Birth Control and Enstupidation

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One of the things that shied me away from having kids when I could have had them was the knowledge that if I did have them, I would be forced by the government – and armed government workers – to buy ssssssssssaaaaaaaafety seats.


As in several – as the child transitioned from baby to toddler to kid to almost-adolescent.

Many states force kids to be strapped in until they’re almost old enough to drive themselves.

This means probably five or six ssssssssssssssssssssafety seats per kid. If you have two kids, the cost of all those ssssssssssssssaaaaaafety seats probably would have been enough to put one through his freshman year of college.

Add in the cost of a stupid-huge vehicle (another huge and unnecessary expense) since kids can’t legally sit in the front passenger seat of a regular cab pick-up, say – because the got-damned government-mandated air bag is dangerous.

It’s also forbidden to pile in half a dozen kids – because half a dozen sssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety seats won’t fit in one vehicle. So now you need several vehicles, since you can’t carry your kids and your kids friends in just one.

This gets into money. It also takes much of the joy out of being a parent – and of being a kid. 

And you don’t even see your kid/veal calf much – except in the rearview mirror. No sitting beside mom, where she can see – and talk – to her kid. Which when you think about it  is probably less “unsafe” than mom having to crane her neck around (fighting the seatbelt she is forced to wear) in order to see – or talk directly – to her kid. It’s certainly less alienating.

No sitting in dad’s lap, holding the wheel.

Parent and child separated – by force. Because the government (which is to say, the busybodies who control the apparatus that is government) forced air bags on them.

And then “safety” seats to Band-Aid the threat of the dangerous air bags.

All of this crammed down everyone’s throats because the busybodies who control the apparatus of government decided to impose their neurosis on everyone. Somehow, over the past 30 years, they acquired the power to impose it.

Result: We now live in Clover America.

A quick run to the store is impossible, a memory from halcyon days that seem almost phantasmagorical.

Instead, a ten minute ordeal of strapping the kid in first. Then  unstrapping the kid when you get to the store. Then strapping him in again when it’s time to leave the store.

It ruins the spontaneity of just going for a drive.

Jump in! Let’s go!

No more.

It makes my teeth ache to see parents going through the drill. And the kids suffering through it, who will never see a car as something other than a kind of privatized paddy wagon.

I see the parental SUVs lined up around the block at the elementary school down the road. The kids no longer walk to the elementary school – even if their house is literally 200 yards down the road. It’s not ssssssssssssssaaaaafe for a 5th or 6th grader to walk home. Or even down the driveway. Except it was until fairly recently, before the rise of Clover America and its congenital/hysterical fear of . . . everything.

The result of which is a combination of government-imposed exasperation upon the adults  – and enstupidation performed upon the children.

The parents become tired drones after six or seven (or more) years of strapping them in – and unstrapping them again. Over and over.

They are expected to be at their child’s side at all times. They drive the kid everywhere – even to the end of the driveway, to await the school bus because kids – almost-teenagers – can’t be allowed to find their own way there.

Even Halloween is now a strap-’em-in and haul them to the school gym thing. Walking around the neighborhood is dangerous!

When was the last time you saw a bunch of kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood – by themselves?

The result – probably intentional – is that the child remains a child, psychologically if not biologically.

Enstupidation proceeds from enforced infantilization.

A kid who is never permitted to progress toward adulthood by learning how – by being expected to handle – the 200 yard walk to school – or even the 20 yards down the driveway to await the school bus without waiting inside mommy’s SUV – is on the path to tap/swipe meatsackhood rather than adulthood.

A kind of chrysalis that never becomes a butterfly. Because wrapped in cellophane, to prevent the butterfly within from emerging.

Which explains why socialism is popular again – among the youth, reared this way. What was dreary and suffocating to prior generations – who grew up with almost unimaginable personal freedom vs. the micromanaged unfreedom of these days – is normal and appealing to the generation that grew up strapped in, never out of sight of mom or dad.

They are ready to exchange one parent for another. They fear the idea of being responsible for themselves, because they never learned how and so don’t want to know how.

Future generations may look back on the wreckage of this time and divine its beginnings – ironically enough – in the ascension of the Safety Cult. Which turned out to be a very dangerous – as well as a very sad – development.

. . .

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  1. Great article, Eric (as usual).
    You should visit your nearest “traditional Latin Mass” Catholic parish on Sunday and count the number of maxi vans that show up and disgorge at least 6 to 10 kids per family. (These folks take the Church’s stand against contraception seriously.) Some don’t use car seats … they improvise.

  2. My six grandchildren range in age from 6 3/4 to 3/4. I won’t bore readers with what a joy they are. I’ll just call my broker to invest in child car seats. Maybe make some lemonade out of all this nonsense.

  3. eric, this article, despite it highlighting the learned hopelessness of the nanny state; actually cheered me up because I live in an area where quite young kids are riding their bikes all by their lonesome selves. There are three or four little hellions who rip around here from time to time throwing their after school snack wrappers in my yard as they fly by. I pick up their trash about once a month because I live at the end of a loop that is rarely traveled by anything other than deer, cranes, turtles, foxes, possums, snakes, and an occasional alligator.

    It’s ironic because if I lived in a regular neighorhood in the US, I would probably hunt down the little litter bug’s parents and snitch on them, but I live in a world where that just isn’t done. I keep my place clean because it’s my place to keep my place clean, or at least as clean as I feel it needs to be. No one is going to complain about the litter in my yard because there’s really no one else to complain. I clean it up anyways because I like a clean yard, and I’ve seen these kids eat it on their bikes so it’s a small price to pay for such enjoyable free entertainment. I actually get to see small children playing free in their natural environment. This is better than Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

    How much would you pay to see kids riding around without helmets or any other saaafty equipment unescorted by adults, and able to deal with their little accidents on their own? They’re normal kids. I know the difference because the last places I lived in California had all sorts of little idiotic brats going half blind sitting two feet away from their technological device with advanced carpul tunnel problems from their playstation addiction.

  4. I have memories of riding in the front seat of mom’s Mustang and if she had to cram in the brakes, that right arm would come out to hold me back. I still do that with my passengers today, even though we’re padded and strapped in like astronauts.
    Lenore Skenazy is an interesting columnist with a blog called Free Range Kids. She addresses that tendency today to raise little fragile egg children, pointing out that kids who have age appropriate independence grow up to be much better teens and adults. We Gen-x’ers may be slackers, but we had survival skills, mostly because our parents left us the hell alone. No one ever needed to tell me not to accept candy (or a ride) from some creepy guy in a van. I had several weirdo encounters as a tween and never even felt the need to tell my parents about it. I handled it myself and I was fine. Now, they issued an APB on the nightly news.

  5. “They are ready to exchange one parent for another. They fear the idea of being responsible for themselves, because they never learned how and so don’t want to know how.”

    You took the words right out of my mouth! What’s worse is that they demand everyone else to live the same way.

  6. My dad (around 1970) used to drive a Corvair van with the seats out, and my brother and I would stand in the cargo area pretending we were surfing as we tried to stay on our feet as the van careened around corners. Lots of fun.

    When I raised my own children, we, of course, had to torture them by letting them cry and scream while strapped into their car seat while we drove home. I am glad we didn’t have to raise them in the current era of mega child seats until they are teens. They at least finally could sit in a normal seat once they were about 5. I dread the abune to children and their parents with the current restrictions. We live in the post-Christian era, where men love their lives more than their children’s souls.

    • “…men love their lives…”? Pffft! It appears to me that–Americans at least–are preoccupied with fleeing life, with drugs, screens, and automobiles as three of their favorite routes of escape.

      • Axis Sally, it appears you are a Johnny come lately… to speak. You must be speaking of the current crop. So, what do REAL men do?

        I have tried my entire life to get a woman to like fast cars like I do. Few have been able to handle it. I’d say that’s a woman problem. It wasn’t that way when I was younger and women would raise hell in a car, on a horse and with a good ol boy she loved and that loved her. I’m sorry you missed out on the good days.

        • Negative, Eight; I’ve owned and enjoyed a few moderately fast cars myself: Jaguar Mk. II, Daimler Sovereign, Jaguar XJ6, BMW 2002; but that was back when men were men, and women were glad of it.

          Nowadays I raise Hell on a mule.

          • Axis, Somewhere we have an old album with Jimmy Rodgers going to visit the Carter family on one side and the Carter’s visiting Jimmy on the other. I don’t recall exactly what the old man Carter said to Jimmy but Jimmy replied that Yes sirree, you’re right about Texas, where men are men and the women are proud of it….yodelaehoo! It’s very funny the way Jimmy says it.

    • Great story Scott! Re: “stand in the cargo area pretending we were surfing”

      Here’s one you may enjoy, and trust me this never gets old, nor will you ever outgrow it. I used to work for moving companies, and occasionally we would have to rent a U haul or Ryder bobtail. Two or three of us would get into the back of the truck (obviously, the bigger the better), and each of us would take a four wheel dolly and strap a stack of pads to it, and then ride them around jousting as the truck drove to our job. The driver’s job was to accelerate, take turns, and stop as rapidly as possible. Wear a crash helmet if you’re over 50, and make sure to pay for the insurance because you will damage the truck.

      Even if you end up with a concussion, or a few broken bones, you will have tears of hysterical laughter pouring down your face all the way to the hospital.

  7. “Somehow…” common law gets the laudanum lauded treatment by a lot of people…inebriated people (the tragedy of the commons is the commons).

    cl is the precedent (when propitious to them that can pay it forward – or back) system…(if it don’t fit you must acquit…I read juice dna was all over that thing.)

