NJ AGW Caught in Kid-Diddling Sting

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A New Jersey AGW is among several government workers caught in a pedophile sting operation.

It ought not to surprise people that AGWs prey on kids – since they prey on people generally. The “work” attracts a certain type.

Like the Catholic priesthood.

With the difference being we’re not forced to pay the priests’ salaries.

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  1. As sleazy as these guys may be they are not pedophiles. They are accused of trying to have sex with under age 18 individuals. Pedophile is a term used for those that desire sex from prepubescent children. It was specified in the article that the youngest posed as 13 (a normal age for puberty in females) but it wasn’t noted that any of those charged sought that particular person.

    Without getting into a long dissertation on Age of Consent Laws and how young adults have been infantilized, this is just another case of the Nanny State trying to “protect” people the busy bodies think need protecting.

    These men may have violated laws and in the case of the cop, acted in a reprehensible way, but they are NOT pedophiles.

  2. Be careful not to assume accusations are true simply because they confirm your biases.

    Remember when perp walking a suspect was considered a dirty tactic? The DA and police press conference is now normal. Insane. Even LIBERTARIANS assume the defendants are guilty because, hey, the DA and cops presented an airtight case at the presser, and the defense was so weak I don’t even remember even hearing the defense attorney speak. Kinda like a grand jury indictment.

    The pre-trial media trial is how AGWs perpetuate the myth they are keeping the community safe from terrors as opposed to inflicting them. The FBI announcing the college tuition scam is a worse example. FBI getting bad press because of the whole lying to the country in furtherance of a keystone cops failed coup? Trash some celebrities and elites and even Trump will be tweeting about it favorably. It is insane how stupid we are.


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