Radar Love: Part 3 (First Contact!)

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With both my V1 and K40 running point, I decided to run the gantlet – a notorious speed trap in my neck of the Woods. The road is a broad four-lane, two travel lanes in each direction and posted 45 MPH (everyone is doing 50-something) that without much warning and no good reason drops to 35 MPH.

There isn’t much signage to indicate the change, probably on purpose – to lure the unwary into the ever-loving arms of the bipedal bacon. I myself was once victimized and – like a Holocaust survivor – vowed never again!

Both the V1 and the Ka40 sussed out the swine at almost exactly the same moment. Check it out for yourself!

. . .

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  1. Hi Eric, since you don’t want the porkers seeing your detector on the dash, would it be possible to conceal it in the grill? Would save you from having to grab and hide it, especially if you weren’t quick enough, or is that too low for it to pick up the signal?

    • Hi Mike,

      Certainly… problem is I drive a different car each week (press car). If it were my personal vehicle, I would absolutely do as you suggest. V1 even makes a remote display for exactly this purpose.


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