BMW Clover!

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Here’s an addendum to my earlier video (and rant) about a Clover who grew a tail. It turns out the Clover was a geezer in – of all things – a 3 Series BMW.

Double-down on the makes-my teeth-ache.

The Clover drives a “luxury sport” sedan… and drives it like, well, a Clover.

Does not move over.

Does not care that cars are piling up behind him.

Which is exactly why this old dude was – is – a Clover. Age isn’t the issue. Oblivious, inconsiderate driving is.

. . .

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  1. I got stuck behind two Mercedes convertibles on my way back from New Mexico, via the San Juan Skyway. Then a large group of Goldwings and BMW cycles. Just drifting along, not a care in the world. Behind the wheel of some of the most powerful transportation machines ever created.

    About the only thing worse was the taupe-colored Ferrari spotted in Denver. Like dressing Alexis Ren in Carhartts. Enzo must be rolling over in his grave!


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