Reader Question: Hamilton?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Ugg writes: Have you seen Hamilton, the Musical? I did in Chicago last year. My wife loved it as did almost anyone else I know that has seen it. I did not care for it at all. It was historically inaccurate but most plays, movies shows etc are, poetic license to entertain. To me the entire thing seemed forced as in pushing through a mold. It was lively, loud, lots of dancing and singing. But and this is funny I don’t have a clear recollection of it, unlike Riverdance of a few years earlier which was also lively, loud lots of dancing and singing.  Anybody else see it and have any comments?

My reply: I dislike musicals almost as much as I dislike Hamilton. The idea of combing the two is for me extremely unpalatable, even more so given that – as I gather – this pay is an homage to that creep.

Hamilton in my mind is more egregious a traitor than Benedict Arnold – who was arguably more above-board. Hamilton sold out the American people from within, while pretending to be an avatar of liberty. The man was brilliantly despicable, a kind of Lenin in breeches. He, like Ilyich, knew how to use language to get what he wanted. Also like Ilyich, Hamilton was an opportunist and a suck-up when necessary to advance his cause and brutal to those at his mercy. A truly awful creature and the prospect of watching an emulator dance and sing makes me almost physically ill.

I’d much rather watch Springtime for Hitler. That was at least funny.

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        • I absolutely despise musicals, but the wife dragged me to the Book of Mormon, and it was pretty damn funny. Definitely recommend.

      • Eric, I’m a huge fan of the original Mel Brooks film and made a trip back to New Yawk just to see the play shortly after it debuted on Broadway. Went with a friend who was also a fan and we even bought brown shirts to wear for the occasion! It was just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d actually get to see “Springtime for You-Know-Who” on stage. (Unfortunately the remake of the movie was a pale imitation of the original.)

        Of course that was quite a few years ago now but if they’ve managed to keep the quality up it is well worth seeing.

  1. Eric, that is what marriage can do to ya!

    Take my long-time acquaintance/client:
    A pretty tough guy. He was shot by a hit-man. Been in 5 motorcicle crashes; tows semi trailers with his pick-up….yada yada….

    My jaw dropped once, when he mentioned that he and his wife had gone to see Guys And Dolls! The thought of him sitting and watching a Broadway musical!

    Must have pushed him over the edge…as now, he moans so much about “How Corona is killing everyone”, that I can not bear to talk to him anymore. They’ve reduced even a maniac to a hypochondriac.

    • Was that before soy became commonplace in our food supply?

      I don’t get it. The notion that playing Mr. Nice Guy will get you laid more is totally false.

      • Hi Handler,

        In re Mr. Nice Guy: I think it’s another false paradigm purveyed by the left. What they mean by it is not a gentleman – which is a manly thing – but rather a pussy, which is a repellent thing to both women and men. It is attractive – because it is decent – to be kind to women and people generally. Especially when you don’t have to be. This is the essence of the gentleman. He is a man who is gentle… but can be a man when it is necessary, as to protect women and children and stand up to bad men.

        The Mr. Nice Guy thing is a shuck and jive meant to equate never standing your ground, avoiding the giving of offense – even when it is unavoidable unless you are willing to sacrifice a principle – with being a proper man. In fact, it makes one a most degraded and unappealing one.

        • eric, godalmighty, I’m still laughing. Mel Brooks was a genius. I used to have friends but they stopped being and turned to worms and such….but anytime someone would mention Frankenstein, we’d immediately start saying “Shteen, shteen”. Even if I’m simply reading and come across Frankenstein I will say shteen, shteen out loud.

          And now it appears we may never be able to see Blazing Saddles again. I should order a copy PDQ. Damned if BLM and the SJW crowd can’t totally ruin everything good in life. And those damned despotic “rulers” are having the time of their life that’s coming to an end quickly if there’s a bit of justice in the world……which I doubt but I do pray.

        • eric, I couldn’t even begin to count how many times I’ve heard a woman say “I just wish I could find a nice guy”. Bullshit. You couldn’t force a nice guy on her. They go for the bad boy, it’s mother nature. I never had sex for being “nice”. I had it because I was taking no for an answer to just about everything and proving what a sorry shit I could be. Wanta have a good time, one of those good/bad times? Babe I’m all over it and I have what you need but you can’t take it cause you’re too damned jealous.

