They Say Boo…

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A reader sent me the following and I just had to share my thanks publicly. This is the uniform of the resistance. I will wear it with bovine pride!

Thanks, dh – you made my day!


  1. And if you’d like some information for combating the mask hysteria, see this article:

    • Hi Giuseppe!

      It has to be TeeVee.

      Only programming can explain the uptick in Fear Masking given that it’s obvious – if you aren’t being programmed by TeeVee – that there is no need to wear a Fear Mask or do anything else most of us weren’t doing four months ago. Because it’s clear now that Corona isn’t going to kill most of us – or even make most of us sick. Yet four months ago, when it wasn’t clear, almost no one was wearing a Fear Mask. Why? Because four months ago, the TeeVee wasn’t programming people to wear Fear Masks.

      It really is a case of they say Boo! and most people say Moo!

  2. I love the idea but have one problem with the execution: the word “we”. If the last line said “You say moo” I would give this a perfect grade. That said, the creativity behind the design is very impressive.

    • Mike, I like the change to “you”. I certainly don’t say “moo”. Thanks Worker. I still love the design.

      • Maybe we’re just ornery old cusses, but “we” tends to grate on me. It’s too often used to try and include me in something I want nothing to do with.

    • “You” seems needlessly accusatory. After all, “We’re All in this Together tm” right?
      I think most people respond to “They sure fooled US” more positively than to “Ha! They sure fooled YOU.”

  3. Here’s a link to today’s Dr. Mercola. Hell, I’m no doctor or nurse but I am a certified oxygen technician and months ago I suggested in many places that due to 0% moisture in pure oxygen and the fact that people’s lungs were filling up with fluid, why wouldn’t hyperbaric oxygen be the best thing for those cases, whatever it is that causes them(not all the same for sure).,20cc389e,20f525b0&et_cid=DM534072&et_rid=873070459

  4. All the fear maskers should be given the option to go live in a hermetically sealed building, sterilized with laundry-grade bleach. Call it a “safety camp” and they’ll all line up in droves, even though it’s really a death camp LOL. They can make a TV commercial… make it look all nice, the ppl in the ad will smile and move in slow motion, and the music will be Barney the Dinosaur singing about how “we’re all together” in our “safe community” and we “care about the chiiiillllldren”. UGH BARF PUKE!

    Good news: workers at my local post office were not wearing masks, and didn’t “require” anyone to wear one.

    • Hi Harry,

      The Fear Masks are useful in that they tell us – frankly – who the enemy is. I don’t mean these are evil people. I do mean they are fearful people willing to make you give up your freedom to assuage their anxieties. That makes them my enemy, at any rate.

      I cut no slack, by the way, for people who are “required” to wear them on the job. That excuse no longer flies with me. I am tired of people compromising everything for the sake of a shabby dollar. No one is putting a gin to your head to wear the mask. Quit. If you don’t, a gun will be put to your head – and not just to make you wear a Fear Mask.

      • Eric, its still a personal choice. Especially in these times, people need to put food on their families (thank you Bush the Lessor) and keep their health care coverage for their families. Given that we have around 40 million people out of work (and lost their health coverage), anyone who still has a job, has great incentive to keep it. While I understand your position, these people are not our enemies. They should be regarded as victims of an evil/corrupt system.

        • Hi BJ,

          I dunno, amigo. At some point, tough choices have to be made. Consider the AGW. They also risk food and health care, etc. if they fail to enforce all these tyrannical edicts. Do they get a pass?

          I won’t personally make a living by participating in the trampling of anyone’s rights – whether directly or by complicity.

          This is a critical moment. If Fear Masking stands, everything falls. You might retain your job, for now. But at what price? What will that matter when we are all forced to submit to vaccination/tracking and made to live like cattle, literally?

          Do not wear the goddamned mask.

          Keep in mind that TSA gate rape could have been stopped if only people had refused to cooperate, at the cost of some temporary inconvenience.

          • Agreed Eric.

            I have(had) a pipe supplier that is based out of Washington state. They shutdown their front counter and resorted to call in orders only. They also make their workers wear a mask among themselves at any time they are in the store or they will be terminated. This caused me to stop business there. I was doing a little during the closed counter bullshit–sometimes it’s hard to explain what parts you need over the phone to some inexperienced 20 year old–but the masks made me decide to sever all business with them.

            The crazy thing is that my much larger–worldwide corporation–pipe supplier is running business as usual.

            My position for the people at the masky supply house: All of them should walk out and refuse to work until the owner rescinds the mandate. The corporate office would be screwed. He couldn’t mobilize anyone to get them up and running in a timely fashion. We don’t understand the power of the individual, or a small group of individuals that we have.

            I’m with you. The cattle can’t be trusted. I don’t social distance, wear a mask or act any different than I ever acted prior to March 20th of this year. I don’t do it for the same reasons I don’t buckle up, drive with a dealer placard instead of a license plate and don’t send my children to government schools. I won’t be treated as livestock. They don’t own me.

