The End of the American Car?

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Next year may be your last chance to buy an American car.

Not the brand. The type.

Arguably, there is only one company still selling American cars. Big, rear-wheel-drive cars with nothing smaller than a V6 under the hood – without a big price. Or at least a price that average Americans can still manage.

That company is – was – FiatChrysler. Which company just merged with a French car company, Peugot, that specializes in small-engined, small cars.

And electric cars.

Peugot just announced something foreboding, if you can read between the lines – and if you are a Deplorable who esteems big, big-engined non-electric American cars like the Chrysler 300, the Dodge Charger and Challenger.

These three (and they’re basically one – because they share a common platform) sell well even though they are old. In fact, they probably sell well because they are old. And are the apotheosis of what’s new . . . like the current crop of being forced-down-our-throats small-engined and electric cars that couldn’t do a burnout without the assistance of a JATO rocket.

The last major update of the 300/Charger/Challenger platform happened more than a decade ago, when it was still feasible to build American cars – and sell them to average Americans. Today, it is possible to build cars that are similar to American cars in layout – large, rear-drive and available with big engines. But they come with a luxury car badge.

And a big price – which most Americans can’t afford.

This price reflects the cost of low production/high margins – as opposed to mass production and low margins.

And the cost of compliance.

It is very difficult to build lots of big cars with big engines and sell them at modest prices to lots of people because of Uncle’s fuel-efficiency billy stick, which punishes any car company that dares to build big-engined big cars with “gas guzzler” taxes. These taxes are designed to make big cars with big engines harder to sell to lots of people, because most people haven’t got lots of money to spend on cars.

A luxury-car company like Mercedes can make a go of selling 800 or so S-Class sedans (on average) per month because MB can charge – and get – six figures (to start)  for each S-Class.

Low production – high margin.

It doesn’t matter much whether the car costs $10k more – or less – as the people who buy S-Class Benzes don’t sweat such small (for them) sums.

But it’s a lot harder to make money on volume selling 300s and Chargers and Challengers when the compliance costs make such cars hard to sell to average Americans, for whom an extra $5,000 added to the MSRP is a financial bridge too far.

Mass production – low margins.

But without the mass, the margins evaporate. The car soon follows.

FiatChrysler also has to worry about the Affordability Effect on its other cars – which become harder to sell when their prices go up due to the shifting of the costs of compliance. FCA can keep the price of the 300/Charger/Challenger from rising to some degree by raising the price of its other models to some degree – to offset those costs of compliance.

But even that can only go on for so long.

Uncle is ratcheting up the costs of complying. If the Orange Man doesn’t prevent it, cars that don’t average close to 50 MPG just five years from now will cost much more to buy than they do now – when they only have to average about 36 MPG before the “gas guzzler” fines kick them in the soft spots.

And cars like the 300/Charger/Challenger can never comply with regs demanding “zero emissions” (defined as zero “carbon” emissions – from the tailpipe) regardless of the cost. Not without becoming something very different.

Which probably explains why these American cars are going away – or so it looks like.

The French company that now controls the last car company still selling these American cars announced last week that two-thirds of all the cars its will make in the future will be built off of just two platforms – neither of these being suitable for building American cars.

The first platform – EMP2 – will be for compact/mid-sized cars; it is already being used for European Peugot models like the 3008 (a compact-sized crossover), the Citroen C5 (Citroen is also part of the Peugot  conglomerate) and the Opel (ex-GM brand) Grandland.

The second – CMP – for compact/subcompact cars, is used for the underthings of models like the DS3 (a Mini Cooper-like model) and Opel Corsa.

None of these models comes with a big engine.

All of them are also front-wheel-drive.

No mention was made about the future of full-sized, rear-drive cars like the 300/Charger and Challenger. Which strongly suggests there is no future for them, beyond the selling of the current iterations however much longer Uncle allows it.

PSA – the new combine which subsumes Fiat and Chrysler under the Peugot brand – says it “doesn’t anticipate” closing the plants where the last American cars are still being built for now – but did say that it will be “up for discussion” sometime next year.

One can imagine what is being discussed right now.

Barring some kind of miracle – which may happen if the Orange Man manages to beat off the people doing their utmost to get rid of him and the American car – the regulatory apparat will make it economically and (if that doesn’t do the trick) legally impossible to sell cars like the 300/Charger/Challenger by 2030 – the date set forth by Greta, et al for the culmination of the “climate crisis.” Long before we get there, America will likely have gone Europe and established IC engine No Go zones, or applied punishing “polluter pays” taxes/registration fees.

Given this prospect, it would be ruinous to invest money in a rear-drive/big engined new platform for a new 300/Charger/Challenger, which would never be recovered. Would you buy a house that you knew going in would almost certainly be ordered torn down decades before you finished paying the mortgage off?

You’d have to be stupid – and PSA isn’t. Home products and new deals from them are great, too.

Gather ye big-engined American cars, while ye may.

. . .

