Reader Question: Turning off HUD?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Matthew asks: After reading your review last week (here) I decided to take a CX-5 out for a spin yesterday. I picked out a Grand Touring with the Turbo and drove it around Christiansburg and through the Virginia Tech campus. I really like the vehicle, only caveat is neither I or the car salesman could figure out how to turn off the HUD on the windshield (or reduce its intensity). Do you sell the vehicles that you review?  I’m not a fan of the dealerships…

My reply: The salesman should have known how to turn off the HUD – ad been able to show you. I can’t tell you exactly how right now because the press CX-5 I had is no longer in my driveway – but the instructions should be in the owner’s manual. Check the index, under  Heads Up Display, or HUD.

The HUD should be adjustable for brightness as well as elevation, too.

I definitely do not sell the vehicles I review; that would be a huge conflict of interest! Car journalists like me are give access to vehicles – press cars – owned by the car companies (not dealerships!) for purposes of evaluation. We drive them for a week, then write about our impressions. The car then gets picked up and sent to another journalist.

We’re in the same neck of The Woods, incidentally. I wish I’d known about the HUD issue; I would have said swing by and we’ll figure out how to turn off the HUD! I’m embarrassed for that salesman.

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