Loudmouth Exhaust!

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EPautos advertiser American Muscle – which specializes in parts for the Dodge Challenger – has a new Loudmouth exhaust system I just had to call to your attention! 

This is a cat-back system that replaces the factory mufflers with chambered pipes, for the classic muscle car sound from your modern muscle car. The pipes are 3 inches in diameter and made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which looks great and will never rust. You’ll also get horsepower – up to 25 more – out of your Hemi, which will you as fast as it will sound.

American Muscle has a variety of other performance goodies for your Challenger, too – such as cold-air intake systems and suspension kits – and by buying hop-up stuff from them you’ll be helping to keep EPautos hopping!



  1. I wish American Muscle offered stuff (like intake kits) for my Ford Focus. If they did, I’d buy from them to support them and support you, Eric.

    • Best air you can get to one since it’s cool. One thing I liked about my 6.5 Turbo Diesel was the air cleaner housing attached to the front fender creating a plenum to the radiator mount where there was a large hole to feed air. I could have put an aftermarket intake on it if I wanted to lose power using that hot underhood air. I don’t get why anyone who understands that the colder the intake air, the more dense it is and mixes with more fuel, hence makes more power.

      I noticed the new 2020 GM Duramax diesels have a working air intake made into the hood. Don’t know why they don’t do that with every model they make. Don’t know why every manufacturer doesn’t arrange cool air. Even the wife’s 95 Cutlass pulls air in from the front of the car.


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