Reader Rant: Generals and Majors Everywhere!

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Here’s the latest reader rant, along with my reply!

Paul writes: I have come to really enjoy your pieces. Being from a “GM family (3 generations)” in Detroit, much of what you write hits home. That said, and assuming you are a person who enjoys a good yarn here and there, consider the short story “Bazaar of the Bizarre” by Fritz Leiber in relation to your piece of consumers being sold what they neither need nor want:

A bit more obscure than Minority Report, and bit more creepy, but the thesis lands on all four claws just the same – crap is alchemized to apparent gold and we look on as mesmerized fools.
My reply: I read Bazaar of the Bizarre years ago, in high school; it is top shelf stuff! I’ve argued for years that there is gold to be mind in some comics/graphic novels (favorites include Watchmen and V for Vendetta) which are a kind of Samizdat for the United States, since the “mainstream” media are a co-opted and wholy owned subsidiary of the corporate-government nexus.
On GM: Yeah, same here. I grew up in a GM family; I own (and have owned) GM cars. I used to have a great working relationship with GM – until just a few years ago, when a tipping point was reached and GM became a company interested in “diversity” more than selling cars and began guzzling the Electric Car Kool Aid. I do not think it’s coincidental that this shift became noticeable – virulently so – when GM put Mary Barra in the seat. She’s a social justice warrior, imbued with – and determined to force down our throats – every PC nostrum on the table. Of course, she also makes $20 million annually – her payment for deconstructing GM and offshoring the works to China.
Ah well.
Sic gloria transit mundi.  

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