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    • Hi Brazos,

      Yup. It’s crazy, isn’t it? The cars that sell aren’t PC… and so they stop selling them. FCA (Peugot) may continue selling the current Charger/300/Challenger for another couple of years in the same basic configuration. But that can’t last forever because the current configuration eventually won’t comply with the newest ssssssssssaaaaaaafety or “emissions” (C02) standards and will have to be redesigned in order to be compliant with them… which means a very different kind of Charger/300/Challenger… and probably no Charger/300/Challenger at all.

      • Muh God Nissans Q4 and 2019 sales report is a sea of red. Surprisingly the only thing that didn’t lose too many sales is the massive V8 Armada/QX80 (poor mans Tahoe). Seen a bunch of new ones on the road. If the cheapo auto dealer is doing this poor things must be bad or Nissan is truly selling garbage these days. BMW and the luxury brands (GMC denali) are all seeing steady or even upticks in sales. So confusing, halo and luxury brands doing better, cheapo cars doing worse.

  1. If I had the money, which I don’t, I’d go buy the nastiest Challenger I could find. Instead I’ll stick with my two old trucks.

    Plan B is my 4 wheeler, golf cart (gas) and my bike, which I have an electrifying kit coming for. I will stay mobile somehow.

  2. Jason,

    First, not gonna rise to the bait, you’re going to have to do better than re-hashing a Blazing Saddles taunt of “Where da white wimmen at?”

    You wrote:
    “mixtures of all the above that have done quite well for themselves, their families, and their communities by adopting American culture.”

    Yes, that they have.

    I ask you, what is “American Culture”?

    I define it as a belief in the individual, the power of people to make their lives better without strangling government. Limited government, individual rights, property rights, thrift, hard work, industry and providing for family and children.

    Now, you do realize that every single one of those virtues is denounced in halls of academia, in government, its media organs and in popular culture as racist, Eurocentric, white, patriarchal oppression, right?

    The Bolsheviks and Latter Day Jacobins currently running amok have done a brilliant job of taking Marxist class theory and replacing it with ethnic theory. See, government owning the means of production and workers united to overthrow the Bourgeois really doesn’t play all too well, when even the poorest among us can manage a car and cel phone and flat screen TVs and all the rest.

    Now, I could go on to post literally thousands of articles, studies, speeches, clips, academic papers and so on that make it very clear that if the Bolsheviks and Jacobins are successful, that they have every intention of taking white, western European stock white folks, like me and my family and making us at best, second class citizens (in the nation may family helped build and have called home for over three hundred years) and at worse, outright, for real, mass grave genocide.

    I don’t have to do that, anybody who is paying attention knows that is the case and “they” are getting louder and more brazen every day.

    I’m sorry if it offends your sensibilities that I make it very clear I do not want that for me or more importantly, my children. Having a past and a history and culture that is yours and that you can live and thrive in and contribute to, to carry on into the future is the greatest gift you can give the next generation. It is one that is being systematically robbed by these same leftist forces. It’s no wonder suicide and depression and drugging for same is at such astronomically high numbers. Take that birthright away, indoctrinate into everybody’s head that they are nothing but pointless atoms of protoplasm, with no past, no future, no roots, no heritage, nothing to build and inspire and encourage them, and this is what you get.

    You wrote:
    “The people primarily responsible for this are white christians, particularly christian and catholic charity organizations.”

    You are 100% correct. They are doing their level best to usher in the new polyglot order that you are anxiously looking forward to, I’m assuming so that they can usher in the thousand year reign of Christ.

    Sadly, because of their self-loathing they fail to see that in this new order, they will cease to exist.

    They also fail to take heed to their own holy book that says the ultimate deceiver will come as one who will do the very things they are hoping for.

    To address the subject that brought this exchange about: do you believe that people have the right to associate freely with whom they want and to exclude whomever they want, for any reason or no reason at all?

    If not, why not?

    • When I was in high school (not terribly long ago), the blacks had their own table in the cafeteria. Same with the Vietnamese kids. I never once thought they were being racist by preferring to sit with their own people. I thought it was perfectly natural. It is natural.

      The left’s push for multiculturalism and miscegenation completely defies nature. I mean, how many white men have the desire to procreate with black women? According to the left, you’re a despicable racist if you don’t find the other races sexually appealing.

  3. Sorry just saw something on youtube and had to rant – didn’t know where else to go. Its not just the American car thats ending – even the fun to drive relatively affordable European car is now mostly gone. Just saw a youtube clip from CNBC about the decline of BMW. All the analyst on the show attribute it to being down to BMW not investing enough in electric cars, and that BMW can never be like Tesla, etc etc…

    not one said that a BMW is no longer a fun “ultimate driving machine” as it once was. And not one mention of how expensive they have become! Almost 15 years ago when I moved to the UK you could get into an M3 for 30k. Today its about 60k!!! But nobody mentions that !! Forget all the whiny annoying crap that reduces the driving fun of a modern BMW and makes them more like any other generic appliance for getting from point A to B…

  4. I have a friend who refers to the new EVs as Coal-Guzzlers, since that’s what is ultimately fueling them. I wonder if we’ll get coal taxes applied to the EVs? Surely if they get their way and force us into EVs, they’ll have to shift the gasoline taxes they’ll lose into something else. How else will they pay for the few potholes they claim fix.

