Here’s Why I Don’t Fly

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Here’s some video taking by a man of TSA “processing.” Doesn’t it remind you of something? From those old black and white movies from the ’30s?

All that’s missing – but coming – are the rifles and the shouts of Raus, Juden!

Of course, today, we are all Juden.

. . .

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  1. I only fly if I got a deadline, prefer driving to said destination, more personal, enjoyable and relaxing

    Rather deal with traffic than turbulence and the low possibility of food poisoning than the high chance of catching something in the flying sardine can

  2. In all seriousness, do they not receive training on communicating with people who have disabilities? The fogie admits he’s got nothing else to go by on the guy and yet they’re mocking him for it the whole time, on top of patronizingly trying to manipulate him into conceding to having a “cordial conversation” negotiation style.. and then spinning it around as though the guy’s the asshole for keeping quiet as he’s being harassed. All you TSA guys jumped out, you’re gonna look stupid on the internet

  3. They’re allowed to grab your junk and molest kids and steal your life savings and they don’t even need to identify themselves? All those Catholic priests took the wrong career path


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