Reader Question: Gas Engine Particulate Traps?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Pete asks: Have you heard anything about gas-engined cars (not diesels) being required to have particulate traps?

My reply: Indeed, I have. These are already being installed in some European market gas-engined cars  and are likely to become mandatory here as well. The reason? Direct-injection  – which has largely replaced port fuel injection in new cars, for reasons of CAFE fuel efficiency mandate compliance – creates an increase in particulate emissions (more here) and thus another Uncle-ized Band Aid to deal with the problem created by Uncle.

Isn’t it lovely?

All of this stuff is reaching a critical mass of cost/complexity – and lack of benefit (to the buyer). This is making the purchase of a new seem less and less like sound policy. Which – my opinion – it is not. Unless you like paying large sums of money for complexity which doesn’t benefit you very much (if at all; see ASS, for instance) and which is very likely to cost you again, when it breaks or requires expensive service.

I further believe this is the sub rosa deliberate purpose behind all of this. Which is to – ultimately – make people not want anything to do with driving, let alone owning, a new car.

And so, get them riding some form of government/corporate-controlled “transportation” instead.

Paranoid? Well, I predicted the mandatory speed limiters which are almost here and I think I have done a pretty solid job of deconstructing the electric car con.

So, you tell me . . .

. . .

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