Latest Reader Rant! On “Shared Responsibility”

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Here’s the latest reader rant, along with my reply!

Charlie writes: Don’t ignore it; mark it “refused for fraud” and return to sender ASAP. It is an offer of contract; if you don’t refuse and return it, you have agreed to it.

My reply: I am not buying this, not even a piece of it. In the first place, a contract requires signature; the fact that something arrived in the mail does not constitute acceptance of contract. In the second, it isn’t so much fraud as it is extortion. The insurance mafia is using threats to compel us to pay it money under duress.

Do this – or else.

And yes, it is fraud as well. Because to have a morally (as well as legally) binding “shared responsibility” for anything, you have to have (a) agreed to be partially responsible and (b) actually are somehow responsible for costs incurred. I do not see how it is that I am responsible for the medical care or costs of random strangers I’ve never met and whom I certainly in no way harmed. Moreover, I did not agree to shoulder any part of these costs.

So how is it that I have any binding “responsibility” for “sharing” these costs?

It’s not even socialism, by the way. We are being mulcted for the profit of a hugely profitable private cartel…

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  1. Hey Charlie,

    Why don’t you point-out to John Gotti or Tyrone The Homie that murder and robbery are illegal? I mean, you stand as much chance of having them reform their ways by citing some words on a page, as you do of having the IRS or any other goobermint agency or politician abide by any legit principle of law…..

    [Sigh]- I feel sorry for these freemen/strawman chaps….. It’s as if they’re saying “Gee! We can’t even get the government to abide by the Constitution, but we’ll somehow be able to force them to abide by lesser things (Like the UCC, which doesn’t even apply to us, nor them!) if we just say the right words!” -Abbra-cadabra, it’s like magic!

    And they fail to notice that this hasn’t worked for anyone else over the course of the last 3 or 4 decades, and that all who practice it end up in jail…..but hey, that’s only because “they did it wrong! They used a lower case letter when they should have use a capitol, and said hokus-pokus when they should have said giggity-gigitty….”)

    There’s a reason why the state has the big gunns and many hired mercenaries- and it isn’t because they play nice or because they are “protecting us”.

    It’s sad- people like Charlie mean well….but it’s as if they have no understanding of the way the system actually works- maybe because THEY are good, honest people, and expect that tyrants can be governed by such principles.


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