Chubby AGW Chokehold

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Here’s a video of another apparent hyper-escalation, with IDF Submission Tactics deployed, including an ultra-violent “takedown” with chokehold.

A man is confronted by a Tacticooled AGW. The reasons are unclear, but what is clear – watch the video – is that the man isn’t aggressive toward the AGW. His offense is failure to immediately submit.

The slightest failure to do so triggers the Hut! Hut! Hutting! – in this case, first a macing and then a threatened Tasering, followed by hurling the “offender” to the ground while attempting to kill him with a chokehold.

Chokeholds sometimes do just that – which is why at least some states prohibit them from being administered by AGWs, and of course, by all of us.

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  1. I understand. Cooperation with the armed thugs will get you the same treatment as someone who pulls a gun on them. This agw was the type of person who was the school bully and who was allowed to get by with it because the bully represents the government and we can’ t have people resisting the government, now can we?

  2. I don’t understand WHY the AGWs went apeshit on the guy! He put his hands on his head, not behind his back-BFD. He was TRYING to follow instructions; the victim wasn’t resisting or anything…


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