          Oh, then they have to prove you wrong and when they don’t, they’re eating it up. They go for the bad boys every time. I think a guy has to have some sort of episode that removes his drive and renders him half of what he normally is to get married. I’ve seen it with every friend I ever had.

          Naturally, when he turns out to really be a bad boy it’s only a matter of time before she’s had more than she can stand.

          • Yeah, Eight, they like the bad boys, until they have a few sprogs and are getting older…then suddenly decent guys start looking good to them- but decent guys don’t want someone else’s used-up cum-rag, nor to raise another mans sprogs- so the wimmins are left with the dysfunctional and desperate men whom they despise….but with whom they’ll play along for a while, at least until the kids are grown and they’ve been in it long enough to get alimony.

            Pathetic what dating and marriage have turned into. ‘Least it’s easy to see that most women have no character. “You used to go with him?[insert name of bad boy, creep or dysfunctiona or desperate wimp] “Uhhh…no thanks”. [Like on Seinfeld, when Jerry finds out that someone he’s dating used to date Newman!]

          • Morning, Eight!

            Yeah and amen to all of that. As a single guy again, I’ve largely recovered my senses and find that I’m popular on account of it. Very interesting juju. Convey that you can take it or leave it and it’s hard to beat it away with a stick. There is also the factor that we live in truly weird times and I think any man who isn’t a complete cringing failure has some pull with women, who are getting even edgier than we are about where things are headed.

            I’m at the point of preferring the companionship of my cats and the sofa and silent friends such as H.L. Mencken (re-reading Notes on Democracy) more than any bipedal and animated such.

            Must be getting viejo, eh?

            • Ahoy-hoy, Eric!

              Ha! Funny thing is: Not caring doesn’t seem to have any effect when you’re in yoiur twenties….but as we get older, it seems to act as a chick magnet- even to chicks in their twenties.

              This confuses me- what do I have to do to repel them? Act like I do care? Seriously, it’s annoying! I mean, even if they’re so obtuse as to ignore the fact that I don’t return their advances, I STILL try to be polite and rebuff them in the gentlest manner [Which is more consideration than most of them show to most men] while I’d [usually] like to just say GTFOOH.

              Maybe I should get a Trump hat or something- that should keep ’em away.

              • Morning, Nunz!

                My guess is it has something to do with guys like us being stable and settled, which when you think about it is what men are supposed to be like. Probably also that we’re not looking to “party” at bars all night long. That’s not as fun as it’s portrayed in TeeVee shows and such. Gets old after awhile.

                • True, Eric!
                  I think too (Since most people- and especially women- are led more by emotion than logic) it also has something to do with the fact that we project more self-confidence as we get older- and even more so if we “don’t care”…and yet more if we’re Libertarians/natural contrarians.

                  I think that is what attracts the young’uns to bad boys so much- ’cause when it comes to younger guys, it’s usually only the bad guys who portray that self-confidence and independence….even though in them, that’s not really what it is.

            • It’s not easy being a straight, white libertarian male!

              A couple of chicks I’ve been interested in earned their three strikes recently. Both believe the virus hoax (one is now a militant masker). Both have groveled to the BLM/SJW movement on social media. Both have student loan debt. One of them is only making $8 an hour!!!!!

              It’s such a shame because they’re both good-looking girls – prime breeding stock. I’ve tried to reason with them before but have not had any luck (of course). Their minds are just too poisoned from media and schooling. It’s sad.

              Oh well. I don’t have cats, but I do have plenty of Poodles to keep me company while I watch our civilization come to an end!

              • Handler, it was impossible to find a good woman 30 years ago (Well…I lived in NY at the time- it may’ve still been possible elsewhere- albeit rare)….just forget about it today- even the old bags are completely corrupted. The propaganda works 99.9999% of women (vs. 99.5% or so on men). They’re gone. Civilization as we know it has been destructing for decades…and it is just about gone- as we can vividly see very blatantly now.

                I don’t know anyone who’d be better company than my cats and dog.

                • I do have a cousin that married a pretty Ukrainian girl. She’s a stay-at-home mother.

                  There might be some hope in Central and Eastern Europe. The mental illness still exists over there, but it seems to be stagnant.

                  • Thee are some decent women in that part of the world. Hell, the old lady is half Czech. No doubt she has cousins with grand-daughters.

                    hey, Remember NFAC? No? Yeah, who does? But they want to take Texas. That is fairly hilarious.


