Hurt Feelings Now Hut! Hut! Huttable!

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A New York County just passed a law that makes it an arrestable offense to “annoy” an armed government worker. In other words, one can be Hut! Hut! Hutted! in Monroe County, NY for hurting the feelings of an armed government worker.

And not even that.    

How do we know – how would a court establish – whether the AGW’s feelings actually were hurt? Leaving aside the derangement of subjecting people to arrest – and a year in jail – for hurting someone’s feelings. 

Well, not just someone. Only AGWs are to be accorded this special privilege of being able to cage anyone they claim hurt their feelings. It does not work the other way around. There are no special protections accorded ordinary citizens whose feelings were more than hurt by AGWs.

An AGW can subject people to palpable mortal terror – he has a gun and you are not free to go. The feelings of the people subjected to that don’t count.

Never mind.

All that is legally necessary, apparently, is for the AGW to claim his feelings were hurt.

This assertion of hurt feelings is now enough for an AGW in Monroe County (and probably soon, other counties) to round on anyone he likes, any time he likes – and do whatever he likes – since an AGW can claim his feelings were hurt by practically anything.

No one else, of course, is empowered to threaten others with murderous violence whenever they claim their feelings have been hurt.

Or even if their feelings actually were hurt.

But unleashing AGWs over claimed hurt feelings is the logically inevitable reductio ad absurdum of the Officer Safety Cult – the central dogma of which is that anything which an AGW claims makes him “fear for his safety” entitles him to do practically anything he likes.

Why not hurt feelings?

Little kids make the same claim. He was being mean to me!

Only little kids aren’t usually armed to the Adam’s apple, as AGWs are.

Also, little kids aren’t told they are “heroes” entitled to doffed cap reverence, as AGWs are.

Nor are they constantly told that danger lurks everywhere – and that everything and everyone around them must be regarded with suspicion. And pre-emptively curb stomped.

That is the recipe for sociopathy  – and it sometimes bakes one from a child exposed to such “training.”

AGWs are purposely trained in sociopathy.

No psychologically sound adult responds violently to hurt feelings; indeed, it is a criminal act to lash out violently over merely hurt feelings. A person sitting at another table at a restaurant “looks at you funny” – or so you claim. You walk over to person’s table and threaten them for hurting your feelings.

This is assault.

If they tell you to piss off – and you lay hands on them – it is battery.

If you do it while armed it is a felony.

And also pretty clear DSM evidence of serious mental illness; severe narcissism and anger management problems.

Instead of taking guns away from such pathological characters, Monroe County proffers legal protection for such characters – empowering them to act out their narcissistic personalities and disgorge their anger upon whomever pricks the skein of their fragile egos.

To characterize this as unsound is a species of understatement right up there with characterizing “weapons of mass destruction” as an exaggeration. Don’t dare ask an AGW a question; whether what he is demanding you do is lawful.

It might annoy the AGW.

And once again, you can thank Republicans for it. The party that says it wants to protect “our freedoms.”

The Hurt Feelings Act was drafted by Republican Karla Boyce who said it “was the right thing to do” and necessary, to “protect law enforcement.”

If Stalin’s chicken could speak, it would sound something like this:

“We know that our law enforcement does have discretion when they are going to charge somebody with a crime. This law will be no different than that,” Boyce said, according to local news affiliate WROC. “They will have the discretion to use this or not.”

“Our” law enforcement?

“Discretion when they are going to charge someone with a crime”?

In other words, the law is unto them. The AGWs will decide – according to their own feelings – whether they’ve been hurt or not. A professional can always find a way when it comes to home gear from this place.

The citizens of Monroe County, NY will soon know what it must have been like to be a prisoner of the Japanese on the Bataan Death Match or a Jew in the Warsaw ghetto. Keep your head down; take your cap off. Shoulders stooped, eyes down.

Submit, obey.

Else Hut! Hut! Hut!

. . .

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  1. I’d like to think a proposal for a law such as this would be laughed out of the county in Texas. And it would be in nearly all of it but those places that have become solid Hispanic and yankees might pass any damned stupid law. It chaps my ass to drive through the metroplex with 60 mph speed limits, local cops lining the interstates and left lane illegal for trucks which causes lots of wrecks due to the inability of city people in 4 wheelers to drive safely.

    • you are full of shit. tex-ASS is a police state and you must be a copsucker to make that statement. whites in tex-ass will soon be a minority there if they are not now. better not try that in tex-ass hahah every day Texans piss on the graves of sam Houston and those who died at the alamo

      • SP, why do you make a statement without saying who you are replying to.

