E-Rant! Volume 1, Number 1: 6/12/19

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I’ve been urged to do podcasts but haven’t got a pod to cast with. Instead, I’ve decided to use my pocket video/audio recorder thing and see how it goes. It’s easy and it’s cheap, so it suits a man on a budget.

This first official one gets into the news that a Democratic politician named Kathleen Rice is demanding a new law requiring all drivers be treated as presumptive “drunk” drivers via the installation of mandatory Breathalyzers in all new cars within the next ten years.

Without further ado:

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  1. AHhhh…Kathleen Rice- the former District Attorney from Nassau County LONG ISLAND- under whose watch, the Nassau County Police’s forensics lab was so corrupt that they had to release about one third of their ‘inmates’ and dump half of their pending cases, because they were tampering with evidence; manufacturing evidence; and falsifying forensic results to the point where the lab lost all credibility.

    Among other atrocities during her watch….

    And this bitch continues to advance and thrive in politics…..

    Pretty much says it all about the true nature of this political system and where this country is headed.

    And you think things are bad now? We’d better get out while we still can, because what’s coming is unfathomable to anyone who is not a sociopath……

    Ah…Nassau County- the place that gave us Al D’amato; Ed Magnano; Carolyn McCarthy…and a plethora of other liberty-hating corrupt politicians who make the Shitcago political machine and the DC Swamp look like lightweights! -A cesspool of liberals and illegal third-worlders, with the highest property taxes in the country….. (Right nextdoor to Suffolk County where I used to live- which comes in a close second to all of the above- where the starting slary for pigs is over $100K a year- and unionized ‘civil-servants’ of even the lowest variety retire with pensions well into the 6 figures)

    What prompted me to leave NY, will soon be de rigeur nationwide……

      • I kept waking up last night, thinking of Carolyn McCarthy…

        McCarthy: The ‘nobody’ who became an overlord by campaigning for ‘tighter gun control’ after Colin Ferguson- a nigger- shot a few white people (only whites- as he targeted such) on the Long Island Rail Road….in a state which already at the time had among the tightest gun control in the country….

        Liberals figure”If it doesn’t work, more of the same should work even better!”. So, the bitch’s sole claim to fame and power was to advocate punishing the victims of ‘hate crime’ by making sure that every one of us is prevented from ever having the possibility of defending outselves against those to whom the laws don’t apply. Brilliant!

        • In Illinois they want to punish the people who aren’t the problem with putative FOID card fees and fingerprinting. Meanwhile the government is letting criminals charged with various firearm violations of existing law escape any meaningful punishment. Someone like me would have his life ruined over a paperwork error regarding a firearm but people with long criminal records and every intent to use the firearm they had illegally in criminal acts get caught the government can’t be bothered doing a damn thing. This crap is covered on the local cop and crime blogs. The media doesn’t make much stink about it. Just about how there needs to be more gun control.

          Things are so bad now some cops cheer in the privacy of anonymous blogs when a concealed carry holder shoots a criminal.

          The whole country has become like grade school. Anyone trying to make something of themselves is punished while the ner-do-wells are let go because they are more useful as tools of control.

              • MM, the LRC piece is no surprise to me at least. Selling high tech US weapons would seem to be worse news.

                You have to understand I’ve been watching the deep state do its thing since Kennedy was murdered. I had to educate myself to what Vietnam meant years before they extended and offer they said I couldn’t turn down, for their war that cost $M16/second……snuffing gooks, as the Fugs would succinctly put it.

                A teacher, an assistant coach, asked my class 4 years before we’d be going to Nam if we knew what it meant. It got our attention, and considering the classmates I had, that took a lot of doing. Not a single boy from my graduating class went to the military. One person in the class was gung-ho over it, a big old bully gal who towered over everyone but the tallest two guys in the class. I can say without a doubt, she’d send me over there today, 52 years later if she could.

                I wasn’t going to agree with Amy but it looks like I’ve made her point. Add Madelaine Albricht and HC and you have a trifecta of war mongers.