                    • I had an algebra teacher in high school that was Czech. Very cute and pretty. The difference is noticeable.

                      Make sure your old lady is out of the room:

                      Those groups don’t concern me; it’s the weak, groveling whites that do. The Southern Baptists have gone full SJW here in Mississippi.

                    • Morning, Handler!

                      Now that is the way to wake up in the morning… not a tattoo or cattle ring in the nose to be seen. I remember when American women looked like this. It’s a shame they no longer do.

                    • Hi Eric, did you notice how none of them have shapeless torsos? All have ideal waist-to-hip ratios.

                      My mother believes the hormones in the food (and possibly the vaccines) are behind the shapeless figures in younger women.

                    • Handler, your mother is partly correct. Our water nearly everywhere is full of psych drugs which change the sex of water creatures and now they find it’s humans too.

                      Then the glyphosate in Roundup is playing hell with the water and food and the animals born into this swamp of chemicals. Fluoride fucks up your brain as do the drugs that change your hormones.

                      They don’t have a chance environmentally. Then the way they are treated keeps them retarded adding to the effect of the drugs. I remember when girls were women and if you charged everyone who had sex with underage girls, only the gay guy in town would be walking the streets.

                      My wife was the height and breast size she is now when she was 12. When we were married a year or two and were trucking, everyone thought she was my older sister. They’d ask if I was old enough to drive a truck and be sorta knocked back when she said we were married. They might card me but never her, she’s never been carded even when she was 16.

                      We pulled up to a drive-up window in Clovis, New Mexico when I was 32, coming back from Ruidoso. The woman at the window asked for ID. I pulled down my shades and she said Never mind.

                      Seriously, you have to card women, or a lot of them, to not have sex with a minor or that used to be the way it was.

                      I’ve taken out really sexy women for the night and found out they were 15.

                      10 years ago I hadn’t seen my oldest niece in 10 years or more(divorce and craziness of her mother). We had a family gathering and there was a young woman that was HOT, all the right things in the right places wearing a tight black dress, one of those. I asked my nephew who the “hottie” was. He fell over laughing and said “Your niece”. Then I fell over laughing. Man, you just never know.

                    • Yeah, we’re bombarded with nasty chemicals. A lot women drink Diet Coke which contains aspartame. The loathsome Donald Rumsfeld had enough juice to have it approved even though research proved it was harmful.

                      Out of curiosity, I compared the measurements of playmates from the 70s to the ones of today and there is a considerable difference in bust and waist measurements. The few that came close to matching the older playmates in bust-waist-hip have breast implants.

            • Eric,

              I’m the same way! I just like chillin’ with my cats and spending time in my easy chair. I also prefer a good dump to an orgasm. I must be getting old, huh?

              • Not gettin old but bein old sucks. Don’t seem like that long ago both were regular and great. Now I just pray for either and will take the good dump when it’s a choice.

              • Holy shit, Marky (pun intended, sorta)! I’m almost 70 now, and I must say that a nice clean and hard no wiper deuce is much more satisfying than my limp dick O. The wife doesn’t give a shit about fooling around anymore, so we rarely even bother. My 20 year old self would probably punch me in the mouth, but hey, life changes. I’ll stop now before the conversation gets even weirder!

                • Floriduh, I’m a year older than you and I approve this message. I have a 32 year old neighbor and he sends me videos of hot chicks. He knows it’s torture so ask where he is and if his wife is home(she’s hot). It’s a running joke with us. He finally told me I should try Craig’s list.

                  So I went to Craig’s list and sure enough, if you believe it all and it’s just a trade, well, I guess if I were younger I might find something.

                  So he asked me if I had tried Craig’s list, giving me shit. I said I had and he asked “Well, what did you think?”. I said “I couldn’t find your wife there”.

                  We never let up on each other.

                  Like you, my biggest fantasy is a slick old ride…..with wheels.

            • Women like men. Women especially like men that can lead guide and direct. Women get crazy with decision making, and older men are pretty decisive. This is why the older man younger woman dynamic works well.
              A young woman can wake up his youthful side, and an older man can calm the indecisive brain of a young woman. It just works.

