“Oathkeeping” AGWs

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You may have seen – or read about – the goings on in Olmos Park, TX where the local AGWs do not like the fact that open-carry is legal (per state law) and have been engaging in serial Hut! Hut Hutting! against any citizens who dare to abide by the law and expect the same of AGWs.

Full-bore Israeli IDF submission tactics are deployed against peaceful, law-abiding folks who open carry, to make the point that in Olmos Park, only AGWs may openly carry. In order to keep us safe, as here:

Keep in mind that what you’re seeing – what’s being done to these people – is hugely illegal. A locality cannot enact a statute that countermands a state law. Open carry is legal in Texas and is therefore legal in Olmos Park, Texas, too.

But the chief AGW and his band of badged thugs do not care about the law – much less moral law. These people haven’t harmed anyone, weren’t behaving in a threatening manner; they were merely out in public open carrying – just as AGWs do all the time.

And AGWs are a threat to everyone’s “safety.”

AGWs shoot – and kill – more than 1,000 people in the United States every year. And they steal everyone’s money to support themselves. AGWs, like all government workers, obtain their sustenance through violence, not free exchange. Whether one believes AGWs are “necessary” does no change that basic fact.

Some do not consider them “necessary” – for the reasons depicted in the video and many others besides; it is morally wrong to steal such a person’s money and force him to “support” that which he loathes.

No one has the moral right to force anyone to pay his salary.

Arguably, we have this Hut! Hut! Hutting! problem precisely because these AGWs have somehow acquired the power to force us to pay for their “services,” like them or not – want them or not and legal or not.

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  1. How long before they put down those cameras and pick up the tools necessary for the job at hand? The officers are smug and unresponsive because they know absolutely nothing will happen to them. That needs to change.

      • If I had my way, I would ignore them out of existence, but the nature of their violent system affects me (and everyone else) in ways I can’t escape through peaceful measures. At what point does one realize the only morally viable solution is violence in self defense of yourself and others? The problem with waiting until it happens to you, is that by that time, it’s too late, because they never attack unless they have the upper hand. When their prey is able to fight back, they cower and hide until their gang member cohorts arrive.

  2. Wonder how many people who watched this have the ‘police state flag’ or back the blue stickers all over their codpiece truck ? Or even the Gadsden snake of all things.


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