“Excessive” & “Unreasonable” AGW

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Here’s video out of Florida of an armed government worker engaged in Submission Training, against a man (an older man) clearly not doing anything to merit the “excessive” and “unreasonable” acts performed upon him, as described by the subsequent investigation of the incident:

The AGW – heavily tatted up, which is interesting by itself as AGWs now look like violent felons in maximum security prisons except they’re on the loose and armed, legally – grabs the man by the collar, verbally abuses him and practically begs him to “resist” – so that he has an excuse to escalate even further.

“Sit down! Or I will sit you down!” bellows the AGW.

Apparently this AGW was putting on a show for another AGW, who was being overly “timid” in dealing with us non-Praetorians.

The AGW was subsequently fired – but not charged with any criminal offense. Which means that (a) he gets away with doing on video what would have resulted in a felony arrest/prosecution if any non-AGW had done the same thing and (b) he is free to “serve” as an AGW in some other city or town or state.

Like pedophile priests, there are no repercussions – and always fresh victims.

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