NO is the Only Vote That Matters

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Voting, as the saying goes, is allowed because it doesn’t matter.

Not much, at any rate.

You might see someone elected who is more vaguely in line with your own views on some things than the alternative, but voting doesn’t give you – the individual – any real control over the end result.

Saying NO does.

A sufficiency of people may be realizing this.

Millions of people have said NO to Anheuser-Busch’s push to get them to buy into an agenda they find repellent. Behold the results. The woman responsible for the repellent agenda push got fired – something that almost never happens to someone who has been elected and can only be done with great difficulty via the ballot box – and the company’s hemorrhaging of money has caused it to pull the repellent thing off its products and so out of our line-of-sight.

Target has also tucked.

It’s tail, that is – in the face, once again, of millions of people saying NO to the repellent things Target put in the line-of-sight of children that targeted children and so appalls adults who will not abide such repellent things by saying NO to Target.

We’re not buying your ideology. So we’re not buying your products. Go Woke if you like. You may not like going broke.

Behold the power of NO.

It is a way to wield – in reverse – the power being used against us by the “stakeholders,” as they sometimes style themselves. Meaning the class of people that control the flow of capital (as distinct from mere money) and use it to make people say yes.

As in, yessa massa.

Perhaps not literally. But functionally, certainly. They do so via such tools as buying seats on corporate boards and then using their say to make the corporation a tool of their ideology. You have no doubt heard by now about ESG (Equity, Social and Governance)  which elaborates as DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) “policies” at these corporations that further this ideology.

The “message,” as it is styled.

It’s why you see what they want you to buy – which is much more than the product. The latter has in fact become incidental. But not if you say NO to it. That is everything, if enough people would only say it.

If they had said it – to the airlines – after airports became training gulags that treated everyone as a presumptive “terrorist,” the training gulags could not have lasted six months. As has happened to Bud Light, the bleeding would have seen to that.

Imagine that.

Had millions said NO to being fondled and scanned in order to fly, no one who wanted to fly today would have to submit to being fondled and scanned. To watching their kids and wives get fondled, scanned and trained – so that they’re used to Gulag Life. And – as regards the kids – unaware that a different kind of life once obtained. If enough had said NO 22 years ago, that kind of life would would still be our life today.

Remember Face Diapers? How could anyone forget? Especially since not enough people said NO to them. Because enough did not, the pressure to put one on was greater – and the mass psychosis lasted longer. It has yet to fully abate. There are still people “masking” – including many of the doctors who proved themselves unable to say NO to orders, as promulgated by bureaucrats.

They “masked” – and insist you do, too.

We ought to say NO to them, too. Say it to their faces. Tell them you won’t – because it’s absurd. If they say you must, walk out the door. If enough of us say NO to them, they will eventually have to say ok, to us.

If only enough of us had said NO, at first, it would have been much easier to say NO to what came next. The “vaccines,” that is. Those drugs that were neither “safe” nor “effective” but were pushed as necessary on people who had failed to say NO to “masks” that weren’t necessary, either. However, having acceded to “masking” – and thereby affirmed the “necessity” of it – it was harder to say NO to the drugs that aren’t vaccines. Because if “masks” are necessary then certainly so are “vaccines.”

That is all past now, hopefully.

The basis for hope being that, at last, enough of us have finally come to understand the power of NO – and are ready, willing and able to use it.

That’s how we vote our way out of this.

. . .

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  1. Been thinking about pride lately, how it messes with you. Truth is I am proud of myself and my family who refused to follow the herd. Wish I could have convinced more. Proud to know that so many of us who congregate here are immune to their BS. I know it goes before a fall, but one should be able to have pride in making good versus bad choices. I cant even imagine how those who fell for it feel now. Most gloss over it with drugs and degeneracy.

    The fake pride peddled by Globo Homo says a lot about how fragile they really are. We should seize the initiative and push hard for July as White Pride month. I can be proud about all the pieces in my woodpile that did incredible things. Carving out lives in hostile lands, building beautiful mountain castles, basically going where few had gone and making decent lives.

    Those who pride themselves in the rainbow and flaunting their sickness need help. Many were traumatized and became deeply addicted to SSRIs. They are always unhappy Maybe if we offered them some all inclusive acceptance of all their needs and wants they might finally be happy.

    This could be easily accomplished in any preexisting FEMA camp. It would be one of life’s most delicious ironies, ever, sending them all to transvestite summer camp. After all, they wanted to send us away for simply refusing an untested experimental goo. Free housing, free food, free healthcare, free counseling, free reassignment surgeries. It should be a prideful progressives wet dream. Alas they cannot be happy, because their souls are soiled.

    War it is then. And all we have to do is say NO. No more kiddie fuckery. They delusionaly prattle about us hunting them down. I’m not the greatest hunter, but pretty sure if we were hunting them they would all be gone in about 36 hours.

    They became overconfident and tipped the balance against their own radicalism. Talk about a self inflicted wound.

    • Good morning, Norman!

      This (your comments, above) was wonderful to wake up to. Well-said and spot on. Taking pride in one’s achievements is entirely reasonable for one has done something worthwhile. Taking pride in one’s sexual interests is worse than an oddity (such as taking pride in one’s liking of chocolate ice cream over vanilla). People whose sexual interests constitute their “identity” are people with problems that go beyond what they like to do in the bedroom and with whom.