    ((“One precedent in favor of power is stronger than a hundred against it,” he said, approvingly; he wasn’t there, at the Philly coup, cuz he was away in Paris, lying for “his country,” but he did say the conning of the commons convention was an assembly of demigods. Time machine Demi Moore was a lot less less.))

    …Continuous – until collapse & start over – criss-crossing accretion. Gulliverian threads, at first, that harden into barricades of barnacles & crenelated color o’ law coral reefs of hull smashing & flesh rending carboniferous exoskeleton “tax.”

    ((&, of course, since concertina’s supposed to spiralize on contact, the blood in the water signals the makework sharks on the graftroll to do their thing, bring their chips off the ol’ reef-mouths to bear.))

    Inside those hard, atrophying, monkey-on-back shell-homes is slimy-soft polyps.

    “Nesting” was packaged to be sold as an aging boomer thing, but polypeeps have always been coral gables gulliversewers. Always. R/evolution…

    …It’s constant commentariat consonant, not a/vowel to do better, improve, be better…just to jeep movin’ those Ouija board letters of marque&reprisal around…

    …”Everything straight lies…all truth is crooked…Time itself…” is a spinning flat circle that “stops” on a random reward schedule, Vanna. & untouchable Elliott Nessting is in spin to keep those pieces of audience share. & Loch Nesst monstering goes round, comes back round in the compulsive sowing of the flywheel wind.

    So there’s your “somehow.” And your “now.”

    ((It is always now. & that’s always how. Brown cow. Elocution may as well be electrocution, in the commons…& so it is: Maslow’s “authority” doesn’t even need electricity. “Authority” is “electricity” in the autonomic (down on one)neon city of manimal…where the deepest of deep-cheek dipthongs – ow•ch! – is the garment of unchosen choice.))

    But civil law’s just as uncivil, if not as metastatic bubble-blowing, & for the same reason: law coloring is a weapontool – “apparatus” to use your word – that threatens making kinetic the potential force that is held in monopoly reserve (a reservation choc-a-bloc full of subjugated injuns that are “employed” – bought off masses of cui bono bovines – to “keep the peace sated (keep the pieces of eight’d coming)” & “preserve order (hut!hut!).”

    As for forced infantilization, something an old sales manager said (& all sales people who know what the dynamic is know): “most people walk around with the once mother end of umbilicals in hand, looking for another womb to plug back into.” Behind that is the deathwish – disappearing (until the real thing, a crowd meltingpot will do) Freudian & otherwise. This, too, is nothing new.

    Sellophane. Good tune, eh? Even the singer’s name works. Amanda Ghost.

  8. Eric, The only problem I notice in your article and comments below is that they are all from men. Older men (like me). So you are preaching to the converted. We recall the wild, dangerous days of our youth. But the reason for this Safety Mania is women. Women who fear for the safety of their children more than your rights to freedom.
    Since like it or not women constitute at least half of voters, engaging them is needed to change things. Many mothers would rather you live in a cage than to risk their kids in any kind of macho foolishness you and others would like. Or just ordinary risk taking. “For the Children!” is the cry. You can’t simply ignore these facts and expect any changes. Women might listen to other mothers. But not to you or me. As with many freedom/liberty issues, we can speak truth but if ears are plugged, our words are wasted.

    • Women were around in the past too, when we had some freedom….difference is, today, the state has become daddy/husband/provider, and has marginalized and or effeminized men and made them irrelevant and unnecessary- so now the women look to the state to provide them with the protection which a husband once provided.

      Women hate Libertarianism, because it makes their current husband- the state- irrelevant; and because it does not empower them by making them equal by decree, nor by weakening men.

      • Soybean estrogens have done a lot more of the effeminization of adolescent males than most can understand, let alone recognize.
        If women hate libertarianism, why have they been among its most vocal and strident supporters?
        Maybe you need to look up Tonie Nathan, the first woman to get an electoral college vote, at the behest of a man.

        • I haven’t heard of any female Libertarians since Rose Wilder Lane (Daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House On The Prairie fame).

          • Hey Nunz,

            Wendy McElroy
            Karen DeCoster
            Courtney Balaker
            Katherine Mangu-Ward
            Becky Ackers
            Claire Wolfe
            Susan Callaway (pretty sure she used to post here as mamaliberty)

            McElroy, DeCoster and Wolfe are as hardcore as they get. McElroy was close to Murray Rothbard. Mama Liberty died recently. Becky Ackers is way too Christian for mainstream libertarians, so you might like her a lot. Balaker makes libertarian themed videos and movies with her husband Ted (she produced Little Pink House). Mangu-Ward is a Reason girl, but ok.

            Isabel Paterson was a contemporary of Rose Wilder Lane and probably influenced Rand far more than her ego would allow her to admit. Hannah Arendt and Jane Jacobs, though not strictly libertarians, certainly influenced many libertarians.

            Anyway, there are some out there, and a few are way better than most of the men who claim to be libertarians.


            • Hi Ya Jeremy!

              Yeah….but I never heard of any of them!

              But I’m sure glad that you brought them to my attention.

              Then again, I didn’t know of Rothbard et al till recently- I thought my ideas on liberty were unique!

              Sad thing is, especially in real life, girl Libertarians are as rare as straight NYC waiters….but you can find a socialist one virtually anywhere at any time. 🙁

              Then again, I didn’t know of Rothbard et al till recently- I thought my ideas on liberty were unique!

              It’s mind boggling to know that Laura Ingalls Wilder died only 5 years before I was born….

            • Ilana Mercer and Karen Kwiatkowski are fairly well-known libertarian columnists. I would even consider Camille Paglia a libertarian.

              • Hi Handler,

                How could I have forgotten Kwiatiwski? As you say, Ilana Mercer is good. Bretigne Schaffer and Julie Borowski should be included. Camille Paglia is a fascinating thinker and has very libertarian sentiments.


                  • Daisy Luther is just a suburban housewife who is content to live within the bounds of the system, and thinks everything’ll be just fine if ya just “bug out” when it all goes to hell. (Apparently she hasn’t noticed that it’s already gone to hell).

                    She apparently even uses all the latest NSA-approved surveillance “smart” devices too……

                    • Nunz, I think Daisy “gets it” but she wants to keep things on a as steady a keel as possible.

                      That’s a woman. I prefer the more adventurous sort but each to his own.

                    • Dunno 8,

                      Daisy might be on the nicer side of the average statist woman, but preaching all of that unrealistic “bug-out” crap [It ain’t gonna work] and being content to stay in the city as long as she possibly can….I just think she’s a writer who found a niche audience……

                      I’m just glad that LRC rarely carries her articles anymore.

                      I feel sorry for the tools who think they’re gonna pack up all of their “prepper” crap on their back or in their Tesla, and “bug out”. They’ll never make it; they likely won’t even know what’s happening, ’cause it’s not like there’s likely to be one obvious event or catastrophe….but rather, just the continued gradualism which those who can tolerate the cities now likely won’t even notice when it comes a knockin’.

                    • Nunz, I recall an article she wrote about having a flat with her kids “out in the country”.

                      It was a big deal…..for her.

                      I was sowing wheat one day and saw I wasn’t going to have enough so I sent the wife to get more. Our road in front of the place is chert, RR spikes and sharp pieces of steel from tie hold downs. I noticed she’d been gone a long time and was about to go looking for her when she showed up.

                      She was pissed and I didn’t blame her. She’d ruined a tire and had to change it. That road is so sandy a jack is difficult to operate. She’d had a hell of a time getting it to stay in one place(dammit jack). It kept wanting to slide one way or the other. I knew just exactly what she’d been through but changing that tire with a load of seed made it even harder. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember another woman who had done that. All my friend’s wives were helpless when it came to that.

                      I have changed a lot of flats on that road…..for women.

    • I must disagree. It’s the news media that targets women that is to blame. It’s the news media that fills our waking hours with nothing but images of missing or dead children, blaring their names over every digital and non-digital platform they can find. Blaming vehicle safety, conflating and promoting stranger danger, and instilling extreme fear into the hearts of every American, with women being the most vulnerable audience, frankly.

      • Hi Julie,

        Lenore Skenazy, and the LetGrow foundation she started, is the antidote to this dangerous nonsense (hyper safety vigilance is harmful to the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children).


        Nunz, add Lenore Skenazy to the list.

    • Bulls(hit) are mostly steered. Those ain’t exactly cows, but closer than not. And that’s got nada to do with soy & estrogenic chemical soup surrounds.

    • A good example: My beautiful companion, my thirteen year old pitbull, is dying of an osteosarcoma located in her mouth. She is in a lot of pain that is only held back by tramadol, gabapentin, and frankly G-d. I built a support beam to fit under the right side of my desk where I put her bed so that she could be close to me while I worked (she comes to work with me every day). I Snapchatted this to a female friend of mine who is a bit younger than I am.

      She went hysterical. At first it was for dog safety (…my desk can hold upwards of 100lbs. I think a 53lb dog that simply sleeps on it will be fine). She had read about dogs falling apparently. Then when that round of (il)logic was over, I was hit with how unprofessional it was to have a dog on a desk. Which is ridiculous – I don’t have clients in my office, at all. We have a meeting room for that.

      She was hysterical in her texts, of which there were many. I eventually just stopped responding. She started sending me links to various articles and at that point, I had had enough. I pride myself on being level headed, and I appreciate facts and logic employed by reason. She, apparently, does not.

