Should a stateless person who had stateless parents and was born on a boat in the ocean be jailed forever if they arrive in the USA?

    Instead of lowering wages that cripple the ability of the USA to compete on the world market, Americans think the US should increase the minimum wage and start a trade war by enacting tariffs.

    One problem with ruling by decree is that there are unintended consequences.

    Making everything illegal fills prisons that lead to higher taxes.

    The 1% says the minimum wage must be increased, but no one questions if higher minimum wages will slow the economy or increase prices.

    The ruling class says a wall must be built to stop illegal aliens, but no one thinks that the US used to have open borders. No one wonders if a wall will be used to keep Americans in, not to keep illegal immigrants out.

    The 1% says airbags must be added to cars, but no one mentions that airbags kill people.

    The elites say we must have electronic voting machines, but no one asks if electronic voting machines can be hacked.

    The 1% says companies must have bailouts to prevent a recession, but no one mentions that the economy will recover without bailouts.

    The ruling class says doctors must have licenses, but no one wonders if regulations increase health care costs.

    Our overlords say guns must be banned, but no one points out how will you protect yourself without a gun.

    The globalists say protests must be banned, but no one questions how can people resist tyranny without protesting.

    The ruling powers say newspapers must be shut down to prevent fake news, but no one wonders if the government would tell the truth without a free press.

    The 1% says carrying cash or depositing less than $10,000 in your own bank account must be illegal to prevent drug use, but no one questions how can you live when everything is a crime.

    The elites say drugs must be banned, but no one points out that alcohol prohibition led to more crime.

    The 1% says that we must have a trade war to help the economy, but no one mentions a trade war made the Great Depression worse.

    Our overlords say that we must buy car insurance, but no one wonders how many drivers have a vested interest in crashing their cars.

    The ruling powers says we must have food stamps, but no one mentions that private charities can provide welfare.

    The elites say that the US must close mosques and have TSA groping, CIA torture, kill lists, and NSA wiretapping to stop terrorism, but no one points out that the US has a Bill of Rights.


  2. Do Americans who think that they can survive tyranny by joining the Gestapo realize that they have to live with their consciences?

    Do Americans who think that they can survive tyranny by remaining silent and obedient realize that this plan failed for millions of people who were killed in Nazi Germany, the USSR, China, and Cambodia?

    Do Americans who think that they can survive tyranny by being rich, famous, attractive, educated, or having influence realize that this plan failed to protect people in history?

    Do Americans who think that they can survive tyranny by being white realize that whatever they allow the government to do to others will eventually be done to them?

  3. I would rather the United States return to the state legislatures choosing their state’s Senators.

    For one, it would get rid of the endless campaigning for election to that office. And it would enshrine in our nation the idea that the states themselves have rights that are different than the collective will of people who want certain candidates elected.

    Already, I’m getting ill with all these claims about “democracy.” If democracy were really a good thing, then the people who the elected should have dominion over would be as small a unit as possible. After all, why would I want to expose my family unit to the predatory practices of people living around me that despise my lifestyle?

    I’ve already had to suffer too many claims of politicians claiming that only they can “keep us safe.”

    I’d rather be safe from most democracy.

  4. The Rs did it? Looking at the Senate Musk has a lock on at least 4 senators, CA and NV. I am going to guess there might be few others, possibly including Michigan where Tesla has a few factories and design firms running on tilt. By redirecting resources to something other than the military Musk is doing God’s work, Merry X-mass and Happy Chanukkah (Next year on Mars!!!).

    OK Next year on Mars is the wrong holiday, but it works.

    “Next year in Jerusalem”) is a phrase that is often sung at the end of the Passover Seder[1][2] and at the end of the Ne’ila service on Yom Kippur.[3][4] Its use during Passover was first recorded by Isaac Tyrnau in his 15th century CE book cataloging the Minhaggim of various Ashkenazi communities.[5][6]

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  6. I’ve never seen the television program of which you speak in this article, I don’t have a television and rarely see one. But the analogy was understood and not really necessary. The point you are making here Eric is spot on. When you talk to people about EVs and driverless cars they want to discuss the merits of them pro or con based on their perceived model of ownership that they are accustomed to. People are just too dense and yes, enstupidated, to see what is coming down the pike and why we are getting this stuff crammed down our throats. It’s all about control. Restricting our freedom, our ability to move about as we please and dictate to us where we will be allowed to live and what we will be allowed to do. This is such a very important article you’ve written here. People need to wake up and smell the agenda that is coming.

  7. The electric car does do away with the need for gasoline. In substitute, we get to pay for new batteries to the tune of about 6,000 new or 2,000 used.
    Thus after 5 years the electric car is worthless. The gasoline driven car still have value. Especially if you are capable of repairing it.
    The electric is a throw away parts like the engine and batteries.
    So what are they hiding?
    I suggest that carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are not being recycled by nature. Normally there is a balance that allows carbon dioxide to break down to oxygen.
    Eventually the plants will catch up. If that occurs it is a short term problem.
    What happens with excess carbon dioxide is it transmits temperatures. That means if it is 120 degrees at the equator and 40 degrees below zero at the pole the two temperatures are going to average out all over the planet. Do the simple math. It works out we will have very mild winters.
    Possibly very hot summers. Or a virtual monsoon of rain all over the planet as the Earth itself adjusts.
    Just how much water is stored as ice right now?
    I think the same thing occurred in the past when we had too much animal life to balance out with the plant life. The result was most of the planet was temporarily covered in water instead of ice.
    Excess animal life died. Balance was recovered.
    The main reason for seasons is the 23 degree tilt that the Earth currently has.
    I think we need to re-engineer the gasoline engine. That means real engineering. Not rehashing old engineering from the 30s.
    We need to re-engineer the fuel supply as well.
    That means a system of gasoline pre-heated before it hits the combustion chamber. It means vibrating the fuel so it is all used in the chamber instead of going unused out the exhaust.
    That also means the dinosaur industry in Detroit either changes or goes extinct.
    DO not see that happening any time soon.