    On the other hand, the recent agreements in Russia, Ukraine, and so on will lower the price of natural gas by as much as 1/2, so perhaps that’s where we’re heading. Who’d of thunk it, the Russians are more market oriented than US. I read they especially liked Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose book. Putin sure seems like a better world leader than anything we’re likely to ever see here. Perhaps our next car might come from Russia or China.

    • Hi ET,

      EVs are just a stalking horse being used to corral personal mobility. The intention is to dramatically reduce the number of cars in private hands and to restrict/control the ones which are. If these people are successful in forcing non-EVs off the roads and the only option is an EV it will suddenly be discovered that EVs are also a “problem” as regards the “climate crisis” precisely because they do result in carbon dioxide “emissions.”

      And you’re right in re Putin and Russia – it’s freer there in real, everyday terms than it is here.

      • Also the goal is to make gasoline stations less and less profitable so that any holdout have no place to fuel. Eventually even the larger gas retailing chains will be forced to close locations even after eliminating unsuccessful rivals. No mom and pops will be left in that business at all.

        • Hi Habla,

          Yes, I agree… that will be next (and soon). They will use the same method – accusations of “climate change” to justify onerous regs and more taxes… in the manner of ammunition taxes/restrictions and so on.

  5. Why would Mercedes have gone to the trouble of changing their Eurovan over to gasoline if they wouldn’t be able to sell them in America? If they can sell them, so will Ford, Nissan, and Ram be able to sell them. If they can be sold new, they will resell used.
    If you want an American car, you better get used to having a light van instead, if you want an engine you won’t have to help push it down the road.
    I don’t have any use for a vehicle that I can’t live comfortably in, and the repos are about to begin on a glut of class B RVs, based on the Eurovans being made by Mercedes, Ford, Nissan, and Ram. What ‘cha gonna live in when your house gets repoed?
    If you are wondering what “set me off”, it was the appearance of large numbers of full-size vandwellers in my winter home this year, finally.

    • “What ‘cha gonna live in when your house gets repoed?”

      Repo’ed? My house is paid for. I am more concerned with disgusting property taxes and schrool taxes which go up just because some government parasite increases the supposed value. Even a RV will cease to be viable when registration fees for IC operated vehicles AND fuel for them sky rocket. There are no work arounds.

      • Your mortgage might have been retired, but as long as you pay what economists call rent, the occupancy cost of property, you will never pay for your house. There are always workarounds, as long as you are willing to use them. Your refusal to use them is not attributable to an absence of them. There are a lot of homeless people here that carry their homes on their back. I’ve seen a couple who have built trailers they pull behind their bicycles.

        • “but as long as you pay what economists call rent, the occupancy cost of property, you will never pay for your house

          Exactly! Which is why we Americans will NEVER EVER “”OWN”” anything.

          The homeless I have talked to are that way because debt. Buying 2 – 500,000 dollar homes and having the latest high tech car with little or no job security is insane but it’s done everyday and creating more homeless and drug addicts.

          Some say Americans are rich. You’re not rich if you have to use a credit card to pay your way. Same for government that is printing a trillion a year now.

          When this sh*t show crashes chances are we’ll all be homeless!

          • I freely admit to being unconventionally homeless.
            My homelessness is based on the federal government’s definition of such as found on their HHS website. Under that definition, large numbers of people are made homeless who would never call themselves not think of themselves as such.
            Since I am not functionally homeless, I prefer to refer to myself as a vandweller, because I am so deliberately, not by default, although I have lived down by (the) river:-)
            Government doesn’t print as much currency as it used to. Since 70%+ of consumer spending is done without currency, the absence of it allows the Fed to hide much of the increase in indebtedness on paper and in computer memory. I have been seeing signs of a deflationary collapse approaching, with the condition of the average one dollar FRN in decline. Those of us who function entirely in cash when making in person purchases are the first to see when infusions of new notes occur, and they have been appearing in multiples of one and five dollar notes at self-checkout terminals. Beyond the new and sticky condition of the bills, they are sequentially numbered.
            I’ve been seeing a significant increase in the number of full-size vandwellers among the snowbirds this season along with an increase in sign fliers among the truly homeless. Those who are in debt would be well advised to get out while they can which their property and their self-respect.

  6. Here’s another thing…..
    Have a look at the gasoline feed hose to the car at the top picture. They used to be nearly thrice the diameter and would fill a twenty gallon tank in less than half of the time that the pipettes that they all come with now. Putting twelve gallons to fill up took less than half of the time that it does now.

  7. Duh for me as I do not get Chrysler cars. My experience is admittedly limited to a ’70 Roadrunner 383, or whatever that displacement was. It was a total POS with terrible seats and trim and bodywork. I had to drive the thing from Madison, capitol city to Fort Lauderdale in one stretch because I had the driver seat and the poor bastards had the rear seats. I always found Chrysler stuff to be cheap and crude. A ’55 Buick would have been better for the task.
    I can see why some of you want a perhaps decent V8 RWD car. I will take the last of the RWD two seaters as they have little room for womyn that carry a steamer trunk for a weekend and a proper pointing dog will never complain about having no top.