      Most of us (well, I’ll speak for myself here) don’t care – as such – whether someone might be gay. Why would we? I assume most people don’t give a damn who I’m with as it has nothing to do with who I am nor with what I do. I’m not looking to date them – and they’re not looking to date me, either!

      I’d ordinarily feel compassion toward and – yes – tolerance of – gay people. And I do, in that I don’t care and don’t make an issue out of it. But – per Andrew Sullivan’s excellent article about a week ago – some of them are making it a huge issue and shoving it in our faces. In kids’ faces. And that cannot be abided.

    • ‘We should seize the initiative and push hard for July as White Pride month.’ — Norman Franklin

      Using fake statistics, the FBI, DOJ and “Biden” absurdly claim that “white supremacy” is the gravest danger facing the US.

      Last week, the “Biden” regime released the first National Strategy to Combat Antisemitism. It includes this gem:

      ‘The National Action Network, National Urban League, the Asian American Foundation, UnidosUS, and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) will co-convene local dialogues with organizations that serve Jewish, Black, Asian American, Latino, and other vulnerable communities, including Jews of Color.’

      Notice which ethnic group isn’t included. When enacted legislatively, this plan will define advocacy of white solidarity as an antisemitic hate crime — a federal felony. Amendment I will be nullified … for the greater good. /sarc

  2. Say no to the jeworldorder. They want you dead, goy. The Christkillers print your money, own your politicians, make the laws and tell you how to think via talmudvision. Your kids are being sterilized and murdered. If that doesn’t wake you the fuck up, you don’t deserve to live.

    • RE: “If that doesn’t wake you the fuck up, you don’t deserve to live.”

      I dunno, that seems like it leaves out a few players & is a bit misdirecting, or something? Those People, the average idiot & stupid smart persons, were played. Pure & simple.

      The word, ‘culpability’ comes to mind as I watched this reminder video via a Mercola article about how our overlords & their minions worked tirelessly & non-stop to scare the ever-living-crap out of everyone… & into submission. To think it was all just, ‘Da Jews’ … I think you’re mistaken.:

      THE UNVACCINATED | “Nobody is Safe!”

  3. The thing to which “doctors” are unable to say “no” is all that money. By and large, the vast majority of doctors give not the slightest fuck about who they injure or kill. If you look at the number of what they have done and knowingly continue to do, that’s essentially an established fact. Collectively they’re the kind of people that would murder children for a living if there was enough money involved.

    The elaborate “common good” fantasies that they spin have become paper thin and do not stand against even the most cursory inspection. They know it and they also don’t care they you know it too.

    “Fuck you and children too! Make me rich and go away.” That’s the message from the medical establishment. It’s beyond just not caring. It’s evil.

    If anyone, outside of the context of the medical establishment, did anything similar they’d rightly spend a great deal of their life in a cage or even be put to death. But because politicians and their elite owners essentially hate human beings, they’re richly rewarded for it.

    • “Fuck you and children too! Make me rich and go away.” That’s the message from the medical establishment. It’s beyond just not caring. It’s evil.

      I totally agree with this.

  4. If you say NO you can’t sit at the cool kids’ lunch table. You will be ostracized and forced to eat alone while people throw spit balls at your head. Never underestimate most humans need to be liked and to be part of the “in crowd.”

    Saying NO to lies and evil requires intelligence and humility (both sorely lacking in humanity).

    I did not comply with masks and the “vaccine.” Since I live in the hell that is New York state I am unemployed and a leper. Oh well, more time for me to do useless cartoons…

    • Hi Pug,

      It’s people such as yourself who matter – because they are unwilling to participate in the propagation of lies. I salute you – as a fellow New Yorker (born there), too.

    • You forgot one thing Pug. That is, you are not alone at that table in the corner in the lunch room. There are a few others who are also shunned from the cool kids table. During the height of the pandemic when I would walk through the grocery store unmasked, I would get the shunned, “you filthy rat” looks from the diapered ones. And then, another unmasked shopper would walk past me, look me in the eye, and nod at me. I did not get the jab and managed to keep my job. I will live out of my car and be jobless before I take one.

    • Nice cartoon Pug. I especially like the MAGA Cat. Hope your fortunes improve. Ever think of leaving New York?

  5. There is a very good reason for electronic voting machines, they can be programmed to get the election results the Demoncraps want:

    Chuck Callesto
    BREAKING NOW: Bombshell video emerges of Maricopa election officials breaking into sealed election machines after they were tested — reprogramming memory cards, and reinstalling them..

    Hang them all, and hang them high. It is a Class A felony to tamper with even one vote. What Arizona needs is rope, lots of rope to hang the entire Democrap party. No exceptions, no excuses, make examples out of them.

    • I agree, Jack –

      Voting is inherently repellent in that no one’s rights ought to be up for a vote. But even more execrable is voting that’s controlled by those who count the vote, for it gives the illusion of majority consent to the execrable.

      • How does government get it’s magical authority? It claims it has a legal right to rule because of the vote. They call it the will of the majority. Regardless of that absurd claim – as a majority has no right to enforce it’s views on a minority – the point is the government itself claims it’s authority because of the vote.