    • Even large changes in CO2 does not have any appreciable effect on climate when it is over 300ppm. That’s what the actual science and actual measurements tell us. Now what we are presented with, models, and adjusted records say we’re burning up but the actual thermometers and proxy data says otherwise.

      Electric cars are easier to centrally control and bring about perpetual payments. Hence why they are being pushed. The idea is the company town where you lose everything if you lose your employment.

    • Ummm…….The engineering changes you suggest were proven to be a bad idea long ago. Intake preheaters went the way of the dodo with Thermoquads, Quadrajets and the other glorious analog fuel/air mixing devices of the past. Cooler fuel results in a denser air/fuel charge, resulting in more power created, and correspondingly less fuel usage.

      Vibrating the fuel was done rather handily for years with mechanical pumps.

      If anyone was actually interested in meaningful improvements, they’d be looking to the right people. Engineers working in a simulated computer world free of actual limitations rarely come up with anything except ways to drain money from the consumer. The people that we should look to are NHRA and NASCAR crew chiefs, backyard hot rodders and the homegrown builders that survive and thrive looking for ways around legislative, financial and physical limitations.

      Henry Ford himself said it was never a good idea to listen to “experts”, as they only knew ways to tell you how it CAN’T be done.

  8. entupidate

    The word you’ve entered isn’t in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.

    from Websters dictionary on line

    sure, right, OK

    speaking of illiterate, Eric……

      • Hi, Eric.
        Enstupidate is not exactly the correct term, of course. They are not stupid, but evangelized into a particularly evil religion, brainwashed to worship something evil. They are taught a multitude of facts which simply aren’t so.

        Once so programmed, they can be very clever, creative, and smart in doing what they do. And like zealots everywhere, they do so with the approval of their conscience.

  9. hahha – “newly created vampires who – for a brief time – are somewhat restrained by their fading memory of being human…. ” awesomely said Eric….. love your rants…. though quite depressing at times looking at where the country which was once the shining beacon for freedom and liberty is going……

  10. The 17th Amendment is probably one of the worst amendments there is. Though the 16th causes far more economic damage and is overall worse for common people. Income taxes are about the biggest drag on the economy that you can think of.

    It would be the same thing if the president was directly “elected”. Even more of a creature of DC then they are already.

    • The 16th/the income tax is not about revenue. It is about control, just like licensing. Having an agency somehow granted the legal autority to track every transaction of every individual, unlimited prosecution powers, and precisely zero legal accountability is a mechanism of political control. Keeping the serfs from getting rich, sassy, and uppity is just a bonus.

      If it was about revenue, there would not be 200+Trillion “dollars” of un-payable promises out there.

      • Yes, but even more important – taxes are about forcing at gunpoint the usage of your currency. If I didn’t have to come up with Fed dollars to pay my taxes I would never use Fed dollars.

      • Imagine if the “fair” taxers get their way. With a sales tax not only do they keep track of every penny you bank, they ALSO keep track of every penny everyone spends. Don’t like reporting your income? imagine reporting every single item you buy or sell.

        • Indeed, that’s why I cringe every time someone gushes about the “Fair” tax or the “Flat” tax. The biggest issue is that any of these things give validity and legitimacy to a system which is neither valid nor legitimate. Legitimate money is gold or silver coin or at least hard money which has intrinsic value, and that is vastly harder for bad actors to track and steal, which in itself acts as a check on their rapacity.

          • And where did the legitiimacy of tax begin in this country? Why, of course, written right there in the big Con, to provide for a common protection from foreign powers.

            So where was it first used? GW and his merry band of revenooers killing the farmers for their audacity to make booze from grain and not want to share the proceeds, the very reason we cannot distill in this country legally and those Oh so important “tax stamps” on those who do produce.

            I won’t stand up for commercial distilleries too much though. They do everything in their considerate power for prohibition of anything that might substitute for booze.

            We hear and read about how heroin addiction and general opioid addiction is down in states with legal hemp but not from the Lame Stream bunch. Big Pharm doesn’t want to hear that either. Of course their are outliers who are trying to patent the chemicals in hemp to pad their hefty pockets. They’re hoping to get laws reversed by fiat in the process. Everybody knows how that helps the elite with their control policy.

            • “patent the chemicals in hemp … pad their pockets … helps the elite with their control policy.”
              That post makes me think. Could the Elites interest in drugs be to make it easier to control the population? The ultimate control is over someone in jail. Stoned, addicted people don’t seem to have as much incentive to produce, other than purchasing their “medicine”. Perhaps they have a hard on for marijuana because it is too cheap and easily produced such that they can’t make money on it? There is definitely something fishy in the whole “drug war” thing. I watch commercials for all these pharma drugs… “take this, take that, ask your doctor about so and such” and then get arrested for self medicating with a little weed.

    • Those who know and understand the “reasons” for the 17th also know without it the 16th would fall.
      Read the G. Edward Griffin book The Creature From Jekyll Island if you dare. Therein lies an accurate summation of where we are and how we came to be in this mess.
      Taxes are theft and we should view those who initiate, increase or propose new or “reformed” taxes, as thieves…Only worse.