Reader Rant: 4×4 Trucks and McStain

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Here’s the latest reader rant, along with my rejoinder!

Rhone writes: I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer my question (about dependable trucks, see here). I should have included more information but have decided to go with a 1/2 ton 4×4 Ford/Chevy (firewood, you know).

I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your write up on McStain – although I have no problem going one step further, in that I’ve been celebrating since I heard the news; my only regret, as relates to this scumbag/traitor is that he’s to be buried on military reservation-thereby preventing me from pissing on his God-cursed grave. The maudlin admiration pouring out of Washington for this despicable piece of human trash is truly symbolic for where this country has gone. Any country that would even consider such detritus as McCain or Clinton for leadership roles has, indeed, entered the “Late Roman Empire” stage of devolvement. This is going to be a rough ride.” Hence my desire to get a good, solid dependable truck.

My reply: Happy to be of assistance in re your truck search – and I couldn’t agree more in re McStain. The North Korea-style funeral perorations are nauseating. There is one bit of happy news, though. Trump apparently only lowered the flag at the White House for a few hours on Sunday – and it’s (reportedly) back at normal ride height.

This is why I have a soft spot for the Orange One.

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  1. Yes, Trump is taking flak for the flag at the White House, and for also refusing to join in the gushing hassayampa praise shitaree being conducted in the media at the direction of the Deep State. It seems that Trump’s staff had composed a eulogy to be released in the MSM in praise of John Whatshisname. Trump ordered them to stop with the eulogy because he was going to post a tweet instead.

    His tweet was simply:
    “My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!”

    That was probably all that needed to be said since McCain had stated that he didn’t want Trump having any role at his funeral. No matter what Trump had said, even if he had praised McCain as so many other people have done, there would have been a piling on by everyone who is piling on him now.

    Anyway, Rhone, good luck with the truck. I hope you find one you like.

    • They really can’t justify getting butthurt about him saying it in a simple tweet when that’s the ‘legitimate’ medium that the rest of them use to communicate everything else nowadays.


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