          • Actions/in Actions have consequences. Thats true for all Human Action™ ^^

            But I look at this on a different scale. Those who carry weapons (or control those who do) for the State, are under the most responsibility to use that power, in a responsible fashion (one of the reasons they take oaths to the Constitution). That means MUCH more adverse consequences, when they do not honor that oath.

            People lower down the scale, in the vast majority of cases are just going along to get along. Their main focus is on providing for themselves and their family. I can’t honestly fault people at that level.
            It would be great if they understood more about what is going on, but that would be unrealistic, given the reality that we live in. Thus, their responsibility in my eyes is much less.

            That is one of the reasons I do not consider them to be enemies. This applies even to the Progs. The majority of them are victims of their own twisted ideology, and are only parroting the words of some
            professor, at one of their indoctrination centers (which used to be called universities) or their echo chamber corporate mass media.

            The real Enemy, are those who control this from behind the scenes, and who have set all of this in motion, many generations ago. They and their direct tools, are the ones who must pay for all of these crimes against humanity.

      • eric, that just made my day. It’s right on the money. If the cows wake up, will they become Cows With Guns?

      • OK, Eric. I know I’m a little late to the party, but I just quit my fear-mask face-diaper wearing job at a store today. It was getting pretty bad with all the bullshit going on (mandated from above), but today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ve been wearing the face diaper, a surgical type mask they issued us, with two of the strings cut off and tied in the back of my head. It’s painful to wear it looped around my ears, and I wanted a vent at the bottom so I could actually breathe and not get quite as hot. The store manager saw it today and made me wear a new one without the modifications, so I decided I had about enough and quit. I was working on getting ready to quit anyway. Just passed the background check for Instacart and I know a decent town nearby where there isn’t much competition there (there is here in Lexington, KY), so I’ll just head down there for the day and make more money. If I can replace even half my check from the store, it would be worth it (though it sounds like I’ll be doing better, we’ll see). I have enough money in the bank to last me a year without working at all, so I’ll be all right. Cheers!

    • It’s even easier than that krazy,

      They should just let the lot of us not wear masks, all “lockdown” until we all die. When we’re all dead, wait two weeks, come out with the bulldozers and push us all into group graves and be done with it.

      Hell, talking to most of ’em, given their sentiments, like wanting to shoot all of us or the like, you’d think that would please them immensely.

      Frankly, I’d be incredibly content with that. Of course we know what would happen, they’d be in perpetual lockdown until the next deliberately released human-created virus is set-free to do what this one failed to do. Which would be great for the rest of us. It would work out for everyone.

      Then, same thing when the human DNA/RNA-altering “vaccines” come out, “fully tested” of course, then I would appreciate it if they would all get their shot, and mine, so that they’re doubly protected, and allow me to succomb to whatever the fear is in peace.

      Not sure why they’d actually care about that since they’d be “immune,” but they get angry anyway.

      I noticed that when I started my business 20 or so years ago I had many critics amongst friends out of the gate. I came to the conclusion that many of them, working corporate jobs that most did not like or enjoy, were in fact jealous but not bold enough to start their own business as such. I really do believe that it is a combination of envy and related schaddenfreude. I never take it personally, I more feel sorry for such people, too fearful to ever step out and try anything bold.

      I sense the same here, many of these people want the comfort in numbers that we are not giving them, as such they lash out at us despite the narrative that as long as they listen to those wanting to lock them down and force untested and human DNA/RNA-altering shots upon them, they should all be fine while we, the disobedient tin-foiled hat loonies, shold all be dead soon.

      Seems to me to be a win-win situation, eh.

      At the end of the day, I’d much rather take my chances in dying from a virus than have the government(s) and its agencies have anything whatsoever to do with my death or by being forced into injecting potentially lethal but otherwise entirely with unknown side-effects that Imperial Master Gates has not specified, injections.

      • Reminds me to Guatemala and all those other C. American countries. I had a friend who did work for the CIA down there. They paid him back by making his plane crash in jungle he had no chance of surviving…..but he did. He was rescued by a tribe of people who took him in for months.

        I couldn’t figure what had happened to him but I though he was likely dead, the very thing they wanted. They even stuffed some heroin in his place along with condemining doculements but since he sorta walked away, it was all for naught…..except for killing him at that moment and shut his voice. They did eventually give him the CIA cancer. He wasn’t surprised but I was in a way being younger.

        When Bush 1 ran against Clinton I asked another CIA buddy(they like the rural people they think they’re fooling)what he thought each candidate would do. It startled me how quickly he replid “The same thing”. Sure enough, Clinton even campaigned on passing GHWB’s NAFTA if he were elected. And so it goes. I quit being surprised when I was 15 in the mid sixties.

        Oh yeah, I’m just a fiend to get to the voting polls and cast my vote for Frick or Frack.

    • Those dimwits stumbling around in their masks obviously suffer from a specific strain of AIDS. It’s called Hearing AIDS, and you get it from listening to assholes.


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