2020 Honda Civic Rant!

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Here’s a look at the 2020 Honda Civic – which among other things comes three ways and with four different engines! Will have the full review up shortly; also the audio of my weekly chat with Bryan Hyde (see the “Politics” section) and my latest update from the Corona’d States of America…

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  1. My 2018 Civic LX (bottom rung lease/fleet model) is just right for me. No driver assists, it has a radio volume control knob, and single climate control. No nav or tilt wheel. I don’t know what the top speed is but I know it will do 106 mph. It has adequate acceleration too. When not hooning, it will get 38 mpg of a rated 40.

  2. I am waiting for the full review, since I owned 4 Civics over the last 22 years, and I will be in the market for a ’20. The ’13 I have now may be the best car I have ever owned. I would normally buy the EX for the Sunroof and other features, but I am a bit wary about the Turbo Engine (mandatory for the EX and higher), so I am undecided about which trim level to purchase at this time. I don’t want to wait for a ’21, being that it is supposed to be a “new” model, that will no doubt be full of more “features” that I don’t want any part of, such as ASS or maybe no spare tire.

    • If Honda keeps up the cycle of 6 year Full Model Change with a 3 year MMC in the middle, the next Civic FMC would be a 2022 model. My current ’16 Touring is my 6th Honda/Acura but my first Civic. I cross-shopped it against the Accord at the time, but it wasn’t close. For $26k out the door, I got maximum safety ratings, a decent upgraded stereo, Apple CarPlay integration, pushbutton start, leather, heated front AND rear seats, sunroof (that’s never leaked), a ridiculous amount of rear legroom for a small sedan, and full LED headlights.

      The Honda Sensing stuff is fine – I bought the car planning to hand it down to my kids when they were old enough to drive, so I was happy those features were there – but kind of annoying.

      Sorry to ramble, but I’ve been waiting to hear Eric’s review of the Civic since I bought mine & I’m very interested.

      • I had a 2020 Civic LX as a rental last month while my wife’s 2015 Civic (she drives one too) was in the shop for several hours. I really liked how it drove. Even with the non-turbo engine, it had plenty of pick-up, and the “electronics” were not overwhelming. If I were buying today, it would between the Sport Sedan (non-turbo), EX sedan (turbo), and EX hatchback (all hatches are turbo, so I would just get the EX). I willdrive them all and, read reviews, etc and see what kind of deal I can get for each, when the time comes. I am hoping they are extra motivated to sell cars this summer, for obvious reasons. I am an engineer who is able to work from home, so so far, I am not hurt (yet) by these lockdowns. And I live in a state (GA) where things are starting to reopen.

  3. Did they fix the turbo engine (serious gasoline contamination of the oil) & the crappy seats (too low and too short for the average hefty American)?

    • FWIW, I have a 2016 Civic Touring 4D that I bought new in 2016. I have 65k miles on it now & it’s been great so far. The 1.5T is a great blend of fuel conservation (35 mpg average for the life of the car so far & I don’t baby it all the time) and power when you need it. No problems with my engine, knock on steel.

      -Wally (also in NC)


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