NM AGW Hut! Hut! Huts! Good Samaritan

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Here’s a video in support of the late Will Grigg’s sage advice to never call an armed government worker.

57-year-old Dametrio Maldonado came across the scene of an accident and made the mistake of doing precisely that. The “hero” AGW who appeared was immediately hostile and shortly turned violent, Hut! Hut! Hutting Maldonado, who was never combative and whose only offense appears to have been summoning the AGW and then not being adequately service.

Some details from news coverage:

On May 26, 2019, Mr. Maldonado and his daughter Ellen were driving westbound on I-40 on the way to do volunteer work in preparation for the Acoma Seed Run. After exiting the Interstate at the turnoff for Acoma Pueblo, they came upon a single car collision at the interstate overpass and observed a woman sitting on the ground near the wrecked vehicle in distress. Mr. Maldonado pulled over to the side of the overpass and his daughter exited the vehicle to render aid while he called 911.

Acoma Tribal Police quickly arrived at the scene, followed by Officer Loberg shortly thereafter. Loberg immediately zeroed in on Mr. Maldonado who was waiting in his vehicle for his daughter on the shoulder of the overpass and began screaming at him to move his car. Mr. Maldonado politely smiled in acknowledgement and proceeded to drive his car past the overpass and park further down the road to wait.

Taking Maldonado’s polite acknowledgement as insult, Loberg whipped his patrol vehicle around to follow Maldonado, removed him from his vehicle and wrenched Maldonado’s arms behind his back in an attempt to place him in cuffs. Due to Maldonado’s large stature, his wrists were unable to meet behind his back and the officer’s violent attempts to force them together caused him excruciating pain. Officer Loberg accused Maldonado of trying to “fight him” and slammed him against the hood of his patrol unit with enough force that Maldonado’s phone screen shattered in his pocket.

Secured with two pairs of handcuffs biting deep into his wrists, Mr. Maldonado was forced to sit in the back of Officer Loberg’s patrol unit in severe pain for nearly twenty minutes until the responding Acoma Sergeant convinced Loberg to release him. Before allowing Mr. Maldonado to continue on his way, Officer Loberg subjected him to additional verbal harassment and issued him a citation for “unlawful parking.”

“It was a humiliating and scary experience,” said Mr. Maldonado. “I didn’t do anything wrong, but I was afraid the officer was going to kill me if I made the wrong move. I don’t want any other person to have to go through the same thing I did that day.”

The injuries Mr. Maldonado’s sustained in the encounter required a visit to the emergency room and subsequent physical therapy. His physical injuries from the incident forced him to forgo farming activities during the subsequent growing and harvest seasons, depriving his family and community of the crops he normally grows.

The lawsuit filed today by the ACLU of New Mexico asks the court to award damages and other relief on behalf of Mr. Maldonado.

Of course, it’s the taxpayers of New Mexico who’ll be forced to pay for this thug’s abuse of Maldonado.

Remember: There’s no situation that can’t be made worse by summoning an armed government worker.

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  1. Once I saw the description “tribal police”, that said it, right there. Tribal Police departments are notorious for (1) hiring “gypsy” cops with a history of abuse and (2) being that Indian tribes are “sovereign” nations, accountable not to the county nor state that they’re in, but only to “Uncle” under the Bureau of Indian Affairs, they can do just about whatever they want. They’re infamous for writing BS tickets.

  2. Interestingly, I recently dreamt about people randomly gunning down some officers. Me thinks that this could be an omen.

    • “This is a rewarding career,” Augustine said. “You never know how many people you affect in the community by your actions.”
      “This is a psychopath’s dream career,” Augustine said. “You never know how many people you can bully and abuse with no consequences to yourself”.

  3. Too damn many Judge Dredds and too few Sheriff Taylors in this country and useless lawyers in black robes who allow this shit to continue. A boiling point will soon have to occur and it will be ugly!

  4. Eric

    I can’t figure out what the man was doing wrong! That AGW was completely out of line. People who see this may decide not respond to an accident to render help and/or may not even call 911. That could cause someone to die. A real dire situation for sure.

    • Hi Ken,

      His “crime” was not being psychic and thus incapable of understanding why the AGW was incensed. I’m pretty sure that the “valuable lesson” he learned was to never call the cops.

      “That could cause someone to die. A real dire situation for sure”.

      But, calling the cops can cause someone to die, be beaten, arrested, imprisoned, have a child kidnapped, lose property,… the list is nearly endless. I’m going with Will Grigg on this one.


  5. The reality is that cops and firefighters (or any government agent for that matter) AREN’T the “first” responders to anything like an accident. It’s the people who are nearby that stop and help who are the real first responders.

    If anything government agents are often the third or fourth “responders”. And like this case, aren’t being helpful at all. I hope this guy gets a nice big settlement, it sucks that taxpayers have to foot the bill.

    • Well, half of the taxpayers likely voted for the pieces of crap that write the laws and for many that enforce them. So it goes

    • As a volunteer wildland firefighter, I have to agree. Very often local folks will get to the scene before we do, since we have to stop whatever we’re doing, change into our approved gear, then drive to the fire hall and start trucks, and then Finally respond towards the incident. We never try to run them off, but rather work with them, and try to direct to more effective methods if appropriate. They are, after all, our neighbors and friends that we’re trying to help protect. We just love the guys (or gals!) with their big tractors and disc cutting a line around the fire. But we worry about the folks that show up in shorts and sandals 😉

      The local cops are a different story. They show up and think they are so great for their “traffic control” which is mostly just strutting around acting important. We’ve had them interfere in fire operations and try to tell us what to do and what not to do – “sorry, you’re not in my chain of command. Go talk to the chief.”

    • Yep,,, a psychopaths wet dream…. When people get scared they’ll invite Satan himself to take care of it. And the media,,, both MSM and alternative sites (especially Zerohedge),,, have been fear mongering to the limit.

      Shows how easily one man can usurp the whole of government.

    • Never let a crisis go to waste..
      Funny how every election cycle has an “outbreak”
      SARS ———-2004
      Meanwhile the global economy is tanking, but this will take peoples minds off of stupid, useless drivel such as that..
      Oh, and that AGW needs removed from planet Earth, like all the rest..

      • The last “outbreak” I may have even had the slightest concern about was the “swine flu”. After that…*yawn*.


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