        I am a born and raised Texan. In the 50’s you’d have had a hard time finding a freer place to live. Washington and DC were always words uttered in disgust.

        How you can say I’m full of shit is a mystery to me except you’re not a Texan and never have been.

        And to call me a copsucker is simply stupid. If you have any reading comprehension it should have been evident I would run over every goddamned cop I see and hope he has a politician or bureaucrat in the car with him.

        My friends fights constantly, as I do, to stop the reversal of history and the passage of lying Dem’s and Rep’s who don’t care a whit about the average REAL Texans.

        I like to think had I been born a 100 or 150 years ago I’d have been much like Sainted Sam who we all worship, at least those of us who know history and have reading comprehension, something the Hispanic community is sorely lacking in and yankees are deluded about. I’m quite well aware of what’s going on here since I do everything I can to stop it. Next time you want to tell a Texan he’s full of shit, just pray he isn’t close enough to Hear you.

        • A real Texan, yes. The first time I moved to Texas to live was 1986. I lived in Fort Worth and was absolutely shocked at 1, how slow people drove and 2, how apathetic they were and 3, how they seemed to worship cops. I, of course, am not into that. I felt more Texan than many people living there at the time. But obviously a liberty minded economic nationalist. My jaw dropped when they voted for Ann Richards, a texan in name only. She was responsible for forcing motorists to line up at inspection station tailpipe sniffers and showing their insurance before registering their cars. Of course, GW Bush rammed more regulations down Texans throats. All that said, I miss the Texas of 1986 in some ways. I returned in 2011. Found the cars moving faster. More choice in girls. That was the plus. The minus is that the entire state is being run by corporations, not people. It is a lot more crowded. It must be hard for a native to have your land taken over.

          • swamp, it’s painful beyond words. For me, 1960 was about the pinnacle since we didn’t have cops in most places. There were drive-ins that served real food. The women were absolutely gorgeous. Laws were something you heard about but never experienced.

            When you went on vacation, it was so damned far that everybody drove 100mph getting to some other point, generally further west than where you lived even though you lived in west Texas but it took all day at that speed to get to some place like Ft. Davis or somewhere in that region.

            When you got there you could get on ‘another’ horse. Land owners commonly owned a million acres but they had places set up on their own land where you could stay and even had a windmill with an overhead tank so you’d have water. We drove slower there since it was an open state and livestock had the ROW.

            There were no interstates west of Ft. Worth so you got to see the country and race with other motorists if you wished. Radar was a line you passed over so getting caught was impossible if you could see. And rarely did you see a “radar” cop.

            I once got pulled over NW of Post, Texas, the only place you saw posts were in fences, but I digress. The DPS pulled me over even though I saw them half a mile away. You were speeding. How can you tell, We can tell. But you couldn’t have clocked me. So that goes on a while. I took their ticket, I signed my name, and then I left two black streaks making a godawful noise in a car they could never catch. They didn’t bother to try so I had a bit of a victory. Then I took another route since I knew they’d radio ahead and I’d get another speeding ticket they had on evidence of, just using that “gut” feeling. I used to get tickets when I wasn’t speeding. Those were generally “excessive noise” which I once got with month old mufflers even though they were Cherry Bombs.

            We all did fairly much what we wanted every day including cutting school….just cause we didn’t want to go. I was “sick” about 2 or 3 days a week or a month my last four years. If a principal saw me riding around, he’d make a point the next day to ask what I was doing if I was sick. Standard answer “Being sick doesn’t mean I don’t have work to do”. They knew I had livestock of all sorts to feed and land to plow. When I was quite young school started and hour early and let out an hour early so you could help bring in the crops. If you could see over the dash, you were an accredited driver by anyone’s opinion, DPS be damned. And, they didn’t mess with you. I didn’t get a ticket till I was 14 and had my license. Otherwise it would have been a big shitty and they’d have had to explain to my father why they were picking on me.

            Girls weren’t obviously “easy” back then, emphasis on “obviously”.

            We’d build and drive every sort of vehicle you couldn’t imagine. The most useful for sheer fun was the dune buggy made from a car cut down to half it’s wheelbase and dual tires on the back. You could get on the railroad track and drink beer and shoot signs till a train came along. Then you had to pull off, wave to the crew and get back on and keep going. If you saw a cop you kept going until you weren’t in range although that almost never happened.