        So if they steal the vote, what now brown cow? What legitimate reason do they have to rule? None. They damn well know this too, because they have passed very strict laws against tampering with the vote.

        Government rules through consent (according to them) in a Democracy. Cheating on the vote negates that claim. The vote is the last bit of clothing on the naked emporer. Before voting these clowns did elaborate religious rituals, in long colorful robes, with high priests and claimed God ordained the state. They still do this in Britain, witness the coronation of King Charles.

        The coronation is in the church during a high mass ritual. The highest priest of the kingdom puts the crown on the king, justifying his rule, because God ordained it. And the Bible says this directly:



        Submission to Authorities
        (1 Peter 2:13–20)

        1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which is from God. The authorities that exist have been appointed by God. 2Consequently, whoever resists authority is opposing what God has set in place, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

        3For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Do you want to be unafraid of the one in authority? Then do what is right, and you will have his approval. 4For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not carry the sword in vain. He is God’s servant, an agent of retribution to the wrongdoer.

        5Therefore it is necessary to submit to authority, not only to avoid punishment, but also as a matter of conscience. 6This is also why you pay taxes. For the authorities are God’s servants, who devote themselves to their work. 7Pay everyone what you owe him: taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.


        A Libertarian is a heretic, Eric. A Christian is required by the holy text to submit and pay tax. Read it carefully, the Bible says the politician is God’s servant. The Bible tells you to OBEY EVIL.

        Well looking at our elected Satanic pedophilic Zionist hacks, God must be the devil. Satanic religion is the source of Satanic government. Our government murders millions, it steals our money (our labor) then wages illegal and immoral war for dominance. It is pure evil. And the Bible justifies it. The vote justifies it. Such a conundrum got Larken Rose to make “A Message to the Voting Cattle”, voting is the most evil thing you can do:

  6. Hi Eric, et al,

    The most appropriate approach, IMO, is to cultivate relationships with sane people to freely exchange goods and services in a parallel set of structures….the existing structures have suffered too much corruption for too long to have any hope of reform. Politics is a distraction and those entities who have hands (or claws) on the levers of power will continue to pit groups against others to prevent the realization that everybody has been played to the detriment of all. It’s been a long process but the Obama cabal was very effective at sowing the seeds of conflict based on racial issues that simply were overblown. I think the answer for me at least is to remain as independent as possible of government influence.

  7. On this subject:

    I know many of you have probably said “no” to Hollywood movies for good. Not me, as of yet.

    But last night, I finally gathered the wherewithal to watch “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker”. Being a fan of the original movies, and not much since, I figured it was time to complete my viewing of the last trilogy, at least as a matter of follow-through.

    A most bizarre phenomenon occurred: I felt absolutely nothing.

    I’d say I felt about as much watching this movie as viewing stock data, but even stock data sometimes makes me happy, sad, angry or elated, depending on who is succeeding or failing.

    I wondered if I had suddenly become a sociopath, but no, other things viewed soon after caused emotional reactions.

    Oh, they did a beautiful job with the special effects, but that only goes so far. It would’ve been far more stirring had I watched the movie on “mute”, while playing a good metal record or two over the video.

    SO, if you’d like to spend 2+ hours experiencing the gift of blankness, maybe “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” is for you! …Or you could try lithium.

  8. Those who want political power will do anything to get it, and the first thing they do to get your vote is to lie. People who want to be left alone, or be productive, do not engage in deception like the political class, and thus find it hard to believe that anyone could tell bald faced lies like they do. Amerikan people are like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, naive and dumb to the ways of the predator class.

    Trump makes promises to get your vote, because a Kennedy is running, he says he will release all of the JFK files. It was a deception that he did not release all of them the first time – because Trump is a slimebag player, who will protect his friends at the cost of truth. JFK assassination is like 911 WTC attack, our friends with the kippahs have their fingerprints all over both. But we lie to ourselves and we say it was the CIA that did it. But who runs the CIA and for who?

    Trump has a big advantaged over the over the other scumbucket – pedo perv Biden – because people do not believe Zioscumbag Biden but they do believe Trump. Trump has an air of innocence about him. We know at some deep down level that Trump is not completely subverted by evil, so we are hoping he gets in and fixed the nation.

    But the problem with Trump is that the only reason he is on the ticket is because he is owned by the same tribe that owns Biden. Thus the next way the owners control you is that both candidates are in their pocket. No matter who you vote for, left or right, they get their guy in office.

    They next way to insure you vote “correctly” is to rig the voting system. The old way is to stuff the ballot box, the new way is electronic voting machines that tally the vote the way the owners want. In the last election Joe Biden was trailing behind Trump, but a miracle occurred, at 4 am in the morning Biden votes suddenly go vertical and eclipse Trump’s landslide.

    We all know this happened, but you can not question it publicly otherwise the Demoncraps will bring the hammer down on your “wrong” thought. So fear and intimidation can be used by those with power to insure the “correct” vote is made a permanent part of the official record and history of the nation.

    The bottom line is this, power does not care how you vote, they will literally kill you to maintain their power, and thus the only thing you can do, that makes a real difference, is stop using their products, like their money. They know we hate them so they have their next trick – to force you to use their money, and if you earn any of (((their))) money you must pay income tax to (((them))).

