When Seconds Count…

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A cretin opened fire at a church over the weekend – and fire was returned. Not by armed government workers, but by armed citizens. While the cretin did kill two people, fewer people were killed than would have been the case had the citizens within the church relied upon AGWs to “protect” them.

This incident is another object lesson in the truth of the saying that when seconds count, an AGW is minutes away.

People like Governor Coonman of Virginia – and the CNN reporters, who headlined the story to focus on the “gun violence” rather than the guns which saved the lives of those who were the targets of violence – insolently demand that citizens be placed at the mercy of armed cretins.

Which is another way of saying that the lives of citizens don’t matter. Let them wait – cower – and hope for the best.

Never forget that the Coonman (and his allies, including the odious Michael Bloomberg) value their lives very much. Which is why they are surrounded by men with guns, to protect their lives.

Our lives, on the other hand . . .

The effrontery of this is halting.

If the Coonman, et al, really do believe that guns are the problem then let them lead the way and surrender theirs. In fact, they are like the “climate crisis” actors who posture about the need for us to make “wrenching changes” to our lives. But they themselves live in 10,000 square foot mansions, drive (or are driven in) 15 MPG SUVs, own private jets, etc.

CNN, et al will of course downplay the role of self-defense in this incident – as they downplay all incidents of defensive use of firearms by citizens. Because they believe that citizens shouldn’t be armed, for self-defense or any other reason.

That is the exclusive privilege of the nomenklatura – the political class and the major media class, which serves as a kind of Greek Chorus for the political class. They regard us as stupid animals – and themselves masters of the feed lot.

. . .

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  1. I am pissed because the TX guvnor announced that the “law” (allowing some people to carry concealed in some churches) “worked” in this incident.

    Bool-sheet! The damn “law” didn’t do a damn thing to save anybody! The armed citizens did. The “law” never does anything except protect criminals and prevent decent folks from defending themselves.

    It’s just like a damn politician to take credit for something, when what they need to do is just get their “law” out of the way.

    • Anon, I saw red when I read that. There was no law preventing church goers to be armed. He’s a damned anti-gunner anyway and loves that red flag shit.

      I noticed a year ago our local hospital had all the guns signs removed. I guess it was the sheriff(new one)who did it. Whoever caused it has my “atta boys”…..notice I didn’t say “vote”.

  2. I’ve read that no fewer than 7 members of the congregation drew their guns. Yet nobody shot any other members of the church. If 7 cops had been present, how many rounds would they have put into the bodies of innocent parishioners? I’m guessing quite a few.
    And Michael Stalin…I mean Bloomberg…still says that ordinary citizens should not have guns and that it’s the job of law enforcement to have guns and decide when to shoot. Never mind his well armed “ordinary citizen” bodyguards. They have an important job, and we mundanes don’t.
    I assert that Bloomerg is a Stalinist based on personal experience. At the tail end of my career, I was working for a company that had regularly been named as one of the 100 best places to work in America. The company was acquired by Bloomberg. Within a year it became a gulag. Total surveillance and control over every employee. I ended up retiring early because it was so unbearable to live under his rule. My contacts within the company tell me that it has only gotten worse.

  3. That a parishioner of the Church was able to defend the congregation from further harm shouldn’t have to be “news”, it should be taken as a matter of course that the citizens can and WILL defend themselves, by force of arms if NECESSARY.

    What’s less discussed is how many times, each and every day, a malefactor is deterred by the production of a firearm by the would-be victim, and said malefactor scurries off, often with soaked and/or soiled underwear, without a shot being fired! It’s not that I care if these cretins are given an acute case of “lead poisoning”, but, being a peace-loving fellow, better than they live to be brought to justice, or at least to slink back into the shadows.

    • Douglas, what the hell’s up with that shooter anyway? A fake beard and a wig? The anti-gun bs is full of secrets. Notice nothing has ever been released about Las Vegas……or Sandy Hook(sealed records). That’s a sure sign of a cover-up. Why else does govt have secrets? So the public won’t know the truth? Yep, you got it.

