Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED 7/8/20

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Here’s the audio of my weekly chat with Bill Meyer over at KMED radio in Oregon!

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  1. You guys missed the obvious logic: If there’s more cases, then there MUST be more deaths. That’s obvious common sense, law of averages, statistics, laws of physics, etc.

    Yet they tell us there’s LESS deaths. THEREFORE they are LIARS. Either they’re lying about there being more cases, and/or they’re lying about there being less deaths. But either way, they’re LYING for sure, so… now we know they’re LIARS. So how do we know that they haven’t been lying to us about EVERYTHING?

    • Hi Harry,

      They’re fixating on “cases” to obscure the fact that there are (in fact) fewer deaths. I know, it’s such a mind-numbingly simple thing that you’d expect anyone not actually a moron in the clinical sense could grasp it.

      But there, apparently, a lot of morons out there.

    • Hi Harry,

      They are lying about almost everything, but what you say here:

      “If there’s more cases, then there MUST be more deaths”, is not necessarily true. First, many of the new cases simply show that someone had the virus and recovered, not that they are currently infected. Second, as the totalitarian lockdown measures are somewhat eased, new infections are increasing among the younger, healthier demographic. In this group, the chance of surviving, if infected, is nearly 100% (IFR for this group is claimed to be 0.03%). Third, around 80% of all deaths have been in the 70+ age group and about 50% of all deaths occurred in nursing homes. Because of the incompetent, I think criminal, decision to return sick, elderly people to nursing homes, the infection did spread quickly through a very vulnerable population, many of whom died. This consequence of horrible policy created the false idea that this corona virus is especially deadly and contagious, it is not. Most of the damage wreaked upon the elderly (excluding emotional, economic and psychological) is over, and younger, healthy people simply don’t die if they get sick.

      Not only can cases rise, but deaths fall, this is good news and shows that this particular corona virus is progressing the same way as past corona viruses. Whatever the truth is about corona deaths (probably far lower than claimed), it seems undeniable that the death toll of the virus itself (not including the deaths caused by cratering the economy) was made significantly worse by the insane policies forced upon us. For the first time ever, “they” decided to expose the vulnerable to much greater risk and quarantine the healthy (essentially none of whom would have died). The effect of this was to possibly delay herd immunity and certainly cause far more deaths among the vulnerable.


      • Yeah, I agree with you, I overlooked some logic.

        Okay, I get it, they’re saying there was the MOST cases BEFORE when noone was staying home etc, then it went DOWN, … NOW it went up again since people started doing less precautions. And they’re admitting the total number of cases is still less than it ORIGINALLY was, okay, that makes sense to me. Because if they’re telling us the cases NOW are MORE than they ORIGINALLY were months ago, then that’s a total fraud.

        But if all the old/weak people are dead now, then that would REDUCE the total number of cases NOW. So that doesn’t add up.

        But, also, I assume that the AVERAGE age/healthiness of each case is the SAME as it was before all the old/weak people died, so if my assumption is correct then they’re lying. You’re telling me ~all the old/weak people died off… but I bet that’s false… I bet there’s still the SAME percentage of old/weak people in nursing homes (or anywhere) that there was before. I’d like to see the head count for nursing homes — I bet it’s the same as before.

        Also, they don’t tell us if they’re testing more people now, so that would make the larger number of cases to simply be due to the fact that they’re testing a larger number of people.

        Bah, all this microbe testing/case stuff is so EASY to fraud, there’s no way to get a straight accurate answer out of them anyway. Also I want to point out it’s all based on the assumption that there even exists a virus in the first place LOL, but I digress.

        • harry, finally a friend has a friend who got it. She brought it home and gave it to her husband and twin one year olds. She and her husband felt sorta shitty and had mild fever a couple days. The babies had fever one day. So much for the death rate of covid when you aren’t jailed into a hospital and god forbid, put on the worst thing ever for fluid on the lungs, a ventilator.

          The last stat I saw for surviving ventilators was 2.5%. But it made $40,000 for every person on one for the hospital(and those who administrate).

          BTW, I won’t drive anything with ABS. It’s the most dangerous thing you can have on a big rig and nearly as bad on a light truck you actually work and not use as a car.

          • Morning, Eight!