    The income tax was created in conjunction with the Federal Reserve System. The two are twin arms of the same beast. In order to create their system – which is to exploit and harvest your labor value – they had to engineer a economic depression. The way they did that was a cinch – they caused stock market crash and depressions until Congress would accept a central bank.

    They put their guy in as president to pass the Federal Reserve Act, Woodrow Wilson was installed for that purpose. Once they had the bank, they then inflated credit and created a boom – the Roaring Twenties, then they pulled the plug on the excess, and created a crash – the Great Depression was specifically engineered to confiscate our gold.


    That way you had to use their money. Gold was outlawed. Gold is the eternal enemy of the political class, which is why you will never see gold as money unless the system collapses. They blow nation after nation to hell if they refuse to use their money, and most interestingly, they are now trying to crush Russia for not caving to their system. But you can not crush mother Russia – which is 3 times the size of the USA.

    But Russia says hell no, and now is at war with them. And if Russia can not be crushed, then the system may collapse, which is why Biden and his cohorts are so damn desperate to do anything to win. But they can not win against Russia, because Russia has the world’s largest nuclear arsenal and the means of delivering nukes with hypersonic missiles.

    Putin has said in many speeches that who needs the world if their is no Russia. Russia has vowed to nuke us into oblivion if we try to cancel them. He also rails against the woke ideology:

    The Woke Bolshevik Revolution ROBERT SEPEHR

    Putin is not just bucking the money system, he is saying HELL NO to the media propaganda. He is committing a double top secret mortal sin – he is rejecting the US Dollar and rejecting the insane woke western ideology. Putin is for family values and puts homos in jail. Well Virginia, dat makes da Jew very very mad indeed.

    • Not a coincidence that the US got involved in WWI in short order after the creation of the Fed in December 1913. Wilson actually ran on “he kept us out of war” in ‘16. The US entered in ‘18 after the Lusitania provocation.

      Ron Paul has said about WWI that it killed off many, many young men especially English and Europeans but Americans as well, who had a memory of gold as money and the laissez-faire capitalism of the late 1800s. “War socialism” was enacted in the US under characters like Col. House and Bernard Baruch.

      • Yes and I agree. In Ukraine they just depopulated the entire male population. Something like 500,000 white Christian Ukrainian boys killed so gay demon Zelensky could skim US aid and get rich.

  9. Just say no is easy in theory but not in real life/

    Just say no to a job because you don’t want a “vaccine” is very difficult. I retired in January 2005, so that was easy for me.

    Just say no to masks is very difficult if you need medical attention, which was true in Michigan until April 3, 2023. Two of my three doctors still wear masks — I find that non-science action disturbing.

    Just say no has costs that could be very high.

    The best just say no is to stop believing everything governments tell you. For the people brainwashed in schools in the past few decades, that is hard to do.

    For some ammunition to get you angry so you can reply to me with your usual character attack: If the government had NEVER mentioned masks, their Covid scaremongering would have worked just as well. Fauci could have told people to wear a clove of garlic on a string around their neck to prevent Covid spread, and most leftists would have done that.

    Leftists believe everything leftist government bureaucrats and politicians tell them. Until people start saying no to that bad advice, the sheeple will remain under control. Very few people can afford to say no and lose their job.

    • Richard writes:

      “If the government had NEVER mentioned masks, their Covid scaremongering would have worked just as well.”

      No, it would not have. As I have already tried to explain to you, numerous times. If there had been no “mask” mandates, then it would have been much harder – if not impossible – to create the appearance of a “deadly pandemic.” It would have been much harder to pariah-ize people like me – who knew it was all a lie. People would not have been forced to choose between looking like a hypochondriac and their job. Or being able to shop.

      “Masks” also set the predicate for the mass-pushing of the drugs that aren’t vaccines – as I have also already explained.

      • “As I have already tried to explain to you, numerous times.”

        And you have been wrong numerous times! You have no evidence that mask mandates were the lynchpin of Covid scaremongering. ‘Eric says so’ may work perfectly at this website, but ‘Eric says so’ does not create the gospel of Covid scaremongering.

        The Covid scare was natural when so many elderly people died prematurely in nursing homes in Spring 2020. Government bureaucrats and politicians ramped up the scare by making people believe EVERYONE was at risk of dying. After a few months, when it became obvious that Covid was not a threat to young people, and not a death threat to middle aged people with healthy immune systems, those facts were ignored. Then ivermectin, that could keep Covid patients out of hospitals, was attacked.

        For many people in power, a crisis is something to be used to gain political power. Covid was a real crisis for the elderly, and others with weak immune systems.

        The five scientific mask studies I read in early 2020 — of N95 masks — all said masks would do nothing for a respiratory virus. It was obvious in a few months of most people wearing masks that they did not work. But those people who believe everything their government tells them, do not care about reality, or scientific studies.

        • Dick –

          You seem unable to understand the importance of symbols – as tools to impose a regime of apparent agreement with a narrative or ideology.

          I’d try to explain it to you – but what’s the point?

          • > a regime of apparent agreement
            Aye, Eric,
            and the operative word here is “apparent.”
            You and I, and many others who post here, have more freedom than most, being either self-employed or retired, and thus not beholden to corporate masters.

            However, we all need to make our way in this world, and there are many ways to resist. Though not everyone has the luxury of being an absolute “refusenik,” I know people who have managed to “send a message” in subtler ways. We all do what we can do.