      • Hi Julie,

        Ah feeeel your pain… A friend of mine has a kid who showed interest in my Orange Barchetta… an ancient, air-bag-free muscle car. I offered to take the kid for a ride. She (the mom) said she wasn’t “comfortable” letting her kid ride in a car without air bags.

        Which is why she is just a friend.

      • Aww, Julie,

        I feel so bad for you and your pup’s predicament. So nice to hear that youi keep her with you, so that you both are happy; and that you’re not simply using the convenient excuse which so many do these days when their pet has an inconvenient problem, and putting her down.

        Tell the hysterical dingbat that I always give preference to businesses which have dogs and cats inside! (How horrible it must be to be that douchebag! To live in a self-imposed world where even the best things in life are viewed as hostile and dangerous. Even worse to have to be around such a person! I’d gladly tolerate even a mean junkyard dog before someone like that)

        February will be the 6th anniversary of my pit’s passing, in her 17th year. Best dog I ever had 80 lbs. of pure love and emotion! (I hope ol’ Max under my desk here- all 116 lbs of him doesn’t see that!) 🙂

        • I’m so sorry for your dog’s passing and thank you for your kind words. 17 Years! What a ride that must have been 🙂 I’ve honestly considered myself rather lucky to have her for 13.

          I have indeed been very fortunate to work at two companies now that just love her so much they let me have her at work. She has an honest to G-d fan club that comes to see her several times a week from other buildings (usually their children).

          It’s so strange, however. I found out about her sarcoma six months ago (it was initially misdiagnosed as a chondrosarcoma) and I decided then, no more surgeries. She has been very strong about this for a long time now but these past three weeks have been rough. She doesn’t want to get up and greet anyone. She doesn’t want to walk around the dog park. This past week she’s been waking up shivering. And this morning she is refusing to eat because the tumor in her mouth has grown so rapidly. I’ll have to make a decision shortly.

          I’ve been very forthcoming with everyone but I will say this: whereas I thought I would be the one to hold on too long and put her down far too late, it’s been all the females around me that I’ve had to convince of the severity of her condition. One even told me that I was putting her down for my own personal convenience and that ‘She might bite the tumor off and get better’….I ….I honestly still do not understand that logic because of the extensive (and I mean EXTENSIVE) hours of research I’ve put in, I’ve never encountered that line of thinking but anyway…

          The men have been rather cold. ‘It’s just a dog.’ ‘That sucks.’ I have even received a, ‘Death doesn’t affect me’ (I think everyone should honestly be worried about this person outside of his blatant callousness).

          So you see, I think there are definitive strengths and definitive faults in both genders. It honestly takes two to fuck everything up. And perhaps whereas men may exert an over reliance on their ability to successfully compartmentalize, women in exchange and in reaction tend to become hyper vigilant and rely too heavily on their ‘feelings’ about an issue.

          Congratulations on Max, though, and I hope he’s with you for just as long as your other love. 🙂

          • Thanks, Julie,

            And I’m so sorry to hear that it’s to such a critical point now with your precious pooch. I was lucky, in that mine went naturally. She was healthy right up until the last six months….and even then, she just had some difficulty walking- but otherwise seemed quite happy.

            It’s bad enough to lose one under any circumstances- but when we have to have them put to sleep, it makes it even worse, because we made the decision. I’m lucky also in that I’ve only ever had to have one put to sleep- and it was truly the worst day of my life, and it took a long, long time to get over it. (When I got my pit, the one who lived to be 17, she really helped me out).

            All of my dogs have done good up until the very end- I don’t vaccinate- I believe it is very harmful and is likely responsible for the cancer rate being so high in dogs these days. (The one I had to have put to sleep had been vaccinated by her former owner whom I inherited her from, and by the shelter from which she had originally come- Didn’t have cancer- but had epilepsy or something, which caused her to have fits).

            I hope that you can manage to have a little more quality time with yours- sometimes they just seem to get a little respite and perk up for a while. Do try and enjoy what you have- when they are old is such a special time.

            And I don’t know what it is about pits- but they seem to be especially atuned to us; they seem to have more emotion and love than any other aniomal, or even other humans- they truly become a part of us.

            Best wishes,

      • Julie, so sorry to hear about this. Our second pitty, a beautiful boy that loved everyone, died of the similar thing only it was in his jaw. Then our other pitty died 5 weeks later of cancer. We grieved for years.

        We quit doing the daily crap of Filirabits and yearly vaccinations and that stuff stopped immediately. I’m so sorry for the both of you.

        Our last dog was murdered and the sheriff said, while refusing to press charges again his murderer(he was in a kennel and was shot 6 times), “he’s just a dog”. Well, the sheriff hasn’t heard the last of me and that was 9 years ago….and neither has his killer.

        Give her a rub for me and tell her she’s loved by a lot of people she doesn’t know. I’m so sorry.

        • @eightsouthman, thank you so much for everything you’ve said and I am so sorry about your babies. Having a pitbull (or nowadays any medium sized bordering small sized breed) puts your animal in danger from police violence.

          The ‘it’s only a dog’ excuse ignores science. Science tells us that that between mother and child (and eventually father and child given time) oxytocin chemically forms a powerful bond between not just the mother but the baby as well.

          Among mammals, sharing interspecies oxytocin dumps are rare. As you’ve surmised, dogs and humans share this bond. So deeply, in fact, that not only do humans have a release of oxytocin looking and interacting with dogs, but dogs themselves also release the chemical looking and interacting with their human loved ones.

          What does this mean for grief? It means that, chemically speaking, because oxytocin binds us with our human children so completely (especially females because we become addicted quite early on) we become chemically bound to our canines as well. Again, chemically speaking, the affect on our brain from losing a canine we’ve bonded too, is the same as losing a human child. (Again, chemically. I take nothing away from humans grieving their own babies).

          What an amazing and yet tragic experience.

          • Julie, so true. I can be thinking of something that bothers me and Cholley Jack will wake up and come to me. He’s asking me what is wrong. He licks me up and down and I rub him and tell him it’s ok.

            He’s a protector of our cats and interjects himself in a fight. What are two 15 lb cats to do when an 80 lb pitty steps in between and looks back and forth? Not much but go their separate ways and CJ will rescue a cat that’s in trouble(coyotes and bobcats). What more could a person ask for? He jumped right into a fray of 3 coyotes surrounding Tiny the tomcat. He saved him and ran off the coyotes.

            • Athena (my love) has interjected herself between a raving homeless lunatic (in San Francisco, surprise surprise) and another dog who was being harassed.

              These dogs are simply amazing.

          • With our dogs, they are “just dogs”; with their dogs….you give one a dirty look and it’s “assault on a police officer”……Probably the most glaring example of hypocrisy and injustice extant.

            Some places now, they have rules that if your bow-wow is in the yard for more than [often] three consecutive hours, it’s ‘neglect’ or ‘abuse’….but of course if black-clad mafia kills him, it’s perfectly fine…..

            The media is very careful to hide the extent to which the pigs murder pets, as nothing would wake people up faster than such a realization. When, uh, who was it, Roger Stone(?) was arrested by a heavily-armed SWAT team at his home, the pigs were alerted that the media had been “tipped off” and would be capturing the whole thing on camera [Does anyone believe that they just happened to be there?!] so they were instructed to “be nice” and not ransack the place (until maybe after the cameras left) nor execute the bow-wow.

        • That really sucks, 8. Losing a beloved pet is one of the worst things in the world. People who have never experienced a close bond with one just don’t get it – and people who abuse them are the lowest form of life.

          • Indeed Jason, one of our sweet kitties passed on a few months ago after being part of our family for 14 years. We still have her sister from the same litter who checks her old hangout spots around the house wondering where she is. Breaks my heart.

            • Awww, Mike! You’re breaking my heart! I have a cat who’s getting old too [No idea how old, as he was full grown when he showed up here nearly 6 years ago]….I do not look forward to the day, ’cause he’s like the pitbull of cats…..

              Why can’t people be the kind of people their animals are, eh? This world would be a paradise.

            • Sorry to hear that Mike. A bond like that leaves the survivor lonely and wondering where her best friend went. We’ve had it happen with cats and dogs.

    • Hi Muggles,

      As a general thing, you are probably right. Aber, they’re not all like that. I know some who aren’t.

      And, regardless – one must continue the fight, eh? Even if hopeless. My attitude is exactly the same as that of Erich Bey, last skipper of the battleship Scharnhorst. Against hopeless odds in a doomed fight, he fought his ship so gallantly the enemy complimented him for intrepidity and elan. Fight until the turrets are unable to fire; to the last shell.

      Never give up.

      • Rhet(t Butler’s got the appropriate attitude)orical question: even when “the” fight (all of them in the potluck political history menu) is rigged?

        Rigged even to the extent that the riggers, selling both – or however many – sides against what could have been expanding, instead of carved off, middles *for* those sides the better to (eat you my dears) expand their own already gothically girthed paunches?

        This guy’s about to board good ship Rocinante (remember that ol’ workhorse?), out there in The Expanse:

        Holden: Your optimism is inspiring.
        Miller: Optimism is for assholes and Earthers.
        And Belters, we know what’s up.
        We know the game’s rigged.
        It’s been rigged from the start.
        Always has been.

        Keeping in mind always, of course, that where the robber meets the rode is all pre-rigged blitzkrieg’d biological – as opposed logical – substrate. Is why this show about nuthin’ has been rerun looping forever.

