Snowflake vs. Armed Government Worker

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Here’s a TeeVee commercial that will flatten your beer. It shows a pasty-looking kid in a “showdown” with an armed government worker over who will flinch first . . . will the kid “buckle up for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety“? The armed government worker begins to “draw” his ticket book and pen.

The kid “wins” the “showdown” by buckling up.

“When we write you a ticket, we write it to save your life,” the commercial says.

By now, like me, you are probably having to choke yourself to prevent spewing your beer all over your keyboard.

This is how they’ve conditioned people to accept tyranny – and being forced to “buckle up” is no small act of tyranny. It has established the principle – in law – that armed government workers exist not to keep the peace, to act when people threaten to harm others by their actions – but to parent us. To interfere with our personal decisions as if they owned us.

It is precisely why our health care is now the business of government. And it is why, probably soon, everything will be the business of the government – of our owners.

The irony of being threatened with violence for our safety makes my teeth ache.

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    • When I see this sort of thing, I regret not having had kids because – got-damn it – mine would not be like the ones in this video.

      For now, I content myself with corrupting my niece – who calls me “Crazy Uncle Eric”… affectionately, I think!

      • A couple my nephews were very small when the Ducks of Hazard was on tv. They were more than impressed by the Elco since I’d get bored doing 90, pull over to the side and then burn out and pass their family car again.

        They’d ask me “Does it(the Elco) jump?” I’d reply “Once”. which seemed to confuse them. They probably didn’t notice that split second at the start of the show when the old Charger hits the ground and you can see things start to buckle. Seems like the last time I saw that lot of Chargers there were about 200 of them in various states of torn to shit.

        They’re both grown now, the youngest with a child, but they joke with me knowing I’m still a wild hair and will be till I die.

        I shouldn’t make fun of the Ducks of Hazard since the show was obviously based on my life……makin their way the only way they know how, that’s just a little bit more than the law would allow. Just good ol boys, wouldn’t change if they could, fightin the system like a true modern day Robin Hood. Just a good ol boy, you know my mama loved me, she just couldn’t understand why they keep showing my hands and not my face on tv.

        BTW, never could stand the Boy Scouts with their upright anal ways and structured everything.


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