Ode to McCain

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Here’s the audio of my McCain obit!



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  1. good stuff except mccain wasnt a war hero and wasnt brave. Bombing defenseless civilians and then getting literally your life saved by the same folks youre bombing sounds more like terrific irony. You can also google songbird mccain. He cooperated completely with his captors and always obstructed attempts to find American MIA’s after the war. Not to mention his despicable behavior in the USS Forrestal incident. He was pure scum and I do celebrate his death. I hope it was painful.

  2. Hear, Hear!
    The world is not mourning the death of John McCain. What they are mourning , are the deaths of their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, the countless children and the destruction of their nations and societies thanks to John McCain. Americans should mourn the loss of their freedom, thanks to John McCain.
    And of course the parents of the 160+ naval personnel who died aboard the U.S.S. Forrestal because of the explosion and fire from John McCain wet starting his A-4 Skyhawk. There are many more examples of McCain’s moral failings and lack of sound judgement, too many to be exact that would make a rather lengthy book.
    I share your statements that I too, am glad he is no longer among the living to make life hell for the rest of us.
    The useful idiots now singing their witless praises of this miscreant have only damaged their own reputations.