                A question asked of MA if she thought a blockade of Iraq(a country that did nothing to the US)was worth it(killing half a million children) and she replied she thought it was a good thing to do with no regrets.

    • Wasn’t she also DA when the Hofstra Boys were falsely accused of raping Damnel Ndonye? What actually happened is that she cheated on her BF and pulled a train with the five boys falsely accused; she did a gang bang. When she saw her BF later, he could tell something was up, so he asked her about it. She accused the Hofstra Five of rape, so she would have an alibi. Luckily for the boys, one of them TAPED the gang bang and saved their asses. Had it not been for that, Kathleen Rice was ready to throw the book at the guys. Oh, and BTW, she never charged Ndonye with making a false accusation; she said that she’d been through enough. What a POS!

      • AND, Mark, it was under this cunt’s reign that Nassau County was impounding the cars of, and publishing the mugshots of ‘Johns’ who were merely accused and not convicted- and when they weren’t coinvicted, they still had to pay a few grand to get their cars back, IF they hadn’t been auctioned yet- which many often were before their owners could be ajudged/or were found innocent.

        Nice lady! Evil bitch makes Jezebel seem folksy by comparison!

        • How could they confiscate cars merely for soliciting a hooker? I think prostitution should be legal anyway. If a woman wants to sell her body and a guy wants to buy it; if transaction takes place between two consenting adults; why should the gov’t interfere? Could it be that women want to keep the price for nookie artificially high?

          • Hi Mark,

            Indeed. Laws forbidding prostitution are laws asserting ownership – which is to say, slavery. The state says you may not do “x” with your body – which is just another way of saying it isn’t your body. The state owns it, since it is asserting control over it – which is how ownership is defined by any relevant meaningful standard. If you may not do “x” with your property – your body – then it isn’t yours.

            Uncle owns the prostitute’s vagina. And punishes the man for renting its use without its permission.

          • Yeah, Mark, what Eric says….

            And bear in mind, Nassau is the county where one has to get a ‘permit’ to and an inspection to set up a little kiddie pool in their yard- ya know, the kind ya get at Wallyworld for $150? The permit costs more than ther pool- $150….

            I guess it’s logical- if you don’t own your own body…you certainly don’t own your own home- ‘specially when you have to pay $10-$20K a year in extortion (‘property taxes’) to bribe the government to allow you to stay there (No joke- that’s what the property taxes are there!)

            (Check out the taxes on this little box, in a high-crime ‘diverse’ shithole:
            https://www.mlsli.com/homes-for-sale/233-Stewart-St-Elmont-NY-11003-268798654 )

            This is also the county which stated that it will be ‘opting out’ of the upcoming New York State legalization of pot…..

            So much for the idea that ‘the rich’ are treated better. The county sees their rich residents as cash cows; not content with the property taxes and local income tax; and commuter tasx [etc.] fact is, they make a ton of money by keeping everything anyone wants to do either ‘illegal’ or highly regulated [Permit to install hot water heater= $750!) -And they also see their residents as fodder for their social engineering schemes; as the place is a ‘sanctuary’ county. (Of course, only third-world invaders are given sanctuary- everyone else is highly extorted to pay the cost for them, and gets to have to live next-door to them, and endure the crime and filth).

            But fools continue to stay and pay top dollar to do so….so I guess they get the government they deserve…..

            • People actually pay $500k PLUS for a little shack like that?! Then, on top of it, they pay $767.67 a month to cover the property taxes? Are they out of their minds?!

              • Hi Mark,

                They do, routinely.

                My old house – which is in Northern Va., the very heart of darkness – was purchased by me in the mid-’90s for $160k. A little house on a slab on a 1/4 acre lot. That same house is now a $500k house. Nothing has changed except the economic insanity of our era…

                • I visit Northern VA 3-4 times a year, so I’m familiar with it. As an aviation fan, I can never see the Udvar-Hazy Center enough! That said, the housing prices there are crazy too. I don’t know why ANYONE would want to live there and work in Washington, DC, the District of Criminals…

                  When I got my house, I got a small one that was reasonably priced, one whose mortgage was cheaper than the rent I’d been paying. I also got a small place because it’s cheaper to heat and cool it. IOW, I lived and live within my means.