            I have mentioned this before, but I’ll do it again because I think it bears on what’s happening and others may have experienced similar. Last fall – around November – I got a cold that took me a few weeks to shake. It was almost entirely respiratory – unusual for me as I am a serious runner and have been since I was a teenager. My lungs are probably my strongest body part! Anyhow, I had this weird, crackly thing happening when I exhaled deeply. No big deal; I was totally functional and ran as I normally do. But I suspect that was WuFlu and I’m probably now immune to it, if so. Several of my fiends had the same around the same time, too.

            • eric, I remember that spell you had well. You felt like hell for a week or more. At the time, I chalked it up to the seasonal flu(sounded like it to me) but could have been that or wuflu. It could have been TB, same symptoms. There’s no telling how many people have TB antibodies that have never been diagnosed.

              Oh shit, we just went to the store(needed some black beans but got a bunch of stuff) and everyone we saw going into the store had on a mask.

              I guess they don’t pay much attention that the fatwa Abbott issued this time is null and void and since I have asthma nobody can force me to wear a mask. The wife doesn’t wear one either so we went in and everybody in the store had on a mask except for the two checkers which I thought was pretty funny. I saw no one that seemed to be the slightest amount of under the weather and spoke to several people. There was a small girl without one but her mother and older sister were wearing them.

              Now here’s the kicker, it was already over 100 at noon and is now 106 so just walking outside would kill any flu since hot air is and that is a flu killer. How could outside air not be over the 80 or so degrees that kills all flu? It’s been 3 months since the day it was 109 and 104 the next and it’s been hot every day since with few days under 100. How the hell any flu could survive would only be in people who never get outside and keep their houses very cool, cooler than we can keep our house in this heat.

              I’m just living life like I always would. I’ll admit I haven’t been feeling well. I keep having this feeling of wanting to shoot a few thousand tyrants. I don’t have the time or energy to hang them and I have plenty of ammo. I often wonder if any of them have ever read The Emperor Has No Clothes.

              Back when Alf Tales was a cartoon it was hilarious and was set on the planet ‘Mayo’. The emperor was a fat Alf looking old man that looked like Ronnie Reagan and talked like him too. One episode actually was The Emperor Has No Clothes and was especially hilarious. No having the complete collection of Alf Tales would put me in a much better mood. They slayed every sacred cow you could imagine.

          • Eightsouthman, thanx for mentioning ABS… I unplugged it from my car a long time ago — I don’t think it works either LOL!

            I DO think it works … but ONLY for HIGH SPEED on DRY pavement, IOW it works for racecars on a racetrack. But not for normal speeds on slippery surfaces. I thought about it alot and I logically came to this conclusion. Also IIHS made public statement(s) saying the same thing, so we’re not alone. I think it’s due to laws of physics — there’s a WINDOW of situations where ABS works, but all the non-racecars are OUTSIDE of this window where it works — so it’s all a big scam IMO LOL. IMHO, I think EVERYONE should immediately unplug the dam thing before they go anywhere again… but ppl can do whatever they want. As for me, NO WAY will I ever plug that junk back in.

            • harry, just out of the blue one day it didn’t work on my 93 Chevy K 3500 and totaled 3 pickups because it simply wouldn’t let the brakes work.

              Once it was fixed, I unplugged it for years. For some strange reason I don’t even recall, I plugged it back in. I was doing roofing work and was constantly pulling large, overloaded trailers and one day the brakes did just like they had the day I wrecked it. I was lucky and caught a light just right so no one ran over me and I gradually stopped in the center of a very large intersection. The next time was 3 days later and I lucked out again with no wreck. That time I pulled over and unplugged it and never considered using it again. That pickup had big wheels and tires and was a diesel and would stop a trailer better than any pickup I ever had. I don’t want to consider being on a slick road where it’s just started raining on dirty pavement and have a big rig decide it needs to stop really quickly. I had a rig get away from me on a curve under those circumstances and as I looked at the trailer all the way across both oncoming lanes I knew I never wanted to experience that again. Screw ABS. I never had any trouble maintaining control with just regular brakes.

              • Wow.

                But don’t you want the latest “SAFETY SYSTEMS” on your vehicles? Because you can’t argue with the word “SAFE”, so it MUST be safe if they said so! And don’t you know — the laws of physics DON’T MATTER anymore… truth and reality DOESN’T MATTER — because we’re all in fantasy TV Land now, and everything is wonderful and safe in TV Land!


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