  8. Here in SoCal we already have mandated “no burn days” for fireplaces, thanks to SCAQMD.
    Takes very little imagination to envision “no drive days” for ic powered motor vehicles in our dystopian future.

  9. When I was a teenager in the 60’s my older brother’s friends all had rich parents and they all drove new big-engined RWD cars. Z-28s, Dart GTSs, and many more similar cars were their norm. They used to let me ride along all the time, and it was always a blast! I miss those cars and those rides.

  10. Back in the 1970s all the crazies were demeaning everyone who used a paper bag at the grocery store claiming we would deforest the world. Around the same time they were weeping about the coming ice age. Now the ice age threat has gone through global warming to climate change. The plastic bags that were substituted for the paper bags, to save the forests, has turned into a real disaster and the “Activists” now demand that you use paper bags again. I can’t help but wonder about all the hysteria over CO2 and switching to electric cars. What sort of a disaster will this bring? I can only conclude that all these imagined disasters are nothing more than control and distraction operations. Today it’s paper or plastic, ice age or baking and flooding, IC engines vs electric. Tomorrow what is it going to be? Big houses, big families, private ownership? I noticed that someone in Virginia (I think it was) has their knickers in a knot because the suburbs are nearly all rich white people and we all know how bad that is.
    Makes you want to buy a Telsa (On credit), put it on auto pilot and point it toward the open highway while you take a nap.

    • And all the while, they turn up their nose at canned vegetables, meat and milk. Instead opting for frozen (requiring constant refrigeration) or worse, fresh from wherever the growing season is. Talk about carbon footprint! I’ve had cans of vegetables in my pantry for years without any problem. Compare that to fresh vegetables that I’m lucky if they last a week in the refrigerator. Yet we’re constantly berated for buying canned food and told it is somehow unhealthy.

      • That’s because canned food is the ultimate survival food! It reduces our dependence on the farming cartel; hence why TPTB wants to do away with it.

    • If you don’t want a Tesla, the Chinese will be happy to pick up their brand new model 3s at the factory in Shanghai without the import tariff added.
      The gold-backed yuan will finish off the petrodollar.

    • That “someone” wants to give the state a mandate to build Section Ape housing in the burbs so that everyone can enjoy the joys of die-versity.

      Let it be so. Maybe then the libtards can live with the results of their idiocy.

  11. You could have shortened the title to read…The End of America. It is unfolding this very minute. Controlled by diversicrats, scum bag socialists, wimpy liberals, snowfakes, equality idiocy, and the brain dead (AOC types). America is doomed and there is no going back. Actually 2032 is year in which it all ends…at least this chapter in the American saga that peaked in the late 1700s, and not because of fake global warming. The cycle of economic confidence is turning as China will become the big dog on the block.

  12. Hi Eric,

    “Would you buy a house that you knew going in would almost certainly be ordered torn down decades before you finished paying the mortgage off?”

    Would you buy a luxury seafront house that you knew going in would almost certainly soon be covered in water? Methinks they don’t really believe it.


    • Hi Jeremy!

      Yup; like the Obamas? Who recently bought a huge spread on Martha’s Vineyard, an island that will son be inundated… if the “climate crisis” is real?

      Sometimes, it’s hard to get out bed because of all of this. It makes one’s teeth ache…

    • Obama’s deal with China on CO2 tells us he nor those he serves believe it. Because if they really believed it they would never allow China to increase to the levels the deal allows. All their actions say they don’t really believe it.

    • Why would you buy a seafront house when the Dutch-designed dockhouses are going to be all the rage?
      Their country has been becoming marine since long before Algore’s granddaddy was born.
      One of the advantages of living on wheels is the ability to move to a better place to live whenever you want, even if it is just down by the river.

      • Hi Vonu,

        I don’t understand the desire to have a palatial mansion. My goal is to radically downsize, build a tiny house with a detached Quonset hut big enough for my shop. I’d build the tiny house around the kitchen, leaving just enough space for a pull down bed and a small study room.


  13. The goal of the Sociopaths In Charge, and their willing slave subjects, is to get us all into “public” housing, and not driving at all. Forcing us into a life of subsistence so they can maintain there luxury and freedom in spite of the economic failure they created. Soylent Green, less the “climate change”.

    • Actually, several cities and states have basically outlawed single family dwellings. For example, Minnesota passed such a law that goes into effect today. The reasoning behind the legislation boiled down to suburbs are the domain of single family dwellings and are predominately white aka therefore racist. Never mind that blacks and hispanics also live in the suburbs. This isn’t about race, it is about control and power. No single family dwellings, no privacy.

        • Only dumbass honkies such as yourself believe IT IS ABOUT RACE. Gotta love the aryan chucklehead penchant for proof by assertion, as though shouting it in ALL CAPS makes it so!

          The Good News is that the white race is doomed. Not due to deliberate genocide as you aryan imbeciles believe, but by increased intermarriage as people with brains and sense realize that race doesn’t matter. Your descendants will be a light-to-medium tan as all “races” blend together. Not a damned thing you can do about it. (Perhaps the Chinamen will retain some distinctive features since there are so many of them.) It is delicious in the extreme to see you guys squirm.

