Latest Radio: Freedom’s Phoenix 7/30/19

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Here's the audio     
of my back-and-forth with Ernest Hancock, who hosts Freedom’s Phoenix in Arizona. We talked about the suppression of diesels, the electric car agenda; all kinds of stuff!

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  1. Honestly Eric, I don’t know how you manage to get a word in edge-wise on this guy’s radio program. I hope every little bit helps, in any case, lol!

  2. Eric,

    A few years ago (2012) you said, “it’s almost miraculous that a fairly large number of people nonetheless manage to develop the higher human faculty of conceptualization (as well as introspection).”

    At the time I would have debated what constitutes a “fairly large number”. Today I’d change your statement to, “it’s almost miraculous that such a small number of people can still manage to develop the higher human faculty of conceptualization.”

    Introspection has almost been rendered extinct.

    Listening to the two of you, I’m reminded of the early 70’s when Carol Shelby was a customer at our shop on 8 mile. He used to rant and rave about the emissions scam du jour.

    Back when I was just a kid, California started the hydrocarbon scam. The automakers responded by adding an air pump to dilute the exhaust.

    The end result was more “pollution”, more fuel burned per mile, but because compressed air was introduced to the exhaust, the vehicles were pronounced legal vis-a-vis less parts per million.

    And as an aside, Mr. Shelby, like many of your cadre here spoke of leaving the country in hopes of finding more freedom. He did move to Africa for a bit.


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