            Personally? I never wore, nor will I ever wear, a “doctor costume” (light blue surgical mask, or anything vaguely resembling one). My response, when absolutely necessary, was to raise the ante, by donning a black balaclava with holes only for the eyes, complemented by a long sleeved black t-shirt emblazoned with “Allahu akhbar” in white Arabic script, plus elbow length shiny black neoprene gloves (concrete gloves). Welcome to Munich, 1972.

            My costume scared the hell out of the bank manager where I still have my accounts, and she followed me outside to let me know that. That of course, was exactly the point, and I have never set foot inside the bank since then, transacting all my business either by mail or ATM.

            “All the world’s a stage, and we but players on it,” said Will Shakespeare. Ergo, all clothes are costumes, and you may play whatever part you choose. Actions, however, do have consequences, so do choose wisely. 🙂

      • @ Eric (& Richard)

        Wearing the “mask,” as I see it is fundamentally an ACT OF SUBMISSION (to *state* authority), symbolic in nature, and equivalent to allowing the executioner to place a hood over your head, or lowering your head onto the execution block, thus granting the headsman permission to cut it off whenever “the authorities” tell him to.

        >scientific mask studies I read in early 2020 — of N95 masks — all said masks would do nothing for a respiratory virus.

        One I read had, IIRC, five authors, all associated with either Harvard Medical School or Mass. General Hospital, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a prestigious, peer reviewed journal. In fact, the same or equivalent information is available from the FDA, if you look for it, as well as other academic sources.

        >But those people who believe everything their government [or a “DOCTOR,” *any* “doctor”] tells them, do not care about reality.

        Sad to say, there are plenty of “doctor worshippers” out there (as well as others who will defer to just about any “authority figure”). Dr. Anthony Fauci has a medical degree, but no scientific education, his B.A. being in Classics from a Jesuit university. Which tradition, as I understand it, is all about received truth, from the “proper” authority.*

        Unlike our parents’ generation, those of us who came of in the 1960s, and later, grew up with the phrase “question authority” ringing in out ears. We had convincing evidence the government had lied to us, and presumably would continue to do so, so long as they could get away with it.

        No doubt, “the faithful” would wear an amulet, recite the Rosary, or howl at the moon, if an “authority figure” they trusted told them to do so. But none of these things have the same symbolic significance as effacing one’s facial features, which I see as symbolically denying your own identity, and hence, humanity.
        * The question in that case becomes, “What is the proper authority?”
        As I wrote back in Jan 2022,
        > The appropriate professional qualification for specifying correct a)
        > selection, b) use, and c) disposal of effective personal protective
        > equipment (PPE), including, but not limited to, respiratory protection,
        > is industrial hygiene, not medicine.

        > Industrial hygienists are degreed scientific and engineering
        > professionals who specialize in protecting human life from environmental
        > hazards.

        > Those of us who have been trained to work safely in IDLH (immediate
        > danger to life and health) environments have realized from the get go
        > that the “face mask” requirements of the COVID-19 era are utterly
        > useless as PPE, and, as bad theater, serve only to discredit those who
        > promote them.

      • An article I read this morning discusses a recent poll which shows many Americans currently can’t afford to lose their jobs.

        So I believe, based on the same poll in earlier years, protesting Covid jabs in 2021, and losing their jobs, would have been a very high cost for most people in the short run.

        Few people can work from home, and become independently wealthy like you, lighting your Cuban cigars with $20 bills, in your mansion on top of a hill, looking down at the riff raff living in shacks below!

        • Oppositional Defiant Disorder symptoms:

          Argumentative and defiant behavior

          Often argues with adults or people in authority.
          Often actively defies or refuses to follow adults’ requests or rules.
          Often annoys or upsets people on purpose.
          Often blames others for their own mistakes or misbehavior.

          Dick, you’re picking on the wrong guy and it is better to stop before you regret your outside agitating.

          Zelensky is the miscreant who is pulling down 60 million dollars per annum for being another dickhead on the planet.

          Go there.


        • Dick,

          I’m not rich. I live in the sticks and I drive an old truck. All paid for, though – by dint of my living below my means. So I didn’t have to degrade myself by wearing a “mask.”

          Which you have – even though you did not have to. You have explained previously that you are long-retired and financially independent. No fear of losing your job or feeding your family. Yet you wore the goddamned “mask,” didn’t you? Because – for you – it was no big deal. Just a “mask.”

          It was much more to those who chafed at being made to pretend they lived in dread of an invisible Bogeyman as a condition of being allowed to work or shop. Just as I imagine it might have chafed you to have been obliged to wear an armband, say – or otherwise signal that you agreed with the ideology the armband and signal represented.

          You cannot possibly not get this. Unless you are an imbecile. Or something worse.

        • Richard,

          While there were people who “Took that vaccine” in order to keep their job, what good would that have done if “Getting that vaccine” caused them to have permanent injury that rendered them unable to continue working, or even killed them? We’ve had numerous people look at excess deaths since the rollout of these mRNA jabs, and it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

    • Richard,

      In the first year of this “pandemic”, there were also people who just had an obsessive hatred of then President Trump and dutifully listened to whatever Tony Fauci decreed, because to them, he “Had the courage to speak out against Baaaaaaaaaaaad Orange Man!”, and so whatever Fauci said HAD to be true, be it regading face diapers, draconian measures such as lockdowns, existing drugs like Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, or vaccines being the ANSWER to this pandemic. One thing that was really weird about many people on “The Left” was they were saying they weren’t taking any “Trump vaccine” prior to the 2020 election, but after Joe Biden got into office, THEY effectively became vaccine zealots to the point they advocated severe punishment for those who refused the experimental mRNA jabs.