      • I’ve heard quite a few “conspiracy theories” re: Sandy Hook, the LV Mirage US91 Festival rampage, the El Paso WM, and I am noticing a “wee” trend…either the alleged perp is some unlikely lone nut, “Kilt Daid”, so, like Lee Harvey Oswald (whom did live for about 24 hours after he supposedly shot JFK and did say he was a ‘patsy’), we’ll never know WHY they “did it”…or, how, in the OTHER cases where supposedly the perp is captured, we don’t heard from him again? Interesting…

        If indeed this Texas church shooting was a “set up”, boy, did they ever not survey their intended target too well! However, the “fake beard and wig” thing likely has a simpler explanation…the shooter probably had been asked to not come back to that church, and if he’d been seen, the deacons would have escorted him out, and if he resisted, they’d have (1) ‘escorted’ a “tad” more forcefully and (2) call the police.

        • The rounds per kill ratios in those shootings is unbelievable. There were witnesses from the Las Vegas and El Paso events that claimed there were multiple shooters. Notice how suspicious the Las Vegas police chief was acting.

        • DS, you might want to check out that guy’s record. In and out of prison for decades for plenty of assault crimes. He was obviously mentally ill and should never have been on the street. He was eventually treated like a rabid skunk, just a few seconds too late.

          I don’t think it’s too hard to spot deception when the official records of a shooting are sealed and the public doesn’t get to know what’s in them. This doesn’t apply just to shooting either. Trump was going to give the same look at the JFK files that’s been promised for decades. That didn’t happen and never will till someone breaks in physically and hacks the records.

  4. Had there not been armed people in that church, this would have probably been a 15-20+ death toll. Maybe even higher due to the fact this criminal still managed to kill two in under six seconds. And the scary thing, there are anti-gunners that would have preferred that happened, as this goes against their agenda.

    This is exactly how this was supposed to work. Shootings like this will stop quickly when people know they will be put down quickly if they try to shoot a place up. If anything is to be banned, it should be gun free zones.

  5. The design of the Sociopaths In Charge to disarm you is not just to leave you unprotected, it is a design to kill you. They would PREFER that as many deplorables as possible should die, by terrorists, the insane, gangs, resistance to AGWs (gangs part two), or even the military after they institute marshal law. They detest anyone who would resist slavery, viewing them as a separate and inferior species deserving of extermination.

        • It would seem to be that way for everyone regardless of being armed or not.

          People live a hell in nursing homes. I saw it when I was delivering oxygen to them.

        • Well, the one where my mom lives is actually pretty nice, but it sucks being totally disabled from a stroke. She only makes it more miserable for herself and everyone else.

          Everyone dies sooner or later. I guess I figure that whatever years I might have left aren’t worth NOT putting up a fight. Sometimes you have to make a stand even when you know you will lose. Not yet today or tomorrow though, hopefully …

          • My dad wasn’t totally disabled but he’d lost enough of his mind and health(lupus)I’d rather have taken him to the pasture and having nice conversations(as good as you could) and popped him in the head while he was enjoying himself.

            It might sound cold but now knowing what he went through, it would have been a blessing. I’m not really keen on playing god either but euthanasia is done out of love.

          • She lost one whole side which for her was about the same as total. She didn’t lose her ability to hate, lie, and manipulate – just the inhibition to keep it somewhat controlled. I feel like an ass sometimes but all I can do is make sure she is taken care of and not let her tear me up too much more.

            I hope that I either just drop like a rock, or fall off my horse, or stand at the “Concord Bridge” if that’s what it comes to. Otherwise, just sit me out on the deck with a blanket over my legs and leave me my single six.

            • Anon, working in those nursing homes I got to see the gamut. I can’t blame anyone for being bitter, living in a mess of abuse and smelling piss(rare to not have that even in the best ones).

              I feel the same as you.

            • Where she lives is actually very nice, private rooms and very expensive. Of course it is still depressing with all the sick old dying people.

              • My dad was in an “assisted living” even though he wasn’t really up to it. But at least it was clean, no smell of urine coming through the door.

  6. “CNN, et al will of course downplay the role of self-defense in this incident ”

    Yep,,,as does Fair and Balanced….. Fox. Below is the Headline at Fox today 12/30/19 at 1420. My bold.

    “Armed lawman credited with taking down Texas church gunman ‘seconds’ after he opened fire”

  7. Since only two people were killed, this incident doesn’t qualify as a “mass shooting.” Therefore, a “good guy with a gun” still has never “stopped a mass shooting.”

    Just pointing out how that works with all the “guns bad” folks out there 😉


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