          • Dude, your obsessive race issues make you look foolish. Give it a rest.

            The hypocrisy of displayed in your posts must escape you.

            • Dude, it is the white supremacist/aryan warrior/bigots who are obsessed with race. I just enjoy rubbing their noses in it, as one would rub the nose of an errant puppy in its own turds.

            • Anon,

              Pretty sure that Jason has never initiated a post on race, he merely makes fun of those who are obsessed with race.


              • Correct-a-mundo Jeremy. Admittedly it is probably a character flaw to be fascinated by loathesome individuals who harbor utterly and completely contemptible philosophies and worldviews. Really they are best ignored and permitted to simply wallow in their own filth – but I somehow I just can’t help myself.

          • So, at least Flinders is honest about his hoped for and, to him anyway, ultimate Caucasian genocide.

            Because that is what awaits those of us who refuse to be part of his glorious future of a mindless, helpless, hopeless polyglot mass of humanity with no past, no future and nothing more than an endless present of of government approved consumption and debt to look forward to.

        • SPQ,

          So white people, who are very well represented in the campaign to achieve control and power by terrifying “normal” folks with phantom scares, are really just seeking genocide for themselves? Why would they do such a thing? Perhaps it’s the Joos, pulling strings and tricking otherwise good, white Christians to do their bidding?


          • Jeremy,

            Yes, race-traitor elitsts like the Rockefellers are represented, but it is billionarie jewish supremacists who by far and away dominate mass media, corporate Hollywood, professional sports (at the corporate level), top educational instituions, publishing, pornography, advertising, and, most importantly, central banking, The cartel consists exlusively of old European jewish famlies with names like Rothchild, Warburg, Schiff, Kuhn, Leob, etc.

            It is estimated that the Rothchild family alone controls $223 trillion in tangible assets worldwide. They are hell-bent on global hegemony, and their contempt for the goyim, especially the White European man, has been ongoing for many centuries.

            Call it what you want, but It is patently foolish to believe that what is happening to White and only White countires is a “phantom scare.” Even the U.N says genocide can occur under war or “peace-time” conditions. Included in the its definition of genocide are acts and programs that deliberately inflict on a group “conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part,” or that “Impose measures intended to prevent births within the group.”

            Last I checekd our fertility rate is less than 1.82. Our absolute numbers are declining, and current estimates of our percentage of the world population range are less than 9. As of a few years ago, less than of 40% of births in the U.S. have been White.

            I don’t know about you, but I for one had no say about any of this – the incessant miscegenation and homosexual propaganda in advertising and in public school curricula, forced insertion of hostile races and alien cultures in my small miswestern hometown, blatant anti-White male discrimination in college admissions and employment, and criminalization of freedom of association for White people, especially conservatives, nationalists, and Christians.

            Admittedly, it seems, half of our own race is content with this, and will go quietly into their own extinction as a once distinct ethno-racial group. Linders above is right from a certain perverse angle. I hope he’s ok with his grandkids living in world where they are a smaller and smaller minority in a society that wants them dead.

            • Ah, more racism! Perhaps this site should be renamed Stormfront II! (BTW, although aryan shitheads claim the term “racism” was invented by “bolsheviks” as part of some vast international conspiracy, like virtually all their claims that is a fetid load of dingoes’ kidneys. The first recorded use of the term “racism” was by a white christian, Richard Henry Platt, in 1902 where he stated that races and classes should not be segregated. But I digress.)

              Race doesn’t matter. There is no particular virtue in having white skin. In the future we will all be “Homo Uniformus” where the races blend together. It’s going to happen. It’s a natural process, not “genocide”. You’re not going to be able to stop people from intermarrying. (Hey, aryans! Now just how does it make you feel when you see a pretty blond-haired blue-eyed gal arm-in-arm with a big Black guy? LOL!)

              Culture is what matters, and although race and culture are both primarily a product of environment they are not inextricably linked. I have known many Negros, Indians, Arabs, Jews, Chinamen, Japs, and mixtures of all the above that have done quite well for themselves, their families, and their communities by adopting American culture. It used to be that people who immigrated to the U.S. wanted to become Americans and did so with a vengeance!

              Unfortunately today far too many third-worlders living in a stone-age culture are being brought in to technological societies where they cannot function and where their mores and customs cause conflict with the existing residents. (This phenomenon was thoroughly explored in the 2nd season of the classic television show “It’s About Time”.) The people primarily responsible for this are white christians, particularly christian and catholic charity organizations.

              BTW, there are plenty of good ol’ pork-eating boys doing the fractional-reserve banking thing. Not only our friends the Rockefellers, but quite a few others – and it was invented not by the Joooos, but by good white christian goldsmiths who stored people’s gold and issued deposit slips, noticing that not everyone would come back for their gold at the same time. Thus the fraud that haunts us to this day was born. It is possible the Rothschilds have been better at it, but their ethnicity has nothing to do with anything.