        “You know what? I think I’m ready to unload.” ~ Dirty Mary

        If she’d cleaned up just a few minutes sooner, she mighta’ caught a better locomotive breath.

  9. Being a baby boomer myself, who as a toddler routinely went for a drive with no seat restraints of any kind, including standing on the front bench seat between my parents in their ’52 Plymouth station wagon doing 60 mph on a 2-lane road, I hear you. The argument you will get from intelligent rational parents today goes something like this: child seats and seat belts have long been proven to save more lives and prevent more injuries than they sometimes cause.

    • Amen, Steve!

      It seems like such luxury and freedom now- the simple things- the norms of everyday life that we used to take for granted before Uncle took complete control of every aspect of our lives.

      Every time this subject comes up, I always remember being 9 or 10 and riding with my friend and his mom or sometimes dad [He had both….not a mom who was a sometimes-dad….as might well be the case these days!) in their c. 64 Falcon as the driver would be smoking a cigarette and the pleasant aroma would waft into the back seat.

      Funny- I never died once. In fact, I haven’t been to a doctor or hospi’l in 40 years……

      Once, when I was 4 or 5, I was sitting on my mother’s lap as we rode with the neighbor lady in her c. 56 Fairlane….and she rear-ended someone. My mouth hit the dashboard and I cried for a bit…boo-hoo. Kids are tough and resilient; they don’t need to be treated like they are fragile brittle-boned octogenarians.

    • We are retirees he is 77, how is it that we made it to retirement after being around lead paint, asbestos in houses and buildings for years, no seat belts or kids seats in cars, free range kids on bikes all over the county, tree climbing (kids shun that now days), ? We wanted to be child free and me work (I was oldest of four= been there done that) who needs the expense and hassle anyway? people can volunteer with kids or help group homes, even foster an older kid if desired. No future for this country anyway, we are possibly on the brink of civl war starting in Virginia.

  10. Government ruins everything. Is there more proof needed than this? Other than perhaps protecting our shores from invasion, is there anything you would entrust government to handle and make better for you and your family? At first, the chains were only paper…now they are steel. If the commies get their way, they will be titanium with no key or combination to unlock them.

    • Soybean estrogens have done a lot more of the effeminization of adolescent males than most can understand, let alone recognize.
      If women hate libertarianism, why have they been among its most vocal and strident supporters?
      Maybe you need to look up Tonie Nathan, the first woman to get an electoral college vote, at the behest of a man.

  11. I haven’t had children yet because I was always fearful of screwing them up. But now I can also add “unaffordable” to my list as well.

    • Ditto, Julie… and the screwy thing is people like us would probably be less likely to screw up our kids. Which may be why people like us are discouraged from having them.

      • I haven’t had children because it was near impossible to find a partner to mother them who I could feel certain wouldn’t bail on the enterprise and send me to financial ruin making alimony and child support payments for kids I could only visit with every other weekend.

        • Same here, Hank- that, and the fact that I wouldn’t bring a kid into this world where they were destined to be a tax slave for the rest of their life; and where they are used as weapons against us, and where the parent-child relationship is meddled with to a high degree. Well…that, and the fact that I don’t much like kids…and I’m a clean person, and the idear of having some snot-dripping, puking, drooling, piss and shit-oozing thing with booger-encrusted fingers around skeezes me out….

          • I agree it’s not an ideal world to be introducing children into, but they could be at the vanguard of the re-establishment of liberty and human dignity. I’d definitely have to find a way to home school them and keep the vaccinations and screen time to a minimum. Having some snot-dripping, puking, drooling, piss and shit-oozing thing with booger-encrusted fingers around can only be beneficial for the strengthening of your immune system.

            However, having some asshat boyfriend of the future exwife who has more influence over my kids than I have is not something I’m willing to pay for.

      • Would you advocate the reincarnation of Margaret Sanger to extend Planned Parenthood’s genocide to all of them from the negros that she hoped to exterminate from North America?

        • I’ll bet a lot of former residents of Detroit, Gary, Camden, Baltimore, Shitcago, Mephis, E. St. Louis, Da Bronx etc. wish Sanger now wish that Sanger would have been more successful.

          • Planned Parenthood is proud of the fact that half of all black babies are aborted. They just wish they could sell all of their organs themselves.

    • Most people do screw up, even those in church every week, when parents get older then their adult kids won’t help them do squat, self absorbed and always make excuses why they can’t help in simple ways, they tell me. Parentling is for the wealthy anyway so they can stay home and home school or expensive private school. Then college.

  12. I wonder what will happen when Orange Man wins the next election, and the Clovers go ape shit and start a “real” Civil War, not the War of Northern Aggression of 1861-1865. When this house of cards called the USA finally comes tumbling down like the USSR did in 1991. Will we gain more freedom like the people of Russia have today, or will we become a dictatorship and become the USSA? Will there be pockets of freedom in flyover country, or will the Clovers exert their will over everything, and make our lives a living hell? The one good thing I see is Clovers do not own many guns, people in flyover country, and other peace loving Americans own most of the guns in this country. Will the USA become the next Yugoslavia, and blow itself to pieces? Yugoslavia was a diverse country, and whoever said “Diversity is our strength”, has got to be the biggest dumbass in the history of this country.

    • Nicely stated. My view is that intellectual/scientific diversity is our strength — not cultural diversity. Tiny percentages of non-Americans may provide some advantages, but once they become minorities (5-10% of the population) who are not here to become Americans, it creates a dangerously fractured society.

      • Virginia recently became a blue state, sanctuary cities being set up there, now gov. wants the guns. Calif. likewise, Texas is next.

        • Hi Laura,

          I live in rural VA and dread what may be coming. My friends and I do not want a fight But if they send the Hut! Hut! Hutters! to our homes… there will be one.

        • Laura, that POS Greg Abbot is one to worry about among others. I’m sorry he’s a cripple and has issues. But that won’t keep me from taking him to task and hoping to get rid of him(I have hoped that for years). But the public is clueless. I was aghast coming home one day and saw this Beto sign in front of people older than me. The woman works for the county. She said she was pissed about the new Law Enforcement Center but I suspect she’s clueless about what’s really going on or she wouldn’t have a Beto sign. Her husband was a state employee his entire career. I would never have guessed they’d have a Beto sign, the only one I saw in this county.

          • 8, 99.8% of the public is clueless these days. If it tweren’t so…we wouldn’t be in this pickle which is about to devour us. Between that and most people playing “I’ll vote fer the guy who’ll gimme what I want, and against the guy who tried to take away my freebies” or voting for the lesser evil, which is impossible to figure out these days ’cause they’re all so evil… just may as well be ‘game called’ on liberty.

            The only real choice is whether a candidate will use words to appease the military/cop-loving conservatives, or the invader/welfare-loving libruls…..but regardless of which character they play….the end is always the same.

            • Nunz, the general public will only sit up and take notice when they can no longer go to the mall to buy sneakers with lights in them (to paraphrase George Carlin), or the modern equivalent. Then of course it will be too late.

              • Jason, now that they all have smartphones and smart cars and smart refrigerators, they won’t be taking notice of anything! 🙂 The ship has sailed!

                • Nunz, I’ve read that there are even smart toilets! Pretty soon you won’t even be able to get away from this garbage while taking a damned dump.

                  Remember, it is not enough to obey Big Brother. You must love him.

                  • You are 100% correct, Jason! They’ve actually been here for quite a few years already- ’cause I’ll ya, when The Chimp was in, I swear I pinched a loaf, and when I got up and looked, there was the spittin’ image of Obozo hisself looking back at me!

        • Yep. And as long as non-Americans can get welfare and EBT, etc. a “wall” won’t do a darn bit of good (Not that they want it to- ’cause as long as Americans can get welfare and EBT cards….they won’t do any work).

          As usual, an Uncle-created problem which they’ll make sure they never find the solution to.

          • Working American citizens have been receiving welfare and food stamps since long before the latter went plastic. Many of them work for some of America’s largest employers.

          • Nunz, I’ve said it a million times. All they need to do is repeal the laws that created the problem…..but they’re politicians and they might lose a few votes. Never mind they could give a rat’s ass about their “constituents”.

            • Exactly, 8. It ain’t rocket surgery. Very simple. Rescind the “must treat anyone regardless of ability to pay” at hospi’ls; no “look the other way” when an illegal causes a traffic accident or gets stopped with no lic. or insurance (seeing as WE must have them and suffer consequences if we don’t). No welfare…no pooblik skool; deportation when discovered……pretty much the way it always was until the last few decades.

              • I’ll take it a bit further- while we’ve abolished indenture and chattel slavery EXCEPT IN CONSEQUENCE OF A CRIME, I find it not only quite acceptable but highly desirable to indenture them for their portion of the legal apparatus used to catch and detain them, and the housing and food and the cost of their ride home at some fraction of minimum wage. If there is no gain- they wont invade our country.

      • I was in the USAF at Aviano Air Base, Italy in 1999 when the bombing of Serbia took place. The Albanians loved it when NATO bombed Serbia. The Serbs were driven from their homeland in Kosovo, and a statue was built of Bill Clinton in the capital of Pristina, I guess in thanks for driving/massacring the Serbs from the birthplace of their country. That’s what diversity does for you.

  13. Eric, you’ve nailed it. I’m not a Trump voter, but strapped-in culture may be a factor in the whining, stamp-our-feet, we won’t have the Donald childishness. There was a day — hard to believe now — when a parent left his or her kid in the car while he/she (now xe) dashed into the store to grab a few things and when “xe” got back, lo and behold, the kid was still there and not asphyxiated. Those days are gone as you say. Eet ess for our own good, tovarish, da?

