Reader Rant! About Inflation . . .

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Here’s the latest reader rant, with my reply following!

Dana writes: You and other writers seem to use the government’s phony inflation figures. I have old Census and Almanacs from the 60s. Let’s look at car prices which are typical of real inflation. Average U.S. car price 1967:  $1,539. Today about $33,000. That is typical. You need almost $20 today to buy what $1 got you in 1967. At that time the Feds used the prices of the 400 most typical items bought in  the U.S. to figure inflation. See real prices at and

Thanks for your always brilliant and hard-hitting commentaries!

My reply: Thanks for the kind words, first of all! Hate is my muse. Hate toward the people and entities that have leveraged away our liberties, most notably our economic liberties – without which there can be no liberty worthy of the term.

Inflation is a sophisticated fraud perpetrated by those who control a money supply which isn’t actually money. Real money isn’t paper that can be printed at will – or digits on a computer screen that can be conjured into existence, with interest charged.

What has happened is our economic value – the value of of our work, the things our work will buy – has been devalued by bank shysters, who steal the value we’ve been defrauded of.

It has happened because a private banking cartel controls the money supply and the money is something artificial, which can be created (by them) at their pleasure and which we are bound to accept.

This is perhaps the fundamental evil – because it has facilitated all of the others.

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  1. $6,882/$1,539 = 4.47

    4.47 * $33,000 = $147,510

    It appears the median annual US household income hasn’t quite kept up with the price of cars.


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