Lamborghini Owner Stumps AGW

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Here’s a delightful video of a guy from Dubai stumping an Oregon AGW, who is flummoxed by the Dubai guy’s international driver’s license and various unfamiliar permits to operate his Lamborghini on public roads without all the usually required cattle tags.

The hero is immensely irritated that he can’t find some violation or other to tag the guy with and ends up leaving in a huff, his cloven hooves almost leaving scorch marks on the pavement… claiming he “got another call.”

Whoever his next victim was, I feel extra sorry for them. The AGW’s frustration over his thwarted harassing and collecting was surely visited upon them.

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    • Rich,

      If an applicant has too HIGH an IQ, he can’t become an AGW in America-no sir. Better yet, this has been upheld in court! If you’re too smart, you can’t work as a LEO/AGW; you might question the constitutionality and/or morality of the directives, policies, laws and orders of your superiors, and we can’t have that now, can we?


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