              • Oops – forgot the smiley after “It’s About Time” – but anyone familiar with the show can probably surmise it should have been there. 😉

            • Hi Mack,

              By “phantom scare” I meant the propensity of those in power to exploit non or minor issues (climate change, terrorism, growing racism, etc…”) to augment their power. The technique is to make a claim, sometimes with a small kernel of truth, and wildly exaggerate it. Another tactic is to always invent new groups of supposedly oppressed people, manufacture fake outrage, and exploit the conflict. Those in power do profit from cultural degradation and conflict. The majority of people pushing this stuff, in America at least, are white.

              Yes, there are many Jews in powerful, influential positions. You and others claim that they are, above all else, pursuing white genocide and that they trick many white people into going along with them. There’s a much simpler explanation; just like the white people in power, they really like money and power and pursue it ruthlessly.

              However, if you guys are right, why do you not admire the Jews and exhort white people to become more Jewish? Unlike white people who have lost touch with their tribe and won’t defend their culture, Jews have never succumbed to this decadence. According to you, they always put the interests of their tribe first, always defend their culture and manage to get other tribes to help them. Moreover, they’re really, really good at it. If true, the Jews really are superior.


      • Hi Non,

        “… several cities and states have basically outlawed single family dwellings”.

        No, they haven’t. Changing zoning laws to allow multi-family dwellings is not the same as outlawing single family dwellings. Allowing slightly more freedom over what a property owner chooses to do with his own property is a bad thing?


        • Obviously rules vary with location. Many councils and townships have not officially outlawed single family homes but have policies to ‘encourage’ high density housing. Or no housing. You know, ‘nudging’ people to do what the state wants by manipulating the process.

          The multitude of hoops that must be jumped through to build a house are often used to ‘dissuade’ property owners from doing what they want with their own property.

          Tyranny rarely overtly exercises.

    • It is a lot easier to learn how to live on less if you’ve spent the last three decades getting good at it, as I have.
      Until you’ve seen team-driving couples raising their two kids in a sleeper, you haven’t seen the benefits of familial mobility.

  14. What most saddens will be the passing of the Hemi.

    Let me offer two observations that might bring a little optimism.

    First Peugot has the exact opposite of “The Midas Touch” when they bring their products to America. 😉 So, for better or worse, they probably will just be “passing through.”

    Second, Jeep has not always been a Chrysler product. They have a history of clawing out of the muck, and will likely be purchased by another company before being swallowed in the Peugot cesspool. Of course, Jeeps are not exactly the “American Car” that Eric is bemoaning. Still, I bought a Hemi Grand Cherokee while the buying was good. A keeper, come what may.

  15. (Potential) Spoiler Alert: there will be no more American cars after 2030. American brands, sure. But American design? Fuggeddaboudit!

    • The Chinese will eventually worm their way into the market and buy up all the old brand names to sell the worst of the worst. Look at Polaroid, Westinghouse, etc.

      • That must be why Huawei isn’t worried about being thrown out of the American 5G market. That will just insure the rest of the world’s cellular base stations will be made by Huawei instead of Motorola.
        The real reason why they were tossed out of America has to do with their superior quality at a better price. Espionage is a red herring.
        Starlink will kick all of the other broadband providers’ butts, starting with a functional constellation the end of 2020.

  16. The Chrysler 300/Charger platform is still the default highway patrol car, so they have a limited but steady and well funded buyer. Kind of like postal vehicles, extremely specialized but only need to sell to one buyer (or in the case of the state patrol, 50).

    But what does this mean the 2020 Jeep Wrangler diesel (that rock climber jeepers have been asking for forever)? Is it the swan song for the brand? Or will Jeep go full-on Harley Davidson, a super-niche, overpriced brand for rich old men and state pensioners? Maybe Peugot will piss their pants to keep warm and sell off the brand? In fact, I could imagine a world where HD (or Polaris, although that’s a real long shot) picks up the pieces on the cheap with a leveraged buy out and stock con game. The HD marketing team is extremely good at selling a product “lifestyle,” where the profits on the Harley Davidson name are worth more than their overpriced motorcycles. Just like Jeep.

    • How many Highway Patrols will be able to afford them if just a fraction of them will buy them?
      Small self-driving patrol cars will make big carbon burners unnecessary. If you won’t stop, you will die in the final crash.
      They will simply adopt the hardware that Boston Dynamics is designing for the Pentagon’s robot battlefield.

  17. Hell Eric, not just cars. Now Virginia comrade politicians say no to your V8 house. They demand you make room and share the yard with some Mitsubishi Mirages.

    • Hi Torino,

      I know! I expect a Section 8 “housing” module to be erected in my back field next year. Or maybe they will go all in and force me to “share” my house as I have more than enough room for people “in need.”

      I will burn the joint down and salt the earth first.

      • It’s almost cold enough for my annual viewing of Dr Zhivago. Every year I pick a very cold, snowy day and watch it, and every year I wonder if anyone else understands that the story is based on real life events. Or if anyone under 40 has ever seen it.

        • Hi RK, first saw Dr. Z when I was in college in the 60’s, thanks for the reminder, I think I’ll watch it again myself. Absolutely remember the part where he returns to his family home and finds it taken over by lowlifes; sadly a good portion of today’s SJW’s probably concur with that. I’m with Eric as far as burning my house to the ground first, probably with me in it at that point.

