Psychopath AGW (Redundant) Gets Re-Hired

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The armed government worker performing the following Hut! Hut! Hutting! on a probably mentally ill but certainly not-violent man has reportedly just been reinstated.

Watch this video.

The AGW – who appears to be much larger than the victim, per usual – applies various MMA-style techniques, including knee kicks to the head and various other forms of pummeling.

Eventually, the Agonizer (Taser) comes out, too.

The victim offered no physical resistance but committed the unwritten offense of Insufficient Deference to Authoritah.

Do you think the AGW’s actions were justified? Do you think this AGW should be given a badge and a gun and Authoritah over . . . anyone?

This freak – not the harmless little Asian guy who may have been watching porn and choking his chicken – is out there.

And not only is he armed and very dangerous – he has the backing of the government.

Makes you want to stay home, eh?

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  1. Man, these guys are getting worse than the Nazis! Today’s AGW is a far cry from the cop (i.e. peace officer) of yore… 🙁

  2. Although an ARREST might have been justified (“might”…IMO, this bully with a badge could have been just a tad more patient with this dweeb whom might have been a can shy of a six-pack, which is ever MORE the reason to exercise restraint!), I saw NO REASON for this PIG, and his “fellow officers” (sarcasm), to go “full tactical”, administer a gratuitous beat-down that if any of we mundanes did it, even to evict some bozo from the premises of our own establishment, wouldn’t like get us one hell of a long stretch in “pound ’em in the ass” prison! The unjustified “use of force” (i.e., brutal beating) was FURTHER aggravated by the unneeded use of Taser, which appears to be more for infliction of TORTURE than any genuine need to subdue the man.

    What the hell is the City of Los Gatos THINKING to hire this BULLY? If he can’t cut it as a “Kampus Kop”, what the hell makes folks think he’s suitable to serve as a “peace officer”? Is the pool of qualified applicants that shallow and filthy that this psychopath with a badge the “best” hiring choice? Geez, I’ll steer the hell clear of Los Gatos, CA, and make the city fathers, and most important, LOCAL businesses, know WHY!

    • Well he got $950,000 dollars of tax payer money for his two broke ribs and collapsed lung,
      The Police Chief at Los Gatos Monte Sereno was the same that let him off the hook at San Jose State.

    • Unfortunately I can’t avoid Los Gatos, I am always going through that town. Officer Silva’s picture will go in the window of my shop stating he’s not welcome there.

  3. Jesus…. And the arriving cops did nothing to stop the beat down.

    Sickening…. but he fits the profile they want these days.

    It will get worse,,, much worse.

    PS: Just read where six cops were asked to leave a Starbucks because another customer didn’t feel safe. This was in Tempe Arizona, (basically Phoenix) where the cop shot the poor bastard crawling on his belly in a hotel.
    Starbucks apologized.

    When we see cops entering an establishment we are at we leave as soon as possible. We have left unfinished with our meals. I have a CCW and every now and then carry. Today they would probably kill me if for some reason there was a accidental confrontation so we try to avoid them as much as we can. Never until the last 20-30 years did I feel like this. It’s getting really bad out there.

    • Actually, the shooting of the “poor bastard” was in MESA, AZ. Please don’t blame the Tempe PD for that one.

      The officer involved, one Philip Brailsford, whom, incredibly, was ACQUITTED, even of negligent homicide (which the sad tale would apparently support a guilty verdict thereof), had inscribed on the case of the AR-15 he used to EXECUTE the “poor bastard” (Daniel Shaver), the vulgar phrase, “You’re FUCKED!”.

      If I or any “civilian” (and it rankles me to hear CIVILIAN LEOs refer to the public as “civilians”, they’re NOT military, and “Gawd” help us when they act as if they were!) had done what former officer Brailsford had done, AND the same phrase was found on the storage case of the weapon involved, we’d be doing some serious prison time, perhaps even on Death Row….but a badge grants a certain level of “immunity”, evidently!

      • You’re correct,,, Mesa, not Tempe. aka Phoenix Metropolitan area.

        Apologies to the TPD for the memory error. There are so many of these … events…. it’s hard to keep track sometimes.


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