  14. And now here in December my 18 month old granddaughter cannot where a coat while in the “safety” seat because you can’t strap her in tight enough with a coat on. OK 15 degrees outside and can’t where a coat?

    • You are blaming a coat for the selection of a too small carseat?
      Apparently you shouldn’t have bought a Yugo, the only car manufactured in that time without a standard heater.

  15. When I was 6, my dad showed me how to steer his dump truck so I could help out on our farm. My legs were too short to reach the pedals obviously, but perched on a couple of phone books I could see over the dashboard just fine. I’d keep the truck going in a straight line while he walked along side and tossed bales of hay into the back. Later, at age 7 or 8, he taught me how to drive his bulldozer, which was easy as pie and a lot more fun than the dump truck. Then at age 12, we were going out to a friend’s house in the country in his GMC pick-up one afternoon. He pulled over suddenly and said “Here, you drive.” And I did. He’d probably be put in prison if this had happened last week.

      • Hey, it’s easy, as long as the truck is moving and ya just gots to keep it straight. I had a ’63 or ’64 F600 in the 90’s….wasn’t a problem, except when it came time to maneuver in tight quarters…like gas stations….then ya got a work-out!

  16. Growing up in Hawaii in the 50s and 60s, no seat belts, Pops driving with a beer in his hand, Jr standing up on the front seat. Fishing poles, throw nets, spearguns, surfboards and a cooler in the bed. Uncrowded waves and lotsa fish. Ah, the good old days. Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Wikoli,

      I experienced the same – in Va, in the ’80s.

      Routinized/normalized busybody-ism wasn’t an attribute of life in this country until well into the ’90s.

        • Hi Vic!

          Yup. Every generation looks back fondly, but it’s clear things are objectively worse now in practically every meaningful way. Certainly in terms of the everyday liberty we used to enjoy. Today, there is the freedom to squat and take a crap on a public sidewalk. But you’d better not make a right on red.

    • One of my fonder memories of childhood was when I was twelve years old, riding in the back seat of my friend Dale’s Mom’s 1964 Thunderbird convertible with the top down, going 70 mph eastbound on I-94 from Belleville towards Detroit’s Edgewater Park. I-94 goes past Detroit Metro Airport and the traffic gets heavier the closer one gets to Detroit. Dale and I knelt on the back bench seat of that Thunderbird at least half the way there, the better to be blasted by the air as that T-Bird convertible driven by Dale’s Mom made its merry way towards that classic amusement park.

      We’d never be able to do that today. We’d be stopped and Dale’s Mom would be arrested and a photo of her being perp walked into the station house would quite likely be splashed all over the front pages of the local papers as an example of a bad Mom.

  17. I’ve seen the bad that can happen, back in the late 80’s I was 13 and we rode our bikes everywhere. A highway patrol officer approached us saying he was looking for help cleaning his yard and house. I wasn’t interested, but unfortunately my friend took him up on the offer. My buddy kept a secret. I didn’t know until the tv news vans were on the street months later and I found out he was molested.

    It was freedom, and I enjoyed those years. Kids just have to beware of the criminals out there.

    • You’re right and lots of things like that happen and nobody ever tells. I don’t know his specifics but I’d be reluctant to tell. I also know a couple kids who told no one till late in life.

  18. I have 5 kids. A set of twins that are 1. By the time they hit 2, they won’t see a car seat unless they want to sit in it without being strapped in. My other kids don’t sit in anything, including a booster. They are ages 9, 6, and 4. I have never been ticketed or even warned over the past decade about not having em ‘strapped in’. All of my kids have/will ride in my lap down the county roads in my area–even steering with my guidance– just as I did with my dad in the 80’s.

    It is sad that kids are never out and about–unsupervised–on bicycles and such. My kids are. They ride all around in the road on our dead end street–much to the gasps and fretting of some of the neighbor ladies. They–along with the safety cult–can fu*k themselves. My kids aren’t going to be dumbfounded clovers. But, because of that, they may very well be pariah’s and outcasts of the crowd when they are older.

    Hopefully, by the time my kids are adults, they’ll be confident and smart enough to stand out from the crowd and convince their friends that freedom is much better and far, far more fun than the cult which surrounds them.

    • Morning, Ancap!

      You made my day, describing the way you let your kids experience life – and grow. I will do the same if I ever end up procreating, which seems unlikely at this point. I will have to find a deserving protege to inherit the TA!

    • Good for you Ancap. Makes my day too.

      But tragically, the multi-culti, multi-racial, anit-White, high-crime environment with which scores millions of middle and lower-middle class White Americans in and around cities and in the pubic schools must now contend are truly unsafe for both children and adults. Forbidding one’s children from roaming the streets alone and driving one’s kids to school is not irrational.

      Just last week In our area in a moving school bus ffs, a White teen boy was viciously gang-attacked and beaten by non-White students for wearing a Trump 2020 hat.

      A pollce spokeswoman said the matter would be investigated, but it will not be designated as a hate crime. Of course hate crime legislation should even exist, but in such instances as this, if the races of the perps and victime were reversed, it would have been immediately labeled a hate crime and broadcast on nationwide media.

  19. Uncle can suck a dick, I’ll have the seats until they’re like 3-4, then I’ll have my future spawn sit wherever the hell they want, AGW be damned

    Sorry officer, wife called and I took this non compliant 300zx out for a spin, so either give me a warning to a ticket and have a good day

    • Remember when Eric was saying that if they can regulate ‘X’ for your health and safety, why can’t they regulate your diet? Sounded kind of ridiculous right?

  20. Life without risk is death of the male spirit. Without risk we would still be living in caves or huts farming with wooden tools. Risk is a dominant feature of boy/manhood, which is why it’s now considered unacceptable, and why manhood has been replaced with a constantly badgered gender prone to suicide. Like others posting here, I recall the joy of my little league baseball team piling in the back of two or three pickup trucks and riding ten to twenty miles to another small town for a game. We were boys. We were living. Now, all adults involved would be arrested for such diabolical behavior, and our sons would be terrified of such a ride. They’ve been forged into pussies who will never experience living. If any exhibit natural behavior for their gender, they are chemically castrated with psychotropic drugs to make them behave like girls. Those same drugs produce former boys expressing the frustration of their genetic proclivity with insane acts of violence. The death of manhood is the death of the nation.

    • right on JWK!
      While raising my kids I fought the crap every chance I could. Sometimes just for spite. The cops left me alone. Waving to them while riding dirtbikes down the road (in suburbia) with my son, my kid taking out assehole bullies even though ‘they weren’t allowed’, getting sent to the principal 1-2 times a month cause the teachers were trying to spew their shit (and winning every time), etc……. During the first meeting with the principal(s), my only comments were “you can ask him(her) that, repeat”. “I have nothing to say, don’t ever call for me again, my son/daughter can handle their own issues/problems.” They never did again.
      My kids and their friends were allowed and encouraged to take risks, and allowed and encouraged to fail (and pay the consequences of such).
      I’m happy to report that my son and daughter, and the majority of their friends (they pretty much lived at my house) turned out pretty awesome, real men and real woman. It can be done, but it was hard work. Nothing good in life is easy.
      Many of the parents come to me (and my wife) today and say ‘thank god for your ‘life lessons’, it worked’.

      • Hi Chris,

        Amen to all you’ve written!

        One of the best – most valuable – experiences of my life was going on “death marches” in Boy Scouts, led by my buddy’s dad, who was an old hard-ass Korean War vet. He treated us 13 and 14 year old boys like men. He expected us to not be pussies. And so, we weren’t. We did things that today would surely have resulted in our being placed in child protective services – and “the Old Bastard,” as we called him (affectionately) – in jail.

        I am so grateful I was born just in time. Before it all turned to you-know-what.

        • It’s still being done today like ‘the old bastard’, just a lot less.
          And the busybodies don’t stand a chance against the old bastards and their offspring. Even when they were too young to understand how to fight back, I still wouldn’t do it myself, and just teach them how/what to say/do, and most importantly, why.
          You’ll love this: my son and daughter who are now in college fight back harder than I ever imagined. They speak up in class, debate the professors, and frankly go farther than I ever did. Here’s some great examples:
          My daughter had to take a feminism class. She was the only one who said hold on a minute. She now has 4-5 more on her side and fortunately the prof. wants the debate. You would be amazed. I am sooo proud of her. I do worry that she can find a real man to marry with so few around.
          My son goes way beyond: when they announced in HS they were going to allow transgenders in certain bathroom (there were a couple), he posted himself outside the girls bathroom and wouldn’t let the ‘boys’ in. It got elevated and he won the day. He goes way far against his professors now and I say but aren’t you concerned over your grade. “F that dad, my work stands for itself, they can’t deduct a grade for no reason”.
          The sad part is they are both usually 1 against the room, but as we learned in HS, by the end of the semester/year they have buy-ins. I have a little hope.
          My son can handle himself but my daughter is very petite and has already been attacked physically, but she hangs with a sports team tough guys so they’ve got her back. She just said to me “dad I’m gonna take some MMA classes” ……….. wow.

          • I hope you don’t live in Virgin….ia, the govt. of homos and Bloomberg money. I suspect the 90 some odd counties that didn’t vote for this shit won’t stop MMA classes nor firearms training. I hope they don’t anyway.