        • Aryan shitheads are the true ape throwbacks, white boy. Totally worthless, big-mouthed, cowardly assholes who are so dim their simian brains cannot comprehend that it is the white folk who are responsible for “Section 8” housing in all its glory. lol

          • GTFO, you lying, worthless, anti-racist shithead. This forum is for real men, not keyboard commando snowflakes who will only attack us from behind when the odds are ten to one.

            • You GTFO, Bobbie. You are not a man. You are a cowardly, lying, worthless little piece of filth worthy of nothing but contempt and derision. This goes for you and the entire so-called “aryan nation.” You shitheads are the ones who are incapable of facing your “enemies” in a fair fight and deal in sneak attacks against what you deem to be defenseless targets. You scum make real men want to puke.

              This forum is for libertarians and car enthusiasts. It is shameful that it has become something of a haven for racist, bigoted, aryan scum like yourself and the others that pop in here. (However it is Eric’s place and it is up to him what he is willing to put up with in the pursuit of free speech.) It is highly unfortunate that anyone might stumble upon this site and think that what you assholes are puking out of your pieholes has anything to do with libertarianism.

              I spit on you and yours.

              • Hi Jason,

                C’mon man, libertarianism is just a gateway philosophy to white supremacy, everyone knows that! Cars, well they were made widely available due to the efforts of Henry Ford.


                • Jeremy, it is difficult to discern whether you are engaged in sarcasm or moronicity when you appear to engage in both simultaneously.

                  • Hi Vonu,

                    Maybe you need to adjust the balance on your auto-criticize function and dial up your sarcasm detector. But, I appreciate being introduced to the word moronicity, I’ll add it to my personal urban dictionary.


                • Good point, Jeremy, at least that’s the impression that the uninitiated visiting here are likely to get!

                  As I said these idiots are probably best ignored. Then again I’ve always found the more you stir up the shit with them the stinkier it gets. Their true nature comes out every time for all to see.

                  I think I’ll go trolling around Stormfront and Daily Stormer for a bit, this puts me in the mood. (At least those are places where you expect to find such nutters.)

                • My description of the aryan warrior, white supremacist types is precise and accurate, based on decades of experience.

                  Besides, getting them foaming-at-the-mouth, spittle-dripping angry is loads of fun and strips away any thin veneer of rationality, showing just what they’re made of. As I said in another response, the more you stir up the shit the stinkier it gets.

                  • Flinders you dont get me angry. I just feel sorry for you. you’ll likely leave this earth with a distorted worldview even though you had plenty of exposure to the way things are.

                    • “Flinders you dont get me angry.”

                      Me either. But he does come off as a holier than thou, white knight (OMG , White!) asshole.

  18. Welp, if that’s the case, gonna consider one next year

    Love muscle and power too much to wanna Miss an opportunity cause of a little thing like price now

  19. I really enjoy my 300 v8 rwd-only. I find excuses to drive it. My wife and kids want to drive it.
    My daughter bought a charger because of my 300, but she could only afford the v6.
    My son who is a young man and a motorhead says ‘that’s a pretty awesome car for an old man’s car’, haha…
    And as you mentioned, what great value. Mine was 42K, my daughters was 34K.
    I hope your wrong Eric and the new merged company sees how much money their making on the triplets and keeps them going. But unfortunately your right about them being regulated out of existence, which is very possible and likely.
    I’m saving up now to get another one if/when they announce they’re dead. It will probably be the Charger this time though only cause I want a posi and it’s only avail in the 6.4 version of the charger/challenger. The 5.7 easily needs the posi as well, but I’m guessing they don’t allow it cause most would probably be swapping the rear end around cause no one knows how to drive anymore. If i can swing it, I’ll mothball one and bring it out after the 300 is long in the tooth, kinda like the Mad Max movie “is that a V8?” haha…….
    Or maybe the Mustang keeps going cause that would be a great second choice even though I would rather have 4-doors.

    • Hi Chris,

      My fantasy is that Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram secedes from PSA and becomes an American car company again. But it won’t happen until the regime is changed. The good news is that may happen this year – which is almost here. It is going to be a very interesting year!

      • That would truly be great if that happened. But then PSA loses their grip on the US market, right? Maybe they don’t care with our ever increasing regulation nonsense, although I hear similar over-regs are happening in europe now as well.

  20. This is sad for sure. They will be like the panther cars in 2011. They’ll sell as they are until 2024, or 2030, or whatever the year may be. They’ll be collectors items decades from then. I see plenty of 300s, Chargers, and Challengers around.

    On an another note: I used to see plenty of 2006–2010 Chargers around, but see less now. In fact, many cars I used to see all over the place I don’t see much of anymore. I’d say a good 50% of the cars I see are less than 5 years old. Why does this happen? Certainly it can’t all be chalked up to accidents. Is it unfeasible repair costs? If I see a fair quantity of a certain car that is over 10 years old, I assume that the car was generally engineered, manufactured, and maintained well. Probably a safe used car buy.

    • “If I see a fair quantity of a certain car that is over 10 years old, I assume that the car was generally engineered, manufactured, and maintained well. Probably a safe used car buy.”