                  Part of the problem is credit induced inflation. Years ago, the longest mortgage one could get was seven years, which was because we used to be a Christian nation. The short mortgage limited how much one could spend on a house, because with only a 7 year loan period, payments would be high if one didn’t shop carefully. Now, with 30 & 40 year mortgages available, buyers focus on the monthly payment vs. the overall price; this allows them to spend more than they otherwise could. Just as with cars, people buy more house than they can REALLY afford. Hence, much of the price increases in housing are credit induced.

                  I don’t know; I just don’t grok the typical home buyer. Before I got in the market, I thought very carefully about what I wanted, what I was willing to pay, and what would make me walk from a deal. For example, one seller gave me a hard time about doing a home inspection, so I walked without even thinking about it. Even though I liked the house a lot (it was my favorite), I walked away-no inspection, no deal.

                  I’d read the horror stories of home buyers who, during the boom of the early 2000s, would forego a home inspection to get their dream house, only to find out later that it had a cracked foundation that would cost TENS of thousands to fix! I took a rather cold hearted approach to buying my place, and it served me well. I don’t understand all the emotion with the home buying process, because at the end of the day, a house is a place to live.

                  I collect slide rules. Because of that, I’ve gotten into Ebay, because it’s easy to find them there. I bid on a brand new one (still in the original packing, NOS); my bid was in line with what I thought it was worth. In the last 15 minutes, the price doubled! Though it was a nice slide rule, I knew what I wanted to pay; I knew what I thought was a fair price; so I stuck to my guns. There was like a buying frenzy. So, what’s the point?

                  Something similar happened in the housing market in the early 2000s. Folks would just go crazy. They’d bid on a house like there was no tomorrow! They’d forego inspections and do other crazy stuff. They did all sorts of crazy stuff. Since a house is the biggest purchase most of us will ever make, one would think that folks would approach the process more prudently, so as to spend their money wisely.

                  What I couldn’t understand was the basic lack of common sense. In economics as well as physics, what goes up must sooner or later come down! It happened with the Tulip boom in 17th Century Holland; it happened with the 1920s FL land boom; and I knew it would happen in the early 2000s too. How could so many miss the obvious?

                  Those are my thoughts. End of rant…

    • Brian, damned glad you don’t waste your time on these fools. Boring, and stupid. Maybe I haven’t listened to them long enough to fully justify my thoughts about them but then again, I won’t waste my time.

      You probably know where I’m coming from. I sure wish you could get back to Texas sometime. There were few…and far between, people in the patch such as yourself and even less now that even know what we’re speaking of. As Jeremy would say, Cheers. peace b

  2. Having been (wrongfully, that’s another rant) convicted of DWI, I had to have an ignition interlock installed in my vehicle for 6 months (along with the $130/month “recalibration” fee) as part of my mulcting.

    This machine had a tolerance of .02 BAC. Any amount of alcohol greater would brick my car.

    I bought a small hand held BAC machine to make sure I was at “0” every morning, as I use listerine as part of my grooming routine, and body spray that contains alcohol. (These machines can’t differentiate between mouth or atmospheric alcohol, and blood alcohol)

    I decided to use this machine in several drinking experiments. X units of alcohol vs. time, food eaten or not, different people of varying sizes, ethnicities, and as well as people who use alcohol frequently vs. infrequently. I also included myself in this experiment. My frequency, 5-8 units per session, once or twice monthly, since the age of 25. Other metrics, 5’8″female, 225 lbs, age 33.

    In order to reach a reading of .08, I would have to drink at a rate of about one 12 oz. beer at 5% alcohol every half hour. It would take no less than 8 beers to achieve .08 BAC at that pace, and trust me (I’ve had some practice) that is DRUNK. I’d certainly still be on my feet, but definitely too buzzed to drive well.

    Everyone that participated in my “study” would report similar feelings about operating a vehicle with that level of buzz, across ALL variables. So really, .08 is pretty high. At least based on my research. Even my dad agreed, (drinking pro) 6’2″,300 lb, 56 y/o Irishman.