      • Grouchy Fauci and Debby Birx LOVED Trump for giving then a HUGE amount of face time on TV, where they were effectively scaremongering the general public. All knowledge gained from prior pandemics was thrown in the trash can. Trump gave them the stage!

        Trump also financed a nine month vaccine development process, and that was insane — vaccines typically take about ten years, with a 98% failure rate. Nine months only included two months of testing. At best, the vaccine only reduces symptoms for a few months, but does not prevent death.

        The definition of vaccine had to be stretched to include short term, not fully effective antibodies of Covid mRNA shots. Every prior vaccine developed antibodies that fought infections quickly and effectively. That was called immunity. Peo0le never even knew they had been infected. But not with Covid “vaccines”.

        Leftists claiming they would not take any “Trump vaccine” was just a political talking point. That would have been a smart decision, if there had been a fair 2020 election, and Trump had been reelected.

  10. ‘Voting doesn’t give you – the individual – any real control over the end result.’ — eric

    There is only one Uniparty:

    Greg Price

    Sources on Capitol Hill tell me the debt ceiling deal McCarthy negotiated with Biden includes no legitimate spending cuts or significant reforms in exchange for a $4 trillion debt ceiling increase. Just a freeze next year followed by 1% increase in ‘25 adjusted for inflation.

    Text of the bill to be released tomorrow and a final vote on Wednesday. Total garbage considering the leverage the GOP conference had here.

    Not only does it not cut a single dollar but the new debt ceiling deadline is also going to be Jan 1, 2025 which is the lame duck session when spending usually gets blown out.

    Implication: they are going to borrow another $3 to $4 trillion over the next 18 months to re-elect the incumbents. US-fuckin-A …

    • And not even a freeze for defense, which of course is the political bread and butter. In spite of the fact that the US defense budget is already more than twice that of China and Russia combined, and still can’t handle an errant weather balloon, nor produce an effective hypersonic weapon, which both China and Russia have in service.
      Because only a fraction of that US defense budget is actually applied to defense, and the rest applied to lining pockets and filling off shore accounts, of those in both parties.

      • ‘not even a freeze for defense’ — John Kable

        No sacrifice is too great to help our dear friends, the Uuuuuuuuuuukies. /sarc

    • No freeze on military spending

      You can’t freeze interest payments on the debt

      You can’t freeze Social Security and Medicare without Congressional authorization.

      So what’s left?

  11. Re: No. It’s works amazing well, thanks Eric.
    Our little biz is 25yrs old. The first 10 years we couldn’t say no, but we kept pushing hard to do it our way, and we started winning hearts and minds. Then we could say no and started too. It was amazing what happened. Our successful projects when through the roof to approx. 99%. So our reputation went through the roof too, making many more want to work with us, but then some still wanted it ‘their way’. No, sorry, we won’t do it that way.
    It has lead us to driving biz from the bottom up (the end user), and we can now.
    We still get in debates/arguments from the top down all the time, and we just say No.

      • Thanks BaDnOn, appreciate it. Those first 10 yrs we almost went out of biz 3 or 4 times, it was really tough. But we stuck to our morals ‘not selling/promoting proprietary products’. We got attacked all the time.
        We just listened to the end-users ‘this ‘product’ is killing us’
        So we designed and built non-proprietary stuff. It was more expensive up front but lasted 3-4 times as long and cost of ownership/use was way down.
        And they can fix them themselves, what a novel concept.
        Maybe it’s why it took 10yrs to catch on?
        Now maybe you can see why we can say no. The ‘designer’ says ‘the client wants to use you guys’ ‘this is what we want to do’. No, it’s the wrong way. rinse repeat.

  12. How far can NO go? NO won’t stop the communists. They may pause, but they won’t stop.

    Jefferson said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” NO is the beginning.

      • Target crossed the line and TGT share price sits on the July 2022 lows. I also wrote a nasty letter to Target management today telling them I will never shop there again.

        North Face also committed suicide:

        I took all of North Face gear and tossed it into a dumpster today, because after seeing that queer faggot ad I would never be caught dead with any of it. I wrote corporate and told them so.

        Like any wilderness hiker would endorse faggotry. Faggots and trannies troll bars for cheap sex, they are not out in the woods hiking mountain trails. And Nature does not have gay squirrels as they would be weeded out of the gene pool.

  13. Sometimes when you say no, you get punched in the snoot or worse.

    Yes is the only acceptable answer, no causes trouble and pain sometimes.

    You’ll be beat down, no means you get hurt at times.

    Putin recognized early on that western powers were setting up shop in Ukraine.

    You have to come to your senses and put a stop to actions that might be dangerous to your existence.

    Putin said nyet to the political landscape in Ukraine, Putin is not going to put up with it.

    Evidently, western powers won’t take no for an answer. Must be too much at stake for the stakeholders and a few hundred thousand dead soldiers on both sides must mean it is war and nothing else. The facts then tell a sad story.

