AGW is “Uncomfortable”

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Here’s video of a gum-snapping AGW (why do so many AGWs snap gum?) who feels “uncomfortable” about a man video-recording him and a dozen other AGWs at some kind of checkpoint.

The AGW eructs the usual poltroonery about threats to his safety – and the man points out he’s one guy with a camera vs. a half dozen armed government workers and that if the AGWs are that fearful of phantom menaces perhaps they are in the wrong line of work.

Of course, they’re not really fearful. Rather, they are annoyed when their Authoritah is even lightly questioned. “Safety,” as usual, is just the shibboleth used to assert control and to justify tyranny.

The man attempts to educate the AGW about the for-now still legal right to record AGWs doing their “duty” in public. The AGW snaps his gum contemptuously. Places his hand on his high-capacity firearm  . . . which “citizens” aren’t supposed to possess … once again, for “safety.”

Apparently, the man filming had previously been Hut! Hut! Hutted! by this AGW. Probably the only reason he wasn’t Hut! Hut! Hutted! this time was because of the camera.

Never interact with AGWs without recording the AGWs.

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  1. Never noted that being a “hero” isn’t even in the top ten most dangerous jobs. It’s more dangerous to be a salesman than being a cop.

  2. In their own words, why would these “officers” be uncomfortable “if they aren’t doing anything wrong”? Somehow their own rhetoric doesn’t seem to apply to them, nor so with any other hypocrite. Just more proof police officers have become “street judges”.


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