            We worked our butts off but had fun doing it, much unlike what it’s like now. We didn’t get to sleep past 6 but generally nobody watched what time we got home. We always had our interior light bulbs where we could get them if we needed one but otherwise, you’d cut the engine a half mile away, coast in and go through the bedroom window. It wasn’t common but happened now and then your bedroom door would open after you’d arrived. I’ve had it happen and somebody would look in and see I was sound asleep. After the door was shut, I’d get up, take off my clothes and go back to bed and if Ruby was just outside, she could come in too.

            What I’d give for that life again.

        • 8 south man yea I am real scared. the tex -ass you are talking about in the 50″s??? wake up old man that was 70 years ago. my friend drives a truck all over tex-ass for 10 years and said every exit he gets off he thinks he is in Bangladesh snake charmer pakis own everything. better not try that in tex-ass hahahahahah

          • A lot of what you say is correct, but what’s your problem? Everyone knows the country is going to hell. No need to disrespect people you don’t even know.

          • SP, the federal govt. started shoving immigrants down our throats long ago, right after Vietnam. I had seen the same thing in every state I’ve been in. What sainted state do you piss off the indigenous population?

      • Tx, the land of cheap land prices, no state taxes and the best place for commie fools from yankeeland and Ca. move to live the good life. Flyover country gets fucked all over the US.

        If nukes start flying, my preference once DC is gone is the huge population centers in Texas and the Lege, a bunch of money-sucking corporation lovers just like every other big city.

  2. There has been for quite a long time little distinction between the political parties fighting for power. This is pure insanity that only a politician could dream up. The Democratic party is now full blown socialist and many Republicans are now leftward leaning Democrats or RINOs. There is no one left to trust. It’s as if New York and Cally are battling it out for the label of the looniest coast. Come the early 2030’s, the big crunch for America will arrive and the corruption and PC insanity will be washed out to sea. What remains is anybody’s guess. All nations eventually fail because of political corruption and total abuse of power and the US will not escape the coming downfall.

  3. These kinds of laws can backfire. In England at one time the penalty for stealing a loaf of bread was death. If a cop grabs you in the act of stealing, you might as well kill him, since the penalty can’t get any worse.

  4. Soon, all of us will be able to find a place in the firmament of victimhood. Won’t that be peachy!

    I say: Resist ye Stalwarts!

  5. The real injustice here is that when this law is eventually found unconstitutional, County Legislator Boyce and the rest of her posse won’t be forced to serve the same amount of time in jail or pay the same amount in fines as the people this law will end up punishing.

    • I guarantee they don’t think it will EVER be applied to them.

      Straight from FPC “Are you ready to hear the craziest thing said all year about guns and the Second Amendment?

      Former Vice President Joe Biden recently said the next step in gun control should be a ban on 9mm pistols.

      Specifically, Uncle Joe had the following to say at a closed-door fundraiser in Seattle: “Why should we allow people to have military-style weapons including pistols with 9-mm bullets and can hold 10 or more rounds?”

      And they all feel that way. AOC recently said laws(her laws)needed to be passed because the American people weren’t smart enough to do the bidding of “their betters”, meaning herself.

      • What the dumbass-in-waiting forgets is that the purpose of 2A IS to ensure that the several citizens have “military-style” small arms, e.g., they are to form a citizen’s militia to deal with threats, foreign and DOMESTIC. Never in any relating writing, the Federalist and anti-Federalist papers especially, is there ANY notion that the average US Army soldier must be better armed than a typical farmer or frontiersman. Indeed, during the Revolutionary War, it was the widespread possession of the so-called Pennsylvania Long Rifle (actually designed in Saxony, Germany, about 1740, and many Germans did settle in PA), with its considerable accuracy and far longer range than the British Land Pattern Musket (aka “Brown Bess”), which made it the eminent weapon for the sniping tactics employed by the “irregulars” (FWIW, this rifle was harder to re-load, so it’s not as if overall it was superior, but it was for the style of fighting of the “Colonials”…”Farmers…with pitchforks!”).

        Fine Sen. Biden, you want to proscribe a 9 mm…fine, I shoot .40 S&W anyway!

        • Douglas, I’ll stick with what’s worked for a countless decades, a Combat Commander in 38 Super, about the same things as a .40. I know, I know, they’re not double stack. It rarely makes a difference if you can hit your target.

          • I didn’t know if the military used them since there are two models, the steel and aluminum(lightweight). Don’t think the military used them.

      • Poor Cretin Joe. After his every utterance his handlers have to interrupt and explain, “What Joe meant to say……………………………….

        The man is, quite literally, an idiot, a man so pathetically stupid that he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot without detailed written instruction, and even then his handlers would have to draw him a picture. “Now Joe, lift the boot, tilt it back, and pour slowly……..