    When both sides say no, you experience conflict, people fight. We don’t abide says the west, no Minsk Accord agreement as such, we say no.

    Horse thieves and cattle thieves are eventually caught and hanged.

    The Law of the West: hang ’em high.

    Fair warning there.

    • Hi Drump!

      It is my daily prayer that we will be treated to the sight of Zelensky hanging upside down from a lamp post in Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev.

      • Eric,

        The ignoramuses in the Biden regime have got to go.

        All of them, especially Biden, done for.

        Scripps News telecasts are on over-the-air broadcasts. Never watch it, happened to see a short segment of a broadcast.

        A spokesperson for the executive office was gloating about the deployment of F-16’s to Ukraine. Seemed almost gleeful that the arms deals were going to increase the intensity of the conflict.

        Definitely words of escalation. What it has become.

        My opinion?

        I say to the ass-wipe: Fuck fucking you, you fucking no good goddamned asshole. Who the fuck are you? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

        One ignoramus from the Biden regime that I would not hesitate to goat-rope and hog-tie, the Judas Goat gets my goat.

        Drop the nutjob into sackcloth with a dog, a monkey, a rooster and a snake, then throw them all into the river. The sneaky, snake-eyed bastard deserves it now, right now.

        A punishment in Rome back when hanging or crucifying was too good for the likes of such scoundrels.

      • Zelensky would probably be living in a multi-million dollar villa somewhere — maybe in Hollywood, in spite of sacrificing a huge number of Ukranian men in a failing effort to push Russia out of the Donbas region. Which they a occupied mainly to stop an eight year genocide of Russian speaking Ukranians living there — 11,000 Ukrainians murdered in eight years by the Ukrainian military, with violence accelerating in early 2022. Russia may regret their actions, which were based on the non-response to them taking over Crimea. They seized Crimea immediately after a new Ukrainian president, sponsored by the US CIA, threatened to close Russia’s only very cold weather naval base. The US did not help Ukraine in 2014.

    • History is replete with ironies. Remember back in 1962? Khrushchev tried to put missiles in Cuba, and the U.S. rightly lost her sh**, as they were nearly at our back door, and another world war almost started over it. But here, years later, the U.S. turns around and is ready to do the same thing to Russia, and suddenly Russia is supposed to sit down, shut up, and “be okay” with the whole thing? Can you imagine if the roles were reversed back in ’62, and the U.S. was told to sit down and STFU, you have to deal with missiles in Cuba? Lord, the world would have never heard the end of it.

  14. My favorite word for decades. It really discombobulates those that think they own you, at all levels, public and private. Being informed they do not is hard for them to swallow. They don’t know how to respond to it since they seldom hear it. A few will fly into a rage, most are simply dumbstruck. Their facial expression, if they aren’t wearing a mask, is priceless.

  15. As an aside, being a chemist, every time I see “no” in all caps, I read “nitric oxide”. Don’t know if that’s an issue for anyone else.

    • I’ve often thought this very thing, ReadyK. Many, many organizations persist using voluntarily offered capital, such as churches and charities. No reason good science couldn’t be funded this way.

      • >I’ve often thought this very thing
        As have I. He who pays piper calls tune.

        I always admired 19th century “gentlemen scientists” who were born wealthy and could do anything they wanted with their lives, but chose to do scientific research rather than become upper class twits and wastrels. Can’t think of a name off the top of my head, but I remember reading of such individuals.

        IIRC correctly from reading your posts, BaDnOn, that is what you also aspire to do (except, not great wealth, but enough to have that freedom, correct?)

        • Hey Adi,

          Yes! Absolutely my life’s aspiration. I’m not wealthy yet, but hope to use a little production analysis and perhaps synthesis and the production and sales of instrumentation to fund research.

          You’re correct about the gentlemen scientists, many of whom are idols of mine, at least when it comes to their work.

          For example, one such man is the Father of Modern Chemistry, Antoine Lavoisier. He’s a man most of us would otherwise hate, being a tax collector, and he eventually (literally) lost his head at the height of the French Revolution. But his meticulous quantitative work would change the world, and his scientific contributions arguably more than made up for his tax transgressions.

          Following his death, mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange lamented “It took them only an instant to cut off that head, and a hundred years may not produce another like it.”

    • Personally, I prefer nothing be funded by the state. The state’s very greatest talent is killing people, and the state is quite good at it.
      “But who builds the roads?” The same people who build them now, only better and cheaper.

  16. EP: “Behold the power of NO.”

    Yep. It works like a charm. The added enjoyment is that it’s oftentimes met with shock that you’re actually refusing to eat their shit sandwich.

    “Fuck You” can be even more satisfying.

    • We who say “no” have been successful against the two most tyrannical demands in my lifetime: Masks and the Clot Shot. 18 months ago it was a foregone conclusion that we’d all cave and “comply.” We didn’t and the whole “covid” BS is now a public joke. Those who said “no” have been absolutely vindicated. Those who did not say no live in hidden fear that the clot shot is going to get them eventually.

