Reader Question: No Start Lincoln?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

J. Gale asks: I have an ’05 Lincoln with 150,000 miles which I bought new. It sputtered and quit after stopping at a stop sign.Replaced crank cam sensors, cleaned intake port, checked fuses, still no spark. Engine cranks fine, but will not run. Any ideas on what else to try?

My reply: The first thing to try is diagnosing the relevant systems rather than replacing parts that may not need replacing. The first thing I’d do is plug an OBD reader into the universal port and see whether you get any codes from the OBD system. After that, it’s a systematic process of eliminating possibilities. Fuel, air and spark. Have you got spark? No? Check coils, wires, etc. Have you got fuel?  Have you checked the fuel filter? The fuel pump? These would be on my short list given the age and mileage.

But don’t just randomly replace parts. That gets frustrating – and expensive!

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  1. No idea if it is still an issue but the old Crown Vics (and others) had a habit of occasionally triggering the impact sensor that shut the car down in event of a crash. Hit a speed bump too fast or backing into something solid would often kill them. Maybe something similar?

    I have also had a large piece of crud get into the EGR valve and hold it open. Made the engine sputter and stall when coming to a stop as well as being very hard to start.


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