Florida “hero” Gets Away With Shooting/Paralyzing Bicyclist…

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A Florida “hero” went after a guy on a bicycle who was allegedly riding on the wrong side of the street. The guy had a cell phone and the “hero” claims he thought this was a gun and – ta-dum, fearing for his safety – shot the bicyclist several times, permanently paralyzing him.

Naturlich, the “hero” was excused for his murderously excessive actions, but a court later awarded his victim a large settlement.

That just got tossed, too.

This will go on for as long as we continue to tolerate it.

Until it’s no longer acceptable for an armed government worker to murder people in the street by bleating “officer safety.”

Aren’t “heroes” supposed to put their lives at risk for the safety of others?

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  1. Perhaps tar and feathers would work. Short of summary justice what is the solution? The courts? HA! The legislature? You’re kidding.

    The bottom line question is “who polices the police?”. At this point, no one.

  2. It’s entirely about MONEY…we can’t hold incompetent and/or emotionally unsuitable LEOs and their EMPLOYERS (municipalities, the several states, and, of course , “Uncle”) financially RESPONSIBLE, can we? Yet if YOU negligently discharge a firearm and maim someone, you WILL do serious time and likely lose it all. In fact, you’ll likely face charges even if the circumstances clearly show justifiable self-defense and spend all you have and then some to keep yourself out of prison.


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