              Little bit of a different topic, but why is it that every time I’m at the walmark I see a pile of the ugliest bitches with reasonably good looking men? They usually have a mess of kids too. How are these horrid looking creatures pulling down these dudes?
              My own brother is hanging around this 350 pounder with some other dude’s kid. My brother is Hollywood handsome and extremely talented, intelligent, and funny. Could pull down some serious bitches, but hangs with a fat, ugly trailer park ho. He is young and not established. Maybe that stability thing is true.

              Men tend to date down I’ve noticed. I, a young, fairly attractive, fairly successful woman, just got dumped for a much older scare crow looking lady, with no job and no car. She has a few teeth still. I’m so confused.

              I’d rather be completely alone for the rest of my life than have some dude sponge off me or cause problems in my life. Bums need not apply. Stability is very attractive. Young men simply aren’t that these days.

              • Hi Anon,

                I had a conversation the other day with an old friend – female – who was talking about jus chucking “normal” life and living the RV life. Easy to drive far away from the Diapered; easy to drive – and stay and then leave anytime, anywhere. RVs – even a conversion van – can be pretty nice, too. I like the simplified life idea – and the easy mobility idea. But I also like staying in “my place” and that’s what I’ve decided to do, come what may.

                As for the rest – finding joy is hard when you’re tired all the time and mostly just want to be able to catch a nap on the sofa.

                • eric, maybe you wondered when young about those old mountain men, living the same way every day and having just enough of a shelter to get them through the worst weather.

                  Probably if you could have heard what they were thinking it would have been thoughts of beauty, in every thing they saw and solitude with time to think and no distraction you didn’t like.

                  Men like that are dangerous and everyone knows it. Tyrants would like them to die and women wouldn’t get close not being able to look at them and figure out just what they are.

                  The older they get the more dangerous they are. They know what they like and what they don’t like.

                  They have a problem suffering fools….of either sex. The average woman would be grossed out watching him eat a coon and then make a hat out of what’s left. If somebody took that same coonskin cap and put a shiny bangle and an outrageous price and a tag that said Louis Vitton, they’d long for it and love it till they found out it wasn’t “in vogue” that year.

                  Buck will wear that hat till it falls apart or somebody takes it from him or he loses his life trying to keep it. Something bad might happen to it and he might have to make another. A woman who hadn’t seen him make it and hadn’t seen a shiny thing put on it and the requisite expensive brand tag attached would like it a great deal if some dreamy looking guy gave it to her along with other expensive things. But it would fall out of favor soon enough and so would mr. dreamy when she found out he wasn’t wildly rich and had no desire to go into debt for a mansion on the hill that would eventually kill him working too hard to keep it from the tyrants who spent their days trying to figure out other ways to rip him off because he had it.

                  There’s enough difference in men and women to run a universe through.

                  I have a friend I see every 20 years or so at a funeral. She was always drawn to older men and she liked when they had plenty of money. Her well-to-do husband was getting older than I am now and got cancer. It was one hell of a fight with lots of complications but he powered through it and finally whipped it as it was whipping him. Once he had temporarily conquered it she said he had lost all patience with people. Hhhmmm, I wonder why? Old mean C came back after some years and killed him pretty quick but I bet he cussed hell out of it as he was going.

                  That seems to be the story of my life now. I lose a friend to a heart attack and then another and then one to C and another to C and the hits just keep on coming. I go back to the oncologist again in a week or more. I don’t have a clue as to what will happen the next time or the next time if there is one. Unlike a lot of women, I’ve always known I’d never get out of this life alive that Hank said so eloquently. It takes women longer to figure it out. There out there across the universe, that universe that’s always separated men and women. Sometimes old couples just get to where they can’t hear very well and it’s harder to communicate across that great divide. It will become a greater divide or a commonality for the both of them. I don’t know how that can be understood till it happens. That’s mainly what I have learned in life. It was always in the back of my mind but I had other things to think about and they didn’t involve fancy bangles or somebody named Louis.

                • That’s my plan, if the wife goes before I do – not likely though. Sell the house, get rid of all my shit, then buy a class C, and spend the rest of my days traveling the country. One can dream.

                • For anyone considering full-time RVing….South Dakota welcomes people who want to use that state as their “home state” without actually living there. Just need a place to get yer mail….and you’re pretty much good to go- register your RV their, get an SD driver’s lic. and it’s a hassle-free home state. Good to keep in mind.


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