      You hit the nail right on the head! That was one of the contributing factors that led me to purchase my ’05 Chevy Trailblazer.

      • The Trailblazer is a great example. Plenty of them still around. It is sometimes hard to tell though. Because certain cars are more popular in certain areas. But the 00-04 Subaru outback was just as common as the Trailblazer, but not as many of those around anymore. It doesn’t even seem to be based on the company. I used to see a bunch of 07-14 Tahoes/Suburbans/Yukons around. Don’t see so many anymore and it generally hasn’t even been a decade. I guess different vehicle teams do different things and of course the vehicles were all assembled in different places. And of course length of production and sales numbers has something to do with it. But I still feel like I’m onto something.

  21. Most kids these days have no connection with real driving. “Crusiing” on a friday night at the local burger king to pick up chicks and show off their cars. Racing? No way. Its all phone apps these days. A lots been lost. I would guess even the fast and furious franchise would be looked at with bewilderment for whatever generation we’re calling them now. Good article. Yes the last of the V8 interceptors is here. Soon antique classic and restomods as well.

    • That said I did recently just smoke someone in a new model subaru wrx with my modified 1986 mustang lx 5.0. Gotcha punk. Waved goodbye

  22. In the seventies….in France….my first time seeing a car with only 3 wheel studs. A stone-ass ugly Citroen.

    3 wheel studs.


    • And 2 air-cooled cylinders in all their coffee-grinder glory! The Citroën 2CV – the Deuxchevaux. I’m not one to say any car is a POS, some spinner-equipped ghettomobiles perhaps excepted…however, the 2CV was a true POS in this writer’s humble opinion. It was “clever”, but not much else.

      French cars are in general “clever”, but I’ve never personally been a big fan of “clever”. Practical, reliable, drop-dead-gorgeous (Jag E-Type if you please), easy to work on (British iron), solid engineering (German and Chrysler at one point), fast, excellent handling, carry a whole helluva lot of stuff (Corvair Lakewood or Greenbriar)…but clever is not an attribute I seek out when searching for a vehicle.

      • It’s all about context. The 2CV was designed at a time when French secondary and rural roads were unsealed, rough, pot holed and, after WW2 not better than horse tracks. Even the towns and cities had rotten roads in many places. By the end of WW2 what there remained of the French roads was in a real mess. The roads had been wrecked by years of low or even no maintenance while being subject to constant heavy vehicle transit- convoys of trucks, trailers, towed, artillery, tanks etc. over and over. They had also been subject to aerial attacks, artillery strikes and sabotage. So, rough, unsealed, full of pot holes then.

        2CV was designed to be usable in rural and small town France. It was designed just prior to WW2. The prototypes were hidden for the duration of hostilities. It finally, in revised form, entered production after the war was over. It was very cheap to run. It was also cheap to purchase. It was easy to service and repair. It was entirely suitable for traversing rough and off-road conditions then common. 2CV was not merely “clever” in some abstract was, it was perfectly adapted for what it was set up to achieve.

        For Citroen 2CV was analogous to VW’s Beetle. The differences between the two included that 2CV, despite lots of roll, had benign on-limit handling while the VW Beetle did not. Further 2CV could traverse terrain that the Beetle could not. The VW while having an inferior ride was better suited to highway driving. It could maintain a much higher cruise speed on smooth paved highways. If you tried to do that with 2CV you’d find the engine revving to the moon, sounding strained and the car very much noisier. It would do it but in the end you’d be at a much lower cruise speed. Highways were never the intended application.

        Time passes and these days most of the roads are sealed and reasonably smooth right throughout Europe, even in France! Seems they have not had a big war over there for a few years and road design, construction and maintenance has progressed some, hence robbing the 2CV of much of its natural habitat. Nevertheless the 2CV turns to to be a competent city runabout. Not a piece of shit at all. It is cheap to run (very), easy to repair (for example it has a carby), rides better than most (including the many of the latest production cars) and has plenty of room (also having the advantage of being easy to get in and out of). It is also a lot of fun. They can be modified into a hot little racer should one have the inclination. See (track day), (this example has a considerably enhanced power output over standard macking it a serious hot-hatch competitor), (sub-one minute effort at Prescott Hillclimb which is quick).

        It is likely that these cars would still be getting built had EU regulations not outlawed them in the ’80s. But we can’t have people getting into cheap, fix-em-up-yourself cars and running round in them for decades and decades now can we…?


        PSA is a ruthlessly profit driven organisation. In the past they have built rwd cars with four doors and so the arrangement is not strange to them. They likely would continue with the US rwd cars if the government permitted. The trouble is that the government interferes with the market to such an extent that various companies use govt as the means to guarantee themselves market. PSA is not an exception to this. They are pragmatic.

        Not so long ago PSA spent a fortune on a pneumatic hybrid drivetrain which was set to go into production when government fiat forbid it, forcing them down the electric hybid route. They lost quite a lot of money on that. They complained bitterly but the regulations remained and the lesson was learned. We ought to learn that lesson as well. Govt regulation is the problem. If you want the mighty rwd sedans to stay, then you’ll need to address the black-hearted primary source of the problem and that aint PSA.


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