        • And those “death marches” weren’t a big deal, just the normal way to do things. It’s hard for me to put a finger on it, but it seems like today people do things like that for the showboating not because it is just the way it is done. Maybe a variation on the participation trophy effect.

          • Hi RK,

            Adults do them – as you say, for the showboating. “Extreme” this and “extreme” that. The flailings of a dying culture. Meanwhile, kids – as a rule – are treated like veal calves and the results are predictable.

            • “the failings of a dying culture”
              So true………..
              I guess the only hope is rural communities keep up their morals, and the ‘cities’ will eventually eat their own.
              Witnessing both.

  21. Probably not going to believe this but sometimes I rode a horse to elementary school,,, NO, I’m not that old!,,, but we lived way out in the boonies in Arizona. Bunch of us even took our 22s to school for after school Jack Rabbit hunting. Talk about fun!

  22. I went to grammar school in the ’50s. Dad took the train to work, mom took the car to her job. Brothers and I walked five city blocks to and from school every day. Sometimes in the winter we had to ‘post hole’ in the frigid Chicago winter snow. Think of the scene in ‘Christmas Story’. Took lunch boxes and ate lunch in the auditorium.

    I don’t remember the first time I ever saw a booster seat. I never rode in one. My dad’s ’58 chevy didn’t even have seat belts.

    Sure kids are ssssssssafer today but are they better equipped than my generation to avoid snowflakeism?

    • It was different in the 50’s and people drove sanely, they looked where they were going, didn’t take the ROW for granted. I lived that “horrible” life then too. That 1/4 mile to school…..gave us all time to blow off some energy and give each other hell.

      Of course that was in the days when the dirt blew and made the day dark so we all had blacklung and died by the time we were 5.

      There were lots of other horrors back then. Riding in the back of the station wagon not even using a seat but sitting on the obligatory cooler….if you wanted to have anything cold to drink between the towns of Texas that were commonly 40-50 miles apart.

      Oh, the horror of no a/c of which we were unaware. And the walk home in the winter with the ground covered in snow so we were made to run and slide, make snowballs and chunk at each other and occasionally bust our ass. What child cruelty.

      And driving the pickup to school when I was 12, the horror. And when school was over I had to go feed and water, hogs, cattle, goats and have a bb gun fight or two. And when a bunch of us went somewhere, lots of us rode in the back of the pickup. I have no idea why we weren’t killed…..maybe it was because we didn’t fall out?

      We rode in buses with exhaust leaks that sometimes had to stop and let the sickest kids out to regain their breathing and wait for another bus that wasn’t trying to kill us.

      Being in pubic and acting a fool and having a friend of your dad bust your ass for him. The horror.

      Going half a mile to the baseball field and playing games on our lonesome with nary a grown-up near except for the occasional guys who stopped to watch us(and critique us).

      Before I was turned loose with the pickup, we’d all get on our bikes and ride to a quarry where we’d play games with our .22’s and later with our father’s $20 03A3’s and handsful of tracers. Now that was fun, I don’t care who you are.

      Everything I’ve just described is now unlawful and most likely a felony. I really love this country now.

      I wouldn’t even haul my nephews in their car seats cause I had moving pads on the bad seat and X cabs without doors were a pain to take those off, dig around for the seat belts my pitbull didn’t need or want(he’d have just chewed it in half). BTW, don’t buy moving blankets from Harbor Freight. They won’t last a week. Go to the U Haul store and pay a lot more.

  23. “When was the last time you saw a bunch of kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood – by themselves?”
    Almost every day when the weather is good. Some of them even walk (or ride bikes) to and from school (GASP!). Maybe it’s because I live in Mayberry…..
    I’m sure it won’t be long before they get to us here.

  24. Here out in the Aleutian Islands we don’t worry about such things. We drive around without using seatbelts and my older daughter rides as she pleases. My 4 month old is in a car seat, but there will be no booster seat. The police do not bother us. Also, now that I think of it I never did register my wife’s car and my registration is over a year expired on my truck. Weather is far from ideal, but you don’t get hassled and the kids run around here like they did when I was a kid in the 80s.

      • It’s an island. You can probably only drive about five miles and back 🙂

        We don’t mess with any of that stuff either unless we are going out onto the highway which is about ten miles away. Don’t even carry a license.

        When you’re driving down the highway you sometimes see an old pickup parked at a side road. That’s because some kid too young to (legally) drive, drove down to the school bus stop.

        • We have about 8 miles of paved road and about 50 miles of dirt roads. There are several roads that go over various mountain passes to other valleys and beaches.

      • Housing is crazy expensive due to most land being owned by the local native corporation that refuses to sell any land. I have seen about 5 houses come up for sale in the last 2 years. But, a double wide on a piece of land slightly larger than it will sell for about 300 to 400k. Older houses run a bit less, but all the bedrooms are very small, they barely fit a queen size bed with a nightstand on one side. Cost of living is high here, but the pay is good. Plus, there are way more jobs here than people to fill them due to the remoteness and that it is the largest seafood port by volume in the US.

  25. Hey Brent and Swamp,

    Women first sought the vote so they could impose their puritanical values on others. Nothing has changed except that many men now vote, and feel, the same way.


    • It is irrelevant why some women sought the right to vote. They should never have had to seek it in the first place. Any classical liberal with a firm understanding of the non-aggression principle would agree with this point.

      • Hi Julie,

        I agree with Mencken, fundamentally. Voting (as he put it) is basically an advance auction of stolen goods. Ideally – and I concede it may be impracticable given human nature – there would be no voting because there would be no government. Just rules stablished on the basis of individual self-ownership and the property rights which flow from that concept.

        This topic inspired me to write something longer… bear with and stay tuned!

      • The real issue is really “Should those who don’t pay taxes be able to vote, and thus determine the disposition of others wealth, or even how much loot is taken and their obligation to pay it?”.

        And of course, that is a case of the wrong question being asked in order to obtain a predetermined answer, because the very question presupposes the legitimacy of taxation, and of “democracy”.

      • Hi Julie,

        My post was a comment on Democracy and voting, not an attack on women. It does matter why people vote, if the purpose is to take away rights from others, the act is not compatible with the NAP. Prohibition was a big issue for many, though not all, of the suffragettes. I find nothing virtuous about voting to strip others of rights, nor does anyone have a natural right to do so. This critique applies to most voters, not just women.

        “Any classical liberal with a firm understanding of the non-aggression principle would agree with this point”.

        All governments, including democratic ones, violate the NAP. Classical liberals do not apply the NAP to government because they can’t. Some believe that democracy solves the problem because it supposedly provides consent, it does not. Democracy is especially problematic because it provides the appearance of legitimacy, which guarantees the perpetual growth and evasiveness of government. Democracy does not limit government, it empowers it.

        Kind Regards,

      • The vote for all women came very shortly after the vote for all men. The vote for all men was tied to being cannon fodder in the government’s wars.

        The reason voting was restricted to land owners and other crude methods was to require voters to be taxpayers. Even in various old systems women who met the financial requirements voted. That is they had to be net taxpayers. Voting was always tied to some sort of skin in the game. First it was financial then it was then expanded to actual skin (military) and then when all women got the vote it was tied to nothing.

        Furthermore, voting is aggression. What do voters do? They vote to use the state against their neighbors in some way. They vote to control their neighbors. They vote to force their neighbors to fund government services they benefit from.

        So when voting was tied to paying the bills, either financially, physically, or both that kept government from intruding too far. But once it was tied to nothing, then it was much easier to expand government. It’s very easy for someone with no skin in the game to vote for higher taxes, more government intrusion, and so on.

        • And now we have the absurdity of absurdities: Even if we were to assume that government, and thus taxation were legitimate, the idea of letting those who are entirely supported by the redistributed wealth others- welfare recipients- vote, guarantees the destruction of the very system which supports them, as it naturally leads to the election of anyone who will further enrich them by depriving those who fund the system of more and more of their wealth until it is no longer fruitful to be productive or to improve one’s property or increase their wealth- while at the same time enabling the most despotic politicians to gain power and to further whatever other agendas are in their own best interests- and we are now living with the results of just that.

          Between welfare recipients being allowed to vote, and women ,Who are always suckers for wantinjg to “help” the ‘poor’, minorities, children, downtrodden, defenseless rocks, etc- with other people’s money- their ‘charity’ in so far as that goes costing them nothing more than a mark on a ballot, productive men became the minority at the polls, and thus began the march to socialism…and here we are.

  26. In the texts and lectures I’ve read on what was done with regards to schooling in the USA is to create two classes, the managers and the managed. The safety cult plays into it very well. If the safety cult didn’t it would have been squished like a bug on a windshield but it did so that’s how it got traction. The safety nazis don’t control the country, the country is controlled by people who benefit from the safety cult.

  27. Haha, of all the reasons to have kids, this isn’t a big one. When they’re babies, you need some kind of seat, since they flop over, and one benefit of seats is that they let the kid sleep easily in the car, since the side cushions make a nice pillow. However, you most certainly do not have to get five or six seats per kid, usually two will do, the baby seat, and then a booster seat so they can see out the window. As soon as my son could sit, I moved him to a booster (cushion) which simply elevated him so the seat belt was over his shoulder, not on his face. Now that he’s six, he’s allowed to ride in front or without seat, safety nannies be damned. Practically speaking, nobody pulls you over for this stuff. The judgmental parents are much more annoying that the AGW’s in these regards, though you know what can happen if that AGW is out to get you.

