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Here’s the latest reader question, along with reply!

Mw writes: I fear for us in the autumn. And you know, it’s funny, not funny really, but every year people gather to celebrate our “independence” from King George – whom our government makes look like an altruistic benefactor. Same for the Civil War, we’re taught that the “good guys” won.  Well yeah, they won so they got to write the revisionist history on it all, same as WWI, WWII (WWI Zweite Teile), etc.

There, the Southern States of the Confederacy, not one of which voted for Lincoln, were fighting for essentially the same exact thing that the Colonists were fighting for then. Meanwhile, during this Americans are encouraged to bog down and fill their heads with even more shit that comes from what Fred Reed accurately terms the Lobotomy Box.  Of course none of those people have time to break from their binge-watching of series or their 24/7 quest to fill social media with mindless memes.

Alexander Solzhenitzen says it all plainly when he expresses that all Russians saw what was happening but CHOSE not to to anything about it. Our citizens are so mesmerized by the pretty colors and fake CGI crap that comes out of the Lobotomy Box that it’s our nation’s worst addiction next to sugar and high-fructose-corn-syrup. Two-thirds of our nation, or so, fully deserves what’s coming. Lastly, consider that these so-called “vaccinations” are DNA/RNA altering, and so few people even do a double-take. How on earth can there be animal testing. As someone famously said Eric, if there’s nothing worthy dying for then there’s nothing worth living for. I’m a Christian man, a real one, not a fundie/political fake one.  As I tell people, I may go to my grave poor, but my integrity will be in the casket with me.  But at this point, given this anti-Christian outrage, I seriously question whether I’ll be alive in a year.  I plan to go down swinging, hopefully I’ll have the appropriate people to swing at.

My reply: Me too – though I’m still hoping it won’t e necessary to go down swinging. This is doable, if we refuse to give up. Don’t wear the Fear Mask;  use your example to encourage others to throw the goddamn masks into the trash, too. Ridicule. Refuse. Ignore – disobey. These are potent weapons. Use them and it may not be necessary to resort to other weapons.

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  1. eric, Eric, ERIC…..can you get more of those shirts? Where can I get some? Out of the thousands of shirts I can buy with a message, this is THE one I want.

  2. eric, I did a search for that shirt. I found your page with the cattle tags but the video had been removed because it violated the terms of YT. Good one. Violate them some more. Seriously, can you get us the source of that shirt? I’d like to have a couple.

  3. I certainly hope it can be done non-violently……but that hope is fading more every day. It may be just wishful thinking but I hope I’m somewhat prepared for that…..materiel-wise. There’s a difference between having the materiel and having the health or the knowledge of “how” to use that materiel.

    While I’m not a Christian, I believe there has to be something smarter and more knowledgeable than mankind. I suppose having been relieved of my corporeal body finding my intellect in contact with Christians won’t be here nor there.

    I’ve known people who say they like dogs but cats, not so much. They equate cats with Babdiss, they raise a lot of hell but you never see them doing it.

  4. Hey Mw!
    Fellow real Christian here. Yep…we know what’s coming (Well…is at the very door now). We’ve been reading about it all of our lives, and it’s been there for all to see for over 1900 years now. World government; The Mark Of The Beast. The actual coming together of the nations to fight against Christ (And now we have a “Space Weather Agency” and “Space Force” to do that very thing!)

    Let us resist the Mark! All we have to lose is this current life- which these days, isn’t worth much anyway, eh? What a time to be alive [right now] though- that we are living to see these very things come to pass! Let us use it for good- to strengthen our faith. This is the way I have always looked at it. There is no sitting on the fence these days; no burying our heads in the sand and enjoying the temporal pleasures of this life, for there is little left to revel in- so in a sense, we have it easy.

    It is appointed unto all men to die once- we just may go a little sooner than we had expected, now- but how much the more is our faith made sure that we see these long-prophesied events coming to pass before our very eyes?!

    • If the only two choices I’m given are to live miserably, submitting to evil insanity or to die for what I know to be right with my integrity intact, I choose the latter.

        • Eight, I’ve been giving a hell of a lot of thought lately to what my lines in the sand will be regarding what is coming and possible responses. No doubt there are a great many traps that one might fall into, so caution is warranted, however risk is no excuse to back down.

          I’ve also been thinking a lot about who in meatspace I see eye to eye with and can really trust. Sadly, it’s an extremely short list. The dog made it, but just barely.

          • Hank, I know how you feel. CJ was bitten by paper wasps(bad mofo’s)a hundred or two times when he was about 6 months old. Ever since, and even worse, since he’s gotten old, he’s very paranoid about anything resembling a wasp.

            Today there was a mud dauber in the house and he saw it and the old lady was screaming at me for whatever reason makes her scream. It varies so i won’t try to nail it down right now. That made the boy paranoid so he went and hid in the shower.

            We had a cat that couldn’t pee and he got some chill pills along with pee pills and it only took a few to get him back on track. I learned months ago to give CJ one of them when he freaked over what he thought was a wasp. Now I don’t blame him for being paranoid. He got bitten so many times it damned near killed him(huge nest under a trailer).

            So today I put half one in a dollop of peanut butter and he ate it…..warily. I don’t think he’ll be much help so I rule him out. The cats tend to fend for themselves, one shot and they all disappear.

            The wife might be involved in some screaming match I’m unaware of the source so that leaves it fairly much up to me.

            I guess I’ll do what come naturally to an old west Texas boy raised on lead.

            • Whatever that might be. As you said, caution is warranted but past 7 decades and an appt. next week with the oncologist, I’d reckon it won’t make a huge difference which way I go. And here, I’ve always believed in peace and lived that way. Now the damned govt. appears to be making my choice for me. I’m not one bit surprised either.


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