“hero” Wants ID But Won’t Give It

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Here’s a video of a “hero” who demands name/ID from a couple guys who flipped him the bird. The “hero” can’t just let it go. Because he has a badge and a gun – and his authority has been affronted:

The “hero,” as has become commonplace, is all BDU’d up and looks like he’s ready to invade Poland. He stands there angrily, doing all he can to intimidate and hassle the guys. They bravely stand their ground.

Luckily for them, they had a video recorder. If not, the “hero” probably would have unleashed his inner chimp and then claimed the guys “resisted.”


  1. dumb dumb couldn’t simply walk away. that said, of course we pay them to patrol private property…that’s why we have them.

    here’s my sample suggested dialogue…

    “i thought you flagged me down”
    “no, we flipped you off”
    “you flipped me off? oh, then i’ll call you guys both ‘dick’ in my incident report. have a nice night”

    i got no respect for cops but you guys are just being dicks

    • Hi Rich,

      Yes, exactly. But The Law does not apply to “heroes,” since there is no class above them to enforce it upon them. Consequences apply to us – but not to them.


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