Reader Question: CR-V vs. Rogue?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Clint asks: Do you have a preference between a 2015 or 2016 Honda CR-V vs. A Nissan Rogue?

My reply: These two are very similar in most respects; the Honda has a slightly more powerful engine and gets slightly better mileage and will probably cost you a little more because of Honda’s “blue chip” rep and lower depreciation.

The main differences come down to subjective, individually variable things such as how each of these feels to you. Things like seat comfort, ride and visibility – the latter will be to a great extent a function of your body position/type in relation to the car’s physical structure.

I recommend taking each of these two for a test drive – at least an hour, if possible – on the roads you normally drive. See how each feels to you.

Then your decision will come down to the two next-most-important considerations: Condition and price. Keep in mind that every used car – no matter the make or the model – is an individual. It will have been driven and treated differently – for better or worse. Wit new cars, you can focus on price almost exclusively. With used cars, condition matters even more than price – because a good deal on a bad car is the worst bargain you’ll ever make.

Once you decide whether you prefer the CR-V over the Rogue – or vice versa – you can focus on finding a good CR-V (or Rogue) at the right price.

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  1. When I test drove the Rogue, I found the rear visibility to be terrible. It wasn’t the newest gen, but the profile hasn’t changed thursday- much. Plus the rear seats didn’t fold too a flat load floor (same for CRV), which I liked in the Subies.


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