        • As bad as he’s gotten he’d end up drinking it. Just think, Lift the boot, tilt it back and pour slowly…..uhhhmmmm that’s good.

  6. Figures. Put a Dummycrat in charge, beholden to cop unions, and this is sort of fascist crap that comes forth. What’s ironic is how many Jews live in Jew York, I mean, NEW York state.

    • There are more jews in NY than all of Israel. If you really want to find the source of so many insane and illogical laws, you will find it was a usually a jewish group that pushed the agenda. Peel back the onion in many instance what ills the world today, and you’ll see a communist/jew (both interchangeable) behind it.

      • You hit the topic more than you may know. The International Atheists Jews, (Bolsheviks) who were the core backbone to the Russian Revolution and fled Stalin ended up in NYC. They continued their Marxist teachings and even had their own school to teach the fine art of Marxism, The Frankfurt School, which they started in exile from Russia in Germany. By the time WW2 rolled around, there were over a million card carrying communist in NY, mostly all being atheist and Jewish. People did not want their children to play with, “Red Diaper Babies”. The children of the Godless Communist. The Frankfurt Schools had many monsters graduating from that Satanic place, Margret Sanders was one of those monsters. Red Diaper Babies, E.G., Abby Hoffman, Gerry Ruben are 2 whom most people know of. The Bolsheviks regrouped after Stalin ran them out of Russia to figure out why the Great Marxist Dream failed in Mother Russia. The blame went squarely on Christians because the Bolsheviks could not get the “Worker” off of God’s law onto man’s law. Everything I said in this post is, completely and honestly true and truthful history states exactly what I said. This law of hurt feelings comes right out of the Bolsheviks playbook.

        • Sounds like the usual garbage. What about the International Christian Atheists? (Since aryans are of such low intelligence I should explain that term means “Atheists who come from a Christian background.”) The Christian Communists and Atheists? What about all of the Christians pushing insane laws? What about all of the Christians who looked at Marx and said “Hey, that’s a fine idea, let’s roll with that!” What about the Christian Zionists who outnumber the Jewish Zionists by a large number? Etc., etc.

          Wherever there is trouble you will find Christians and various other gentiles in the middle of it. That’s an incontrovertible fact, bunkie.

          The inevitable conclusion of your beliefs of course is that Jews are the superior Master Race and that White Christians are distinctly inferior. I don’t particularly believe that but it is obvious that you (and your fellow travelers) do, even if you can’t admit it even to yourself. As far as your ravings about “atheists” or anything “satanic” I dismiss those as the ravings of a hyper-religious nut case.

          Sorry, Markie, but your post is a pantload. So there were Joooos involved, big whup. There were plenty of good ol’ foreskin guys involved as well. Ethnicity has nothing to do with it except in the eyes of aryan warrior shitheads looking to justify their blind hatred by blaming others for their own failings.

          • Frankly, my post is spot on the side of history. An atheist Christian is simply impossible. If an atheist came from a Christian background so what, they were never a Christian. Guilt by association? Your post to attempt to undermine my post and me personally is not based on any fact but generalizing in your own opinions. Going back the the atheist Jews being pretty much the frank and file of the Bolsheviks is fact. A web search will show its true and many respected historians say it’s so. The part you don’t understand is the Bolsheviks stood down and help when tens of millions of faithful Jews were starved to death in the Ukraine. The Bolsheviks are alive and well in our world today. See the leftist playbook, Rules For Radicals, the author is a hardcore Marxist, Bolshevik. Many in today’s politics use that book as their bible. The law this story covers is straight out of the teachings of, rules for radicals.

            • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s seminal work “Two Hundred Years Together” has been translated into many languages but not English.
              He names the “originators of communism and bolshevism” and notes that (((they))) were not Russians.
              Yes, he named the “tribe”…

          • jews have bought off leaders of every country that mattered for 3000 years to do their bidding . they bought off Jordan Egypt UAE even the PLO who acts as israels security force in Palestine bought off the West. Rabbi trump is not a jew but ready to start WWIII for israel gave then jewrusalem golan heights now made settlements legal. so when you see a “gentile” doing evil they are paid by the jews to do it