    Now, I’m no scientist. I can’t be 100% certain that the hand held BAC machine was totally accurate, but if it read zero, so would the “professional” BAC machine installed in my vehicle. This was one of the controls.

    I think lowering the limit might not be bad. But then, I don’t want another DWI because I value good dental hygiene, or have literally just a few. Nor would I want to be forced to prove my sobriety pre-drive. (Like I already had to do for many months.) It is demeaning. I’ve successfully grown to adulthood, and practice good judgement as part of my responsibility as a citizen. Most of us do.

    • Very good stuff, Anonymous!

      I agree with you that presumptive guilt is incredible demeaning – as well as incredibly tyrannical. The whole idea of America – well, what used to be America – was that the government (and AGWs) had no right to pester you much less punish you until you’d actually done something illegal or given clear reason to suspect you were about to.

      The act of driving does not imply drinking – and it’s an outrage that people are now presumed to have been drinking and required to prove they have not been.

      Far more dangerous, though, is the principle this has enshrined in law. Which now manifests in having to prove you are not a “terrorist” in order to fly an not a “druggie” in order to buy cold medicine and many other things.

      This used to be a not-bad country. I can remember it.

      Almost all gone now.

    • Anon, things have changed. Those machines now record every attempt and the results. A friend’s sister had one recently court order bs. She’d go try to drive…and fail. Then she really got run through the wringer when someone(prob. ossifer)checked it.

      Back in the good ol days a friend had one of those things forced on him. He always started the day with a brushing of teeth and mouthwash. Mouthwash would shut him down. He’d get the kid out of bed, have him blow, crank it up and take child back to bed. That would still work with a typical breathalyzer but what they want to do is turn your entire car into a breathalyzer.

      I caused a big row at the testing facility a couple years back. Middle of winter, I’d been driving a truck neither side window would go all the way up and no boot on the shifter, about a 10 inch hole with engine blowby coming through it and to make it worse, a big water leak between the cab and sleeper right onto my right shoulder. So going in for the test, I looked down and there was a throat lozenge (eucalyptus)and I used it, still had it in my mouth when I got there. Just as we’re completing the paperwork, I realized I had that damned lozenge in my mouth.

      I told the two women, one early 40’s, bad attitude, the other about my age, nice person. I said “Wish I had realized I had this thing in my mouth, it’ll show me drunk”. The bad attitude one said “no, it won’t”. I replied ‘Excuse me but a friend was a county sheriff briefly and we sat around and played with the breathalyzer and nearly anything would show “drunk”, onion, various food, those hot candies, just about everything”.

      She really got mad then, I mean red in the face. Then I said something that tripped her trigger worse. “I guess I should have stopped and gotten a bean burrito or something and a bottle of water to wash it down but I just crunched up the last of that lozenge and I know it will show me drunk”.

      Don’t know when I’ve seen anyone go off the deep end just having a conversation the way she did. She said ‘You have 10 minutes and then you’ll take the test”. DOT says I have 15 minutes if I so desire but she had her own rules and she was determined to take down a trucker that day.

      So we do the test and it comes back 0.00, whew, that was close. She writes a whole bunch of shit on the form, and I do mean shit, lies as it were. She said I asked to go get something to eat or go get something to drink, neither of which were true. Well, if they write anything on the “comment” section, your test gets thrown out and you have to do another one. Since her husband owned the clinic, she probably did this a lot. And right before I took the test the older woman called the younger’s name and said “Don’t you remember that eucalyptus showed me to be drunk?”. I guess this was the straw that broke the camel’s back causing the remarks she wrote down, all lies.

      A couple weeks later I drove to our main facility’s DOT reps, walked in with everyone’s log books and said hello. I told them they were about to read some of the best fiction every put on paper. They both laughed and said, “Yeah, we call them liars books” and we all had a laugh. They warmed up the machine, I blew, it was 0.00 and they said You’re good to go, have a good trip. I wished them a good day and was gone. So the company had to pay twice because of liar and generally bad person. The only thing you can do about people like the younger woman was to get a doll and see if voodoo will kill.


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