Ecuador Freedom Bikes!

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I wanted to let everyone know about our newest advertiser – who is not a Gooooo guhl advertiser! Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental (click here for more; or see the ad on the right side column of the main page; should be live now).

They can help you plan the trip of a lifetime – guided or unguided – through the beautiful backcountry of Ecuador. They offer mountain bike, 4×4 and dual-sport motorcycle tours – all equipment, support (including meals and lodging) provided.

Equally important, Ecuador Freedom specifically contacted EPautos to advertise with us because they want to support liberty-minded media. You can help, too –  by supporting our advertisers, including Ecuador Freedom.

And have a helluva good time, too!

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  1. You know, it really would be tempting to just liquidate my business, and my personal assets, and just live off of the cash in South America. I may wait until mi madre es muerta. I wish my Spanish was better, lol!

    • Hi Graves,

      I have two issues with moving… seven, really. Five cats, my Trans Am (which has been with me longer than anything else in my life) and my bikes. If I could get these to my expat redoubt, I’d be more seriously considering it!

      • There are lots of vehicle shipping companies out there. I see ’em lined up all summer long in Aspen, unloading the Tesla or occasional exotic next to the airport (our office is across the highway, so it makes a useful staging area). Sure, not cheap, but if it’s a one-time cost.

        I hesitate to tell you this because it would be the end of EPautos, at least as we know it. My guess is that there’s no press fleet in Ecuador.

        • Hi RK,

          I’ve decided to stick it out – foolish as that decision may prove to be. It is always a minority that makes the difference – whether the American Revolution or the Communist takeover in Russia.

          But for a win to even be possible, we cannot lose heart – and cede the field. At least, I cannot. Let them come. My divorce has liberated me. I am no longer responsible for a wife; I do not have kids. It is just me. And I am prepared to take the risk.

  2. Moreno is actually way more business friendly than anyone expected. The government runs ads now to make sure people respect intellectual property and no more ads to encourage politically correct speech as we had under Correa. Its a nice change.

    • Excellent, how did he or his entourage manage that? I saw and resisted the evil of PC here as early as the 1980s, but for some reason, people here will not acknowledge that it is the antithesis of free speech. I think people here are delusional, believing some utopian Pleasantville can be forced into existence. There are also plenty of crooked bureaucrats who use that delusion to manipulate the public accordingly. Honestly, the need to control and manipulate other people is so infantile, and yet that is the way this society behaves, more and more. I believe my Grandparents’ generation (born at the turn of the 20th century) had the greatest appreciation for what freedoms we had just prior to the turn of this century. I believe I identify more with them than my parents’ generation. Problem is, it’s the baby-boomers who cave entrenched themselves in our system now, and they have always wanted things their way, constitutionally, illegally, however they can get it.
      Most of my generation is riding on the coat tails of baby-boomer prosperity, so they go along with the garbage that is escalating here, fearing they may lose what material prosperity they have, by rocking the boat.
      Or maybe it’s just the fact that this society has gotten so far out of touch with reality, life, death, humanity.
      I have a hunch that the gradual abandonment of critical thinking as a part of education has a lot to do with this. I would like to believe that other nations are coming into their own as far as free speach, and humanity goes, even though ours is become one of repression and totalitarianism. Isn’t it ironic how prosperous China has become through their adoption of a free-market economy, even though they still maintain a Communist government? And all the while our own bureaucrats here keep pushing for further reaching socialist agendas. Even the Republic Rome had created wasn’t immune from corruption from within, I’m not really surprised ours is going the same way, just disappointed. I suspect technology is outpacing the wisdom and discretion of those wielding it, and prosperity is no longer earned but doled out by proxy. It is a cycle repeated throughout history, and still goes largely unheeded by the masses, civilized or not. Prosperity can often lead people to be arrogant and contemptuous, greedy and deceptive, self-righteous and tyrannical. Maybe a another plague of holocaust would restore some humility and humanity to these people, i don’t know. I certainly don’t want to be the one holding the throttle when this train wrecks, if you follow me! Glad to hear things are improving out your way, nonetheless, and best wishes!