Ponch is Annoyed by Camera . . .

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Here’s a video of a CHP “hero” annoyed by an onlooker video recording a traffic stop. The person doing the recording appears to be at least 20 yards away from the “hero” and isn’t interfering with his fleecing of the motorist. But it clearly annoys him to know that his depredations are being recorded.

He appears to summon a second “hero” – who draws up very close to the person taking the video, escalating the situation. The person recording backs up – to give the “heroes” space and de-escalate the situation – without having been ordered by the “hero” to do so.

But he’s still recording – and “heroes” cannot abide this affront to their authority, no matter how legal it is:

. . .

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  1. Ironic how most any LEO claims to not even know the law he is sworn to uphold, let alone the one’s who admit to knowing the law, and still choose to attempt to deny a member of the public his lawful activities.
    It’s all just about being armed bullies with a badge and power-tripping. They know it, we know it, and they resent the fact the we know it all too well. What they fear is our knowledge of their misconduct, and fear makes them dangerous, rabid animals, for which there is no cure.


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