    • It used to be two.
      Now the cult pushes that kids have to be in the correct size seat. And of course if the kids are going to stay over with the grandparents then another car seat is needed unless you feel like moving one from car to car. I don’t think many laws require more than two, I haven’t kept up, but the cult is certainly pushing things that way. Oh and they also maintain that the seats are no good after 2-3 years and have to replaced. That is of course the money making aspect of this whole thing which gets the cult support. The idea here is no hand-me-down car seats.

      Ever notice that the same people who preach all this safety also preach protecting the environment but have absolutely no concern about the environmental impact of scrapping stuff?

      • The cult here in California is pushing for rear facing seats until kids are aged five. Seriously?! Where will they put their feet?

  28. Or you can chose to just say no. I did. Even fought the wife over it, I won.
    We called it ‘a put your foot down moment’. This ever-increasing-seat thing till they were dam near grown was one of mine.

  29. When our twins were both 30+ years ago, we had nothing but pickups and trucks. If mom went to town with them, we had two car seats that buckled in the bench seat beside her. But if we as usual went somewhere together, when they were little we had one buckled in an infant seat and the other on the lap of buckled in mom. Later we just buckled them together in the same belt. We took a long winter vacation all the way from CO to TX and back that way, although after that trip we sold one of the pickups and bought a Suburban.

    Last summer I took the grandkids for rides in grampa’s pickup – no kiddie seats of course! We went four-wheeling up fire trails on our property. The somewhat older girls liked it better than the boys. They squealed in delight and wanted to go up and down those steep hills again and again. I also got the girls on our riding mower with the blade not engaged on our big lawn. Too bad my old Case tractor isn’t running anymore. The girls at 7 & 6 were also riding full size horse by themselves in our arena. They also have horses at home and have been taking lessons.

  30. Eric,

    That’s so right. In my old neighborhood, most kids could walk to school in 20-30 minutes, or they could ride their bikes there in 10 or so. Now, they’re BUSSED to school! WTF?! Why can’t the kids walk or ride to school when it’s less than 1.5 miles away?! No wonder why taxes are so high there now…

    I’d see the neuroses of which you speak when I took the back way to work and was unfortunate to be stuck behind a school bus. At the entrance of a subdivision, you’d see the SUVs lined up. When the bus stopped, you’d see all the doors open, and the moms would walk their kids to the bus. I was like, WTF?! They’d take their sweet ass time too! They seem oblivious to the fact that there’s a line of cars behind the bus, and that they too have things to do and places to go. If left to their own devices, the kids wouldn’t take that long if they were waiting at the bus stop in a group like they use to do back in the day.

    Even when the bus stopped a a single house, the kid wouldn’t walk out alone, let alone be waiting along the side of the road for the bus like we used to do. No, Mama would have to walk the kid to the road. These moms would take their time too! WTF do you have to walk your kid to the side of the road? Why can’t you let him wait by himself? If you’re concerned about his safety, why can’t you-gasp-watch from inside the house? You have these things called windows, you know…

    Oh, and it gets better! NJ requires school buses to be replaced after 12 years, while other states let you keep ’em for 15-20. Out of state school districts will often buy used NJ school buses because, for them, they’re still relatively new; for them, they still have years of life in ’em, so they buy ’em.

    Not only would you get in trouble for packing 5 or 6 kids in a car, either. Can you imagine what would happen if you put a group of kids in the back of a pickup? OMG! You’d be arrested, and you’d lose your kids to CPS for child abuse! None of us ever got hurt riding in the back of a pickup back in the day; I never heard of it happening. That begs the question: why was it outlawed in the first place? Why did we put up with this bullshit?

    All I can say is this: I’m glad I’m closer to the end of my life than I am the beginning. I can’t imagine having to live with child safety seats or never experiencing the fun of riding in the back of a pickup on a nice day…

    • Totally agree MM. Got stuck in a school zone with SECONDARY [teen age kids] school kids getting out one day. Took me 45 minutes to move 200 meters due to the crossing moms who held the world at a standstill so the big fat kiddies could waddle across the road. This is Australia btw.

    • And oddly enough, buses have no airbags, no seat belts. Last one I was in had a great big chrome bar on the back or the seat in front of me, right about face height if you are thrown forward.

  31. Maybe Texas isn’t as bad as others (but it’s all evil). A baby seat is required for kids under 4, but the kid can sit up front regardless of airbag if it’s a forward facing seat. At 4 you can use a booster seat as long as there’s shoulder belt; a full seat isn’t required unless there’s no shoulder belt. At 8 they use the adult belt system.

    With two years between kids, unless the wife is spitin’ out twins, a couple of car seats should’ve done; used ones are pretty cheap. Booster seats are few bucks at Goodwill and can fit in a normal car seat position.

    Yeah, no riding on Dad’s lap, though. My kid’s been riding with me in my old Land Rover up front, top off in summer, since an infant. Next year he’ll be able to (legally) ride in back, with inward facing seats.

    • Also in Texas, you cannot be intentionally pulled over for not having a kid in a “proper safety restraint seat”, it can only be tacked on to the initial reason for being pulled over. But I think that is just the State covering their ass and you will be pulled over because of it and a second reason ginned up. HOWEVER. Living in Houston I only see the dumb boobus americanus soccer moms following the car seat rules as the immigrant/lower class just put their kids in their car and go. Cops know this too and don’t enforce the rules on them. Rightfully so! They are the only ones to lose and they won’t be able to pay the ticket. Blonde Betty Suburb mom? She is probably loaded and can be mulcted at will driving her late model Tahoe. I got two kids in baby seats right now. By the time they are 6 they can sit in the seat in the back unhindered depending on size. They aren’t about to be infantilized a second time in some other seat. Young boys reach a stage in life they do not want to be seen with their mommy or strapped down for safety and I am not going to inflict my son with that humiliation. He can ride in the front on short trips or I’ll let him sit in my lap around the neighborhood as the cops around us are unlikely to ticket us for that, for now I think. I have seen the “belt lowering device” that isn’t a booster seat but just lowers the belt to a kid shoulder. It is cheaper than a new booster so I’m sure it is illegal somehow.

      Eric, I totally understand the notion about having kids but my biological desires outdrove my fear of the state and whatever totalitarian hell hole this shit heap is going to be in the future. I figure I can set my kids right and hope for the best and equip them with the mental tools they need. After that they are on their own. Remember, statists are reproducing like rabbits.

      • This. Statists are reproducing like rabbits.

        The powers that be have managed to make reproduction difficult, uncomfortable, dangerous, financially devastating to white males- to real Americans. Meanwhile third world peasants pump out kids like our ancestors did- a dozen per female. And the fecundity of Africa and the middle east is appalling.

        By the system of man rape, by the “child support” racket-our society is being genocided. By treating kids as a liability rather than an asset- by treating whites and males as a liability rather than the most effective combination of ability and effort on the planet- civilization is dying.

        The nanny state is a symptom- femmunism- brought about by the twin evils of envy and jealousy, stoked by marxist thought memes- is the proximate cause.

        Regardless of all the technical problems with this country- for the first hundred years we were mostly free. True- there was slavery- it was a minor issue and would have died out naturally with technical progress- so f***ing what.

        Then came the suffragettes. And until we all reclaim our lost manhood- and stand up and say no and kill and die to make it stick- until that day human civilization is doomed.

        • The suffragettes. I viscerally despise them. The ones who have fucked up every presidential election (save for two) since FDR. The original suffragettes looked like today’s pussyhat screechers. They were one and the same. They were dykes.

          • Swamp, you broke the code. The roots of the “womens’ lib” movement are to be found in the suffragettes of the 19th century, not with the 1960s bra burners as many today seem to believe.

            • Yeah, and ((who)) do you think was most instrumental in creating, funding, managing, and otherwise supporting the various waves of feminism such as NOW – along with various other “progressive” movements like marxism, globalism, anti-racism, White-dispossession, gay marriage, transgenderism, income and property taxation, mandatory public schooling, militarization of police, endless warfare in the ME at the behest of our greatest ally, and the ultimate enabler of these tyrannies – our fiat debt money system.

              • Yes – wherever you find these kind of things going on, invariably you will find the white christians right in the middle of them!

                • Yeah, white Christians have such a long history of international banking and societalk manipulation.

                  After all, it was the white Christians who chased from 150 different countries for their subversive monetary and political policies, and who now control the media……

                  Those Rothchilds sure are some good Christianfolk.

                  Hey, look! There goes a flying pig! (And I don’t mean a copper in a helicopter)

                  • Yes, white christians do have a very long history of perfidy right up to this day, which is readily apparent to anyone who takes an unbiased look at history rather than trying to blame others for problems created and/or sustained by their own brethren.

                  • Yeah, those White Christians…..not those middle east Jews and Palestianians who have the exact same DNA, just a different radical religion.

                    • Come on 8, do I really have to trot out Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Mellons, and the many others who share the same DNA and religion, as well as the same desires for control and stolen wealth? The treatment of American Indians? The atom-bombing of a nation trying to surrender? Just a small sampling.

                      People are just people wherever you go, with the same capacity for good and evil. It is necessary to accept the bad along with the good and, like most groups (if one is into collectivism), White Christians bring their own fair share of both to the table.

                    • Awww, Jason, C’mon now. As I’ve said before, all of them guys were just flashes in the pan in a brief period of history of barely 100 years, And if you trace their money and backers, it leads to one place…i.e. the cabal connected by genetics and a Babylonian perversion of the Biblical religion, who have been at their craft two millennia throughout the world.

