Hitler’s Mercedes Could be Yours!

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Der Fuhrer’s Mercedes is for sale!

The supercharged German 770 Grosser was used by Hitler during victory parades following the defeat of France and while entertaining his buddy, Benito “Il Duce” Mussolini.

Built with bulletproof glass and armor-plated side panels, Hitler personally ordered the car and took delivery in July 1939.

The US Army seized the vehicle in 1945 and it was passed between tobacco tycoons, casino magnates and historians before finding itself under the hammer with Worldwide Auctioneers – Vintage Motorcar Specialists – on January 17 in Arizona.

It did not take long for it to make its first public appearance, and on October 6, 1939, it debuted as part of a huge motorcade with a carefully orchestrated vehicle formation designed to maximize Hitler’s personal safety. During the proceedings, Hitler was delivered to the Old Reich Chancellery (pictured) in front of a crowd saluting him, with German and International media in attendance, plus representatives of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry’s Technical Services Department

Worldwide Auctioneers has confirmed today that it will present the most historically significant automobile ever offered for public sale at its annual Scottsdale Auction in Arizona on January 17, when this 1939 Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser Offener Tourenwagen goes under the hammer. It was ordered by Adolf Hitler in 1938

On July 6, 1940, the car carried Hitler on his victory parade held in Berlin following the stunning defeat of France (pictured here)

On July 6, 1940, the car carried Hitler on his victory parade held in Berlin following the stunning defeat of France.

As expected, the newest 770K for Hitler was superlative in all possible respects and at Kempka’s insistence, would provide maximum protection for his notorious patron and his chosen passengers. This wasn't to come at the price of style, with Hitler demanding a collapsible soft-top roof

The 770K also had bulletproof glass and a special jump seat for Hitler.

According to a letter on file dated September 2, 1938, the 770K was ordered at the request of SS officer Erich Kempka, an early Nazi-party member who served as Hitler’s primary chauffeur from 1934. The letter was issued directly from the Daimler-Benz board of directors to the management of the Sindelfingen Daimler-Benz AG works

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