            • When it comes to “jews”, it is necessary to note the differences between the “little jews” and the “big jews”.
              The “commonly accepted history” of pre-WW2 Germany conveniently leaves out the machinations and strife committed by “big jew” zionist leaders against the German people and government. Most people think that Germany “threw the first punch” when it came to the marginalization of the “jews”.
              Actually, it was “the other way around”.
              “World jewry” (not all jews, just zionist leaders) demonized Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933) with its declaration of (economic) “war” against Germany which was splashed on newspaper headlines all around the western world.
              The ordinary “little jews” suffered because of the arrogance and demonic practices of their zionist leaders (the “big jews”). Most jews lived comfortable lives in Germany and had no desire to emigrate.
              You see, Palestine was in the process of being “colonized” (actually stolen) by zionist jews. however, not enough jews were emigrating, A way had to be found to make life uncomfortable for German jews (who had no desire to emigrate), hence, the demonization of German society with the jews’ declaration of “war”.
              This made ALL jews unpopular in German society, which was actually a “feature”, not a bug as it went far to achieve the zionists’ aims. A sick book “Germany Must Perish” was authored by Theodore N. Kaufman inshich total genocide of Germany, its people and culture were advocated. This book is available for free on the internet.
              As to Kristallnacht, this was a “false flag” event egged on by zionist leaders to make jews further marginalized. When Adolf Hitler received word of Kristallnacht, he was furious, as it destroyed his plan for the orderly, peaceful emigration of jews. Yes, there were agreements between zionist leaders and the German government for just that purpose. The “star of david” that jews were required to display was proposed and implemented by the zionist leaders themselves to further marginalize “the little jews”.
              The commonly accepted “history”, is not only wrong, but egregiously so…
              This tome does not absolve the “little jews” from their participation in the “troubles” that afflicted Wiemar Germany and beyond to the present day.
              Jewish allegiance is to “jews first”, no matter how right (or wrong) their own policies and actions affect their host countries. This one fact is the reason why jews have been kicked out of countries 109 times in history…

          • Ah, a kyke disruptor makes an appearance to “debunk” us and terminate a truthful discussion.

            Your tribe is responsible for most of the ills afflicting White countries.

            While there are 2 million jooz in NYC and 6 million in Itzalie, it only take a united handful to engage in all kinds of nation-destroying activities.

      • True, unless they are caught by one. Then they squeal like a pig. I’ve seen it all around. Then they either get privilege or they get whipped. I don’t know. Just babbling.

  7. God help the person at the Doughnut shop who purchases the last pastry while an AGW is behind them in line. Those hurt feelings would be worth a year of hard labor.

  8. Suicide Nation,,, Surprised this hasn’t been done earlier. Anyone in a uniform is a hero in America. 1934 all over again. Not to worry,,,, this is just the beginning. Glad I am Old….

  9. It is true what Karla “The Skank” Boyce said about “our” police.

    She, of course, is speaking on behalf of the Political Class. The police ARE their Storm Trooper/Shock Troop/Praetorian Guard. They work for HER, those of her ilk and those who bought and paid for her…NOT you, Peon.

    As George Carlin said, “It’s a big Club…and YOU ain’t in it.”

  10. My Dad was a history teacher, and he and his colleagues inculcated in me a deep and abiding interest in history. Sadly it seems to be just the continuing repetitive story of how the psychopaths in charge and their sycophants abuse the rest of us, pausing periodically to do war with each other. It’s particularly sad how the promise of the 1770’s was co-opted and destroyed in less than 100 years.

    He used to say a far back as the 70’s that what the US became would have been uncle Joe and uncle Adolf’s dream country. If he could see it now…

      • I’ve admired Tom DiLorenzo’s stance for nearly two decades, his no-BS and stubborn approach parallels my own frustration with indoctrinated State love perfectly. He’s part of why, if pressed to label meself, choose ‘Anti Federalist.’

        So few people these days can see the terrible act of derailing a new country using the ideas of liberty spelled out in the Declaration of Independence as its guiding philosophy in favor of the same old authoritarian (just rebranded) British mercantilist system for what it is. It directly refutes some of the core precepts in the Declaration….I’m with DiLorenzo here, and with Patrick Henry, who refused to attend the constitutional convention because he ‘smelt a rat.’

        It not only ‘squints toward monarchy,’ it propelled a new America straight towards that rotten direction. Just imaging how much peace and prosperity would have resulted had not Americans permitted this one awful distortion.

        • Well-said, Glenn!

          The Declaration was revolutionary; the Constitution a reactionary measure designed to recreate the British System (Hamilton said so, openly) but with Americans (like Hamilton) running it.

          • I’m in the process of reading all five volumes of Rothbard’s Conceived in Liberty….Hamilton was a total supporter of tyranny, he just wanted it to be local rather than from afar and he wanted to be in the controlling kleptocracy. Burr was a couple of decades late in ending the life of that scurrilous cur Hamilton


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