                      And Christianity is a religion, not an ethnicity;l and there is nothing Christian about the dudes you mentioned, except in so far as the public image some chose to convey.

                      Jason, I’ve always thought you were spot-on on just about everything you say on here…if you’d just admit the truth on this subject, you’d be just about perfect!

                    • Sorry, Nunz, I’m just not seeing it. You can certainly trace “issues” with what Christians have done way further back than those guys, these are just the ones responsible for our immediate situation here in the U.S. I see no reason to give “the Christians” a pass on that basis.

                      I don’t buy the idea that they are “not really Christians” either. Using the same standard used for others, if they were born into a Christian background, then they are Christians. I don’t buy the double standard applied to Christians vs. Jews, or anyone else.

                      If the Joooos have been at it longer, that is only because that religion predates by a good many years the day that some guy got himself nailed to a tree for saying that people should be nice to each other for a change.

                      (I’m a born-again heathen myself, adhering to the philosophy that a man without religion is like a fish without a bicycle. Perhaps that’s why I don’t give anyone a pass on their misdeeds, Christians included.)

                    • Nunz, I meant to add that on an anecdotal basis I’ve been in business for myself for a very long time and worked for a lot of people. Never had a problem getting paid by my Jewish customers. In fact the only guy that ever screwed me out of money was a hell-for-leather, fire-breathing, Bible-quoting, Born-Again, Washed in the Blood of Jesus Baptist.

                    • Ah. I am a Jew. And yet we’ve bonded. By our chemically induced love for our dogs. Perhaps we can bond some more and discuss this matter.

                    • Hey Jason,

                      Jou said 🙂 “if they were born into a Christian background, then they are Christians. I don’t buy the double standard applied to Christians vs. Jews,”.

                      Ah, but it’s not a double standard. One can be born a Jew, even if they come from a long line of atheists [As the elite cabal are]- Since “Jew” can refer to an ethnicity or a religion. One can be a Jew without being a practitioner of Judaism; and one can even be a practitioner of Judaism without being ethnically a Jew, correct? [Think Sambo Davis Jr.]

                      But there is no ethnicity known as “Christian”. There are ethnicities whose cultures may embrace a form of that religion to one degree or another….but as a Christian is technically a follower of Christ, I don’t quite see Nelson Rockyfellow or Abraham Lincoln quite doing the works of Christ… [“Abraham” Lincoln? Hey, wait…that’s one of their names! 😉 ]

                    • Nunz, likewise anyone can become a Jew if they so desire, in fact those tend to be a lot more gung-ho about it. I know a few who have converted, primarily due to marriage. (It’s easier for women for obvious reasons. 🙂 )

                      It is likely that Abe Lincoln and the Rockefeller crew observed Easter and Christmas which should certainly qualify them, and they likely thought in a twisted way that they were doing good. (David Rockefeller certainly thought so in his memoirs.) Though if you wan to include racial ethnicity one can always specify “White Christians”. 🙂

                    • Awww, gee, Jason, I hear you on that! I stay away from those “born again” nuts!

                      They’re really neither Christian or anything else….just indoctrinated by modern charlatans- and they’re usually heavily Zionist as well.

                      My late crazy Aunt Mary was one. She gave $10K [she was a secretary who saved her money and lived cheaply in a two-room apartment] to some fool as an investment in the 70’s (that was good money then) who was going to build a “Christian amusement park”…. WTH?@! Of course, the guy declared bamkruptcy and moved to FL, and Aunt Mary never saw her money again……

                      Oh man…does that bring back memories! She’d go to “prayer meetings” with all of these people who were half nuts- would tells us how wonderful they were. Turns out, some old lady’s daughter whom they’d been praying for for years, was happily married to a mafioso!

                      Like I’ve said before, human nature knows no geographical or genetic bounds……but there is ONE group (a faction of a group) who consider themselves the rightful rulers of this world, and who have been working for a couple of thousand years to achieve a coheisve plan…and that plan is coming to fruition before our eyes.

                      Why else would the ruler of the world’s superpower (DLT) suddenly issue an executive order which essentially makes criticism of Israel on college campuses a crime? Do you think that he just woke up one morning and decidied to do that of his volition? It’s ABSURD when you think about it, the way this country has served the Jews with a good part of it’s GDP and the lives of it’s people while sacrificing our liberties and doing absurd things which are against our own interests and laws? Please tell me why this is, and why what that tiny artificial nation in the Mid-East does, is of such importance to us to warrant our undivided interest and servitude for nearly a century.

                    • Hey Julie,

                      According to a cousin of mine who did a little genealogical research, I probably have a little Jew in me, too [I hope it’s not Woody Allen! 😮 :D] from our ancestors back in It-lee(Italy).

                      No problem with the average work-a-day Jew on the street….it’s just the elite cabal- like the ones who control Hollywood, etc.

                      Like most groups, the ones at the very top…and the ones at the very bottom are the problems…..the ones in between are just regular people, right?

                      Hey, my brother-in-law is half a Jew! [I think my sister married his Italian half though 😀 -Poor guy…he lost, either way!]

                    • Hell Jason, Hell’s Angels observe Christimas…it’s a cultural tradition thing…totally secularized. The Puritans had even outlawed it in New England. [I personally will have nothing to do with it, since it’s complete paganism with merely the name of Christ appended]

                    • Nunz, I know what you’re saying but I just don’t see any kind of conspiracy going on for thousands of years. (There are others who argue just as passionately that it’s the Masons, or the Iluminati, or maybe even the Underpants Gnomes.) There is more than enough evil in the hearts of men in more recent times to account for what we are going through. Occam’s razor applies.

                      As far as Trump’s inane proclamation, aside from the fact it would probably never survive a constitutional challenge, it is yet another “protected group” (like blacks, homos, trannies, and others) that one is not permitted to criticize on campus. College campuses are increasingly “safe spaces” for the snowflakes.

                      As far as Israel is concerned, as I have said before I believe that we fund them to do our dirty work in the region, but they of course have ideas and ambitions of their own. That’s what tends to happen when one criminal organization does business with another. There is no honor among thieves.

                      I personally believe we should terminate all foreign aid to everyone (Israel included) and get the hell out of the Middle East and let those people play out their millenia-old passions and hatreds on their own. It’s way past time to leave the baggage of the ancient world behind.

                    • Right Nunz, basically the already existing
                      Pagan winter celebration was ‘rebooted’ as “Christmas” to bring the Pagans aboard with a big party every year. (You mean there were no pine trees in ancient Judea?)

                      Well it’s getting pretty late and I have jobs to do in the morning. Interesting stuff to discuss, though not much to do with libertarianism or cars, I’m afraid. 🙂

                • Jason, just making a point. Look at the supposed Christians and the Jews just in the Shrub’s bad company. No religion has a lock on evil.

                  • “No religion has a lock on evil.”

                    That’s the whole point. There are evil people who come from all backgrounds. The only reason I feigned blaming “the Christians” en masse to point out how ludicrous that kind of collectivist thought is, particularly when it comes to blaming one group of people while ignoring the misdeeds of others.

                    I take people as they come. Dirtbags are dirtbags whether they are Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, or whatever.

          • Suffragettes had a slogan, The vote for women, chastity for men or something like that. But I am not supposed to know that with the dozens of other things I learned from long ago that explain the way things are today.

            • They are a vile lot. They are taking what remains of our society and throwing it in the trash. Looking at them, back in the 1800’s you might want to be chaste, except they were pulling women into their lesbian camps, hence my visceral anger at them.

              • That’s OK. They are already starting to whine and complain that “there are no more good men out there”, lol! Truth is, they have just destroyed the society that engenders the qualities of a good man, and, as good men, we don’t wish to be used, abused, and sucked dry by their type any longer. My question would be “where have all the good women gone”? It’s mythology, and the answer is, there aren’t enough left to risk finding out which type you just met, because odds are, they aren’t interested in being the “partner” you would hope for.

                • They complain but refuse to do what is necessary to resolve the condition. In fact they are doubling down in order not to.

                  Of course the laws aren’t getting changed either.

              • That might be all required to bring on the succession of Wyoming whose “equality state” moniker is based.
                When suffrage is finally rationalized, it will be based on ones passage of a citizenship test similar to the one that naturalized citizens had to take and pass.
                Suffrage should be based on nothing more than understanding the Declaration and Constitution, not on gender, age, nationality, or any other discrimination.

              • I certainly love women but, for the most part, they don’t use a great deal of logic. I don’t mean to include every woman in that statement.

                I suppose the when of women has a great deal to do with it. When I was growing up, the older women had good heads on their shoulders. Not to say some still don’t but they’re hard to find.

                Of course, I suppose the same could be said about men to some degree.

          • I also lay the rise of the Mob in the USA at their feet. The same screeching harpies that brought us Suffrage brought us Prohibition. It’s no accident the “patroness” of the prohibition movement was Carrie Nation, not Claude Nation. What guy back then wanted to eliminate the possibility of legally ducking into the local for a quick pint before heading home?

        • “And until we all reclaim our lost manhood- and stand up and say no and kill and die to make it stick- until that day human civilization is doomed.”

          Unlikely. Too many cucks, simps, and soy boys. We’re a minority.

          • True, but irrelevant. They don’t count. They count on calling us names and scolding us for not being nice, and on their bought and paid for lawfare enforcers. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

        • The pussyhat contingent’s representatives in the 2017 congress all wore white during presidential addresses. They are vile people. Like they ever had a struggle in the history of this country. We have been too kind to these vermin. It might sound like I despise all women. I don’t. Just these types.


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