Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED Oregon 3/4/20

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Here’s the audio of yesterday’s chat with Bill Meyer over at KMED radio in Oregon!



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  1. Speaking Millennials, some months ago I was in a group conversation about doing things outdoors, hiking, cycling etc. A millennial in that convo told me that he and his girlfriend were outdoors too, recreating and then he said ‘we didn’t even have any cell signal’.

    No comment… oh wait I do have a comment, what a wimp.

  2. The kids being raised with ~”…Don’t think for yourself… we’ll tell you what to do…” — spot on, I think the school system trains children to NOT think for themselves and to always obey ‘authority’…

    The poor kids … they can’t choose what they want to learn and when they want to learn it, they can’t make goals and work on them, they can only go to some building everyday, and they’re booked in for decades with this “school system” — how depressing for them — they’re basically in prison for decades with no other life choices, they can’t learn real life skills, they’re told what to think when to think it, and to shuttup and they have to get the almighty GRADES or else they won’t be able to go to the NEXT school and waste even more of their precious lifetime & childhood, and they must be stressed out all the time having to get the grades. Why not just let the kids stay home, live their own lives, and fill the schools with a bunch of robots — that will make the school boards and the govt happy — the robots are perfectly obedient and do whatever they’re told and have no soul or creativity or thoughts of their own, and the robots are perfect slaves. The govt and school systems want ROBOTS not children, so I say, give them the robots! Let the kids “ruin” their lives by being free and learning real things in the real world and doing what they love to do and help other people too, and make lots more money and not have to pay taxes to support the school system LEACHES.

    But the school scam is sneaky — they put in “activities” for the kiddies, they have sports and some other clubs too… keep the kids distracted. So, I’m paying alot of taxes for what … a FUN CLUB for kids? Is it a school where the kids are being “educated” or is it an ENTERTAINMENT CLUB for the kids? Someone explain that one to me. Hey, how about I start charging everyone tax money so that I can buy a bunch of fun cars to entertain myself with … if I have to pay for the kids’ fun party club, then why can’t everyone pay ME for me to have my own slush fund to have FUN with and buy myself nice toys like a Dodge Charger with a V8???

    • Hi Harry,

      I agree wholeheartedly. If I ever have a kid, it will be a free-range and off-the-grid kid. I am not cruel enough to send a child to prison – to an indoctrination camp run by fraus and Clovers. No SS number. No saaaaafety seats.

      But a real life and a thinking brain.

      • Hear hear! But oh gosh, sounds like a dangerous life, and how are they going to get the grades if they don’t go to school? OMG how ever will they learn anything?

        Funny, but if the kids want to go to college, I bet the colleges will STILL let them go to college as long as they fork over the tuition dough lol.


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