Corporate Corona’d

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I saw an interesting thing yesterday that requires careful treatment because it is my goal to convey something without ruining something. Let’s see how I do.

Almost every small, independently owned business in my area is either closed or effectively closed in that – out of fear of being Hut! Hut! Hutted! – they have closed their doors to customers. Who can still technically buy, say, a cup of coffee – but may not drink it there. Some such places won’t even let you come in to buy the coffee  – or other things, such as a plant or shrub. A local non-chain greenhouse was still “open” but there was a sign out front advising you to stay in your car and they would come to you. Presumably in Moon Suits.

No walking around outside to look at the plants and shrubs.

Almost every restaurant in my area is now a carry-out, because the government – that is to say, the handful of murderous bullies who control the apparat of government – has decided to make explicit who owns them (as opposed to who pays taxes on them) by decreeing how many can be served, despite the wishes of those who would like to be served.

But business was booming in a few places, whose names I won’t mention because I was happy to see some business booming; exponentially more than the no-more-than-ten-people-allowed were walking the aisles, enjoying a stroll through the garden center.

No sign of a Hut! Hut! Hutter! 

Why not? Are these large corporate joints protected from Corona Fever by an invisible dome or some such? Of course not. But they are curiously not Hut! Hut! Hutted! for opening their doors and allowing as many customers in as are willing to walk through the doors.

Which is a lot of them, since everything else is closed-by-force.

Which is another way of saying that these corporate joints are benefitting from Corona Fever. Like Tesla, they are being favored with special treatment designed to help them by hurting others.

Even in the middle of a “pandemic.”

Speaking of help. The time has come to help ourselves during this “crisis” via the cessation of “nonessential” payments for such as mandatory car insurance and the vile exactions styled “property taxes” on our homes. The government thugs who order us to buy car insurance and pay over money to live in the home we “own”  has told us our jobs are not essential and that we may no longer work to earn the money necessary to make these non-essential payments, or crippled by law our ability to make them.

Therefore, we are no longer obligated to make them.

When you get your next premium bill from the insurance mafia, don’t even open the letter. Just scribble “Corona” on the thing and dump it back in the mail, return to sender.

Same goes for the letter demanding payment for what you “owe” because you live in a home you long ago paid for but have been paying the government for ever since. What was it Nancy Reagan said?

Just say no.

And let ’em come, if it comes to that.

Moral outrage is a powerful thing. It is one thing to tell people they have to buy insurance and pay taxes; it is quite another to tell them they must continue to pay it after telling them they’ll be Hut! Hut! Hutted! if they dare to attempt to work to earn the money to pay it.

The Hut! Hut! Hutting! seems to be headed our way regardless. Let’s at least not pay for the privilege.

What have we got to lose when the government is forcing us to lose everything? It is beyond obnoxious to be dunned by a government that forbids work.

Sacrifices must be made.

And not just by us.

. . .

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  1. I work for a large chain grocery store and while there have been some changes, the “work culture” continues as if nothing was different. Big gaggles of managers and veteran employees, standing in close proximity shooting the breeze without a care in the world. One of my supervisors thought she might have been getting it but didn’t even bother to go home or put a mask on. At least now they’re not being so stingy with the disposable gloves, and when someone wants me to stuff 5 bags of product into their 2 reusable bags I get to tell them I’m not allowed to touch the bags instead of ranting to myself in silent frustration…

  2. Yeah, my business is sucking air. But the big boys are open. The good people with their purple haired bull dyke HR Grrlz. And all those Mohammeds and Achmeds that Obastard flooded in. All those affirmative action hires and promotions buys you an pass. Even more if you’re a part of the green new deal. If you’ve toed the line about were all gonna die in 7 years because we’re living.

    And while they’re busy doling out $1200 checks to the worthy (Oh so worthy) and hundreds of billions to the God damned bankers and schysters, I see they are going to do loans for us unimportant little businesses. I’m so grateful that they are going to let the little people borrow from the bankers at interest. I’ll bet it ends up being bankruptcy proof like the student loans too.

    I’m not bitter or angry. I have productive uses for my time. Collecting wine bottles and rags. Sharpening knives. Keeping the guns in good order for their new owners when they come for them. Like the Greek said- Molon Labe. Just kidding. Ill be a good nigger and take what I’m given.

  3. We all KNEW this whole “bailout” would be nothing more than all the usual “piggies” jostling for position to gorge themselves for a $2.2 TRILLION dollar “slop”. Never mind the shameless amount of PORK in the bill for items that can’t even be reasonably associated with relief due to loss of business during the mandated “house arrest”.

    Americans should be demanding PROOF of how bad this thing is, and what measures should be taken, instead of a blanket shut-down of the country to have dubious effect on whatever it actually is. I agree with Michael Savage that such closures should be targeted to the areas that are actually impacted, but it’s not a reason to lock the country down. In preventing a disease which COULD kill about 1% of us all if we did nothing (which would still be 3.3 million folks, not something that I’d take lightly even if no one I knew “bought the farm”), we’re infecting America with the terminal stages of our freedoms, a far worse fate, guaranteed to have far more dire consequences for ALL.

  4. Bail out bill should have failed, let the banks all die. Given the choice people would buy food over pay their mortgage.

  5. Not only government,,, Check Drudge out this morning. 95% fear mongering. I mean SERIOUS fear mongering! Natl Guard sets up hospital tent in central park,,, shows them putting it up but no patients,,, yet. Gestapo Cops getting sick,,, Now there’s a real shame….but considering they have hundreds of thousands of these urchins it won’t shut them down. What may shut them down is the lack of tax revenue due to their own stupidity.
    How’bout Florida setting up border checkpoints. One of my rides we take on our Motorcycle goes into Alabama which means we will have to go through a ‘checkpoint’ to get home. I suppose if we fever we won’t be allowed to go home? So now Florida is going to ensure no tourism! Man these are some stupid fks. The wifey is going to the bank this morning to get cash. I’ll update if they refuse. We always use cash as we don’t thing corpgov needs to know what, when and where we buy our food or whatever.
    Trump just extended the thing another 2 weeks to the end of April. He has to do it to keep the Dems off his back. Their going to use NY Gov Cuomo who is destroying the NY economy as the man we need to combat the virus!
    They surely want to ruin the economy and are going ‘full speed ahead’

    • FYI

      This from the idiot that projected millions of deaths. Dr. Anthony Fauci

      “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968)…”

      Obviously it is now being used as a political tool since he has asserted in so many words,,, he was wrong!

  6. Try getting a mandated at the barrel of a gun ID or license right now. These cowards won’t interact with the public for “necessary” services.

  7. Here comes a time when consequence is negatively exceeded by compliance. When conforming is less attractive than defying. When there is no advantage in acceptance. Have the Sociopaths In Charge shot themselves in the foot? Hope makes life worthwhile.


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