      • Hi Liberty,

        For a while, we were POUNDED with narratives from the Biden Thing, Tony Fauci, and various media figures such as Rachel Maddow. Narratives included “Safe and Effective!”, “If you’re vaccinated you’re not gonna get COVID”, “Vaccinated people STOP the virus”, and “Pandemic of the unvaccinated!” However, ALL of those narratives were lies at best, and at worst lies concocted to intentionally DIVIDE the population while the media, globalist technocrats, and corrupt politicians secretly LAUGHED at those who fell for the lies.

          • John,

            Oh yes, Trump has been advocating the experimental mRNA jabs too, even at rallies to BOOS from crowds. He should have just stuck with his original endorsement of Hydroxychloroquine as a COVID treatment, which turned out to be a cheap drug that WAS an effective treatment for the ‘Rona despite claims to the contrary by Pharma funded media outlets and government health bureaucracies. Someone also says that he’s out there bragging about having “Done a great job during COVID”. However, the lockdowns and subsequent COVID tyranny started under HIS watch, and it only got worse when “Joe Biden” got into the White House. And with many of the worst COVID tyrants now trying to say they never locked down schools and businesses, never “forced anyone to take that vaccine”, or even claim they never said what they DID say even 2 years ago, it appears Trump is trying to do his own rewriting of the past few years.

  17. I finally had a look at what Target is doing, along with the North Face and others…

    Very bad moves. Otherwise quite reasonable people will kill to protect their kids, and these people are inviting their own demise. They might believe it is clever with an early indoctrination, but if they think parents are blind to what their doing, that is demonstrably incorrect, to say the least.

    I believe it is incumbent upon the more sensible and less myopic Alphabet People to also oppose the sort of thing these corporations are doing (targeting of children), or risk losing everything they’ve gained over the last few decades.

  18. North Face makes excellent gear, now ruined:

    Drag queen Pattie Gonia says ‘come out’ in North Face ‘Summer of Pride’ ad

    “The North Face created a stir when it announced its “Summer of Pride” outdoor events series with a video on social media starring drag queen Pattie Gonia, who encourages viewers to “come out.”

    The ad opens with Gonia, dressed in all-rainbow North Face gear and donning a full mustachioed face of multicolored makeup, saying: “Hi, it’s me, Pattie Gonia, a real-life homosexual.”

    He continued: “I’m here with The North Face. We are here to invite you to come out … in nature with us!””


    BTW “Nature” doesn’t have gay because gay doesn’t breed and thus gay genes are weeded out of the gene pool.

    Gay can not breed with genes, so gay replicates with memes, gay is an idea being transferred by memetic replication, and with the power of electronic media, gay/tranny is being transmitted into every mind on the planet.

    The mental illness of faggotry is now being transferred into the entire population and it will not end well. The obvious reason for this promotion is that the owners want to stop human reproduction, so they promote a wide agenda of anything that stops humans from breeding and multiplying, if not outright culling through abortion, death jabs,ventilators, and war. Children are being taught to question their sex and libraries are now stocking graphic books of homosexual sex.

    Homos can not breed – which is what (((they))) want.

    A woman transmits her mating readiness through facial signals, the mask stops that. You are told stay 6′ apart (as a joke since they bury you 6′ deep) and do not make out. You can not make out with a mask on. A woman tests a man genes by kissing and smell. (See the sweaty t-shirt study). No more french kissing.

    Mask wearers are voluntarily aligning with this agenda and are non-breeders. Healthy animals do much grooming, so when you see out of shape, pink/blue haired, mask wearers you are seeing a non-breeder. Healthy males are drafted and sent to die on the front line, while unhealthy can not “serve” their country because of their sickly condition.

    To protect yourself and not be assaulted by the TalmudicVision device is to kill your television. One tribe owns it all and they hate you.

  19. I like the picture of that guy holding the sign, especially the “never again”. Have to see if I can get some t-shirts printed up like that.

  20. Everything in this world is an offer. Bullies and tyrants (I know, redundant) are cowards. They are banking on the fact that everyone else is as cowardly as they are, to be fair most are. I’m thinking back to 85%-95%% masking in every retailer I frequented for about 2 years.

    I’ve found a simple “No, hell no, or go piss off solves 95% of all confrontations. The other 4% can be reasoned through with a firm back and forth debate, less than 1% actually escalate to violence of fists and elbows let alone death. In the hundreds of thousands of people I encountered during the covid-con mask psyop I had one that I actually thought might escalate to one of us feeling the pavement. It didn’t because the guy was a coward when actually confronted back.
    That said, stay aware, fit, and carry the proper amt. of defensive force with you anywhere you go.

  21. There seems to be a LOT of stuff being pushed by the Biden Thing, certain states, and certain large corporations that we need to unequivocally say “NO!” to en masse, such as the desire to shove transgenderism down childrens’ throats, confiscation of American farms under guise of “Fighting climate change”, shoving EVs down our throats, militant pushing of experimental pharma products that have too many unknowns, or even handing over U.S. sovereignty to a bunch of unelected bureaucrats at the WHO, who could then declare that we MUST take an experimental mRNA “vaccine”, give up our guns, or even give up gas powered devices under some declared “Public Health Emergency” like “The next pandemic”, “Gun violence Emergency”, or “Climate Emergency”.

  22. Ok! I am ready to vote no! started with the masks then the vaccine (was a big one). Lemme look around and see what else. Targets done. Please Walmart don’t mess up I order from you every week….


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