Return of the Archons

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When one joins a gym one generally signs a waiver of responsibility document that says you agree it’s not the gym’s fault if you have a heart attack while working out – and so on.

Basically, you agree to assume the risk of working out there in exchange for being able to work out there.

If you do have a heart attack, it’s a tragedy. But the gym doesn’t get the bill – and none of the other members are required to submit to a cardiovascular exam before being allowed to hit the weights. Everyone isn’t presumed to be a heart-attack-in-the-making. Everyone is presumed to be healthy – and treated accordingly.

Another example that was once common was the sign at a pool that read: No Lifeguard on Duty – Swim at Your Own Risk.

And people did.

Why can’t they again – so to speak?

At gyms – at bars and restaurants. Everywhere.

Worried you might get sick? Then don’t go inside. Worried someone else might get sick? That’s their business.

Mind your own.

No one’s forcing you to work out or eat or shop among the unDiapered. And the Undiapered aren’t forcing you to take off your Diaper, either.

Those who go inside agree – on the record – that they’re not worried about getting sick and that they’re willing to assume the risk of working out or eating or having a cup of coffee with friends, unDiapered.

They’re not forced, either. Imagine that.

The best part of this deal being that those who are terrified of the risk – no matter how remote – no longer have veto power over those who aren’t terrified.

Isn’t that how it ought to be?

It was once exactly that way.

Neurotics didn’t get their way – though they were free to be as neurotic as they wanted to be.

People afraid to swim without a lifeguard present stayed out of the water. Or they took whatever precautions they felt they needed, such as wearing a life-preserver or staying in the shallow end.

No one had a problem with that – because why would they?

No one’s rights were affronted. No one’s forcing anyone to go in the pool. Stay out if the prospect alarms you. Or be responsible, if you’re not capable. Kind of like staying home if you’re vulnerable – rather than insisting everyone stay home.

Or install a Face Diaper.

It would have been considered the height of effrontery for the afraid-to-swim to demand that the pool be locked-down to prevent anyone from swimming unless a lifeguard was present.

It would have been considered a sign of mental illness to insist that everyone – including those who can swim – wear a life-preserver to ease the fears of those who can’t.

The same species of effrontery – of illness – is now taken as a sign of virtue, signaled not  by the choice to Diaper but by the demand that everyone Diaper.

It manifests, like a hacking cough, as this idea that because some people are terrified, their terror entitles them to terrorize those who aren’t terrified.

Or coughing.

Sick-in-the-head people are trying to impose a Fear Cult on the populace, deviation from which constitutes not merely heresy but a mortal sin, punishable by the most extreme measures. You can see it in the eyes of the Diapered – their eyes being the only things we can see. They burn with hate toward those who don’t believe – and display their unbelief.

We approach – or rather, we regress – to the time of witch hunts and public burnings of unbelievers.

The Diaper being the uniform of the new Torquemadas.

They will never permit waivers. Far too reasonable.

Far worse, such a thing would make it impossible for them to impose their faith by creating the visual impression that everyone shares it.

Mark that in countries governed by Sharia Law everyone also appears to be “of the body” – to crib a line from an excellent because instructive episode of the original Star Trek series (the episode is Return of the Archons and well worth a YouTube).

Which – tangent, but a related one – brings up Mr. Sulu, played by George Takei, an ardent Diaper wearer and Diaper-insister. He is “of the body.” And wants you to be, too. For George, who is elderly and also gay and so at real risk of death from any virus, not just the Chinese virus – Diapering may be a sensible policy. Perhaps the Diaper protects him – and you’d think that’d be enough.

It isn’t.

He – like others “of the body” – practically screams that all must Diaper, to calm his fears – an interesting incongruity given George and his family were placed in a concentration camp to allay other people’s fears. They were of Japanese descent but not Japanese agents. It didn’t matter; they were presumed to be Japanese agents – a danger to the health of the body politic – and locked up on that basis.

George and his family never got the chance to sign a waiver affirming they weren’t Japanese agents and allowed to go about their business.

Maybe revenge is his motive – and the motive of others “of the body” – for not leaving people free to offer and sign waivers and go about their business, Undiapered.

. . .

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  1. Hey Eric & Everyone,

    For a little fun: This is one of those videos where they read Reddit posts…..I like to listen to this while I’m doing ‘puter work or otherwise putzing at my desk…. I think yous’ll really enjoy this!

    What Things Were Normal For You Growing Up In The 70’s & 80’s That Your Kids Today Could Never Do:

    Us old farts can identify…and you younger sprigs can get a feel of what life was like when the world was normal! Great stuff!

    • Hi Bluesman,

      The Diaper is like the Mormon Underwear or the kepi of the Hasidim. It is a religious symbol. But one that brooks no heresy. You must join this religion – or else.

  2. The head scratcher for me is how can anyone possibly prove they got the Covid at a specific location? It takes days to show signs in anyone that’s been “exposed” so unless you’re living in a sterile bubble and only came out once at one place and ran back into your bubble there’s no way of knowing where you got it. All this “contact tracing” BS is just more Kabuki theater, not to mention another way for Uncle to keep tabs on his subjects.

  3. its remarkable the erxplosion of communism has occured during the trump presidency and hes hired nothing but traitors and backstabbers. very dark days ahead

  4. We all have a medical condition that precludes us from wearing a mask. We are mammals, and we breath air. Many of us, including most or all of Eric’s readers, also have an allergy to submission. Freedom of speech is definitely on the table, as much as 55% of our communication is facial expression. There are ways to beat this.

    • I read the illegal and in-contempt-of-court-order KY. tyrant’s mask dictate. It exempts those who have a “physical or mental illness which prevents one from safely wearing a mask”. Well, I apparently have at least two mental illnesswes: Sanity, and Libertarianism! I’m exempt! (I guess sanity is an illness, when psychos are in positions of power and influence)

      • Nunz, the first time I had to wear a mask was at the horspital. I didn’t want to lose my doc but she knows or should know I can’t be made to wear one. The killer that day was my cleaning in the barn the day before and getting a good dose of really fine dust, the bane of my asthma. Putting that mask on was almost too much.

        • Eight, there’s an article on LRC today about just how damaging to one’s health wearing a mask can be (I didn’t read it, ’cause I can imagine what it says)

          But I can only imagine having asthma and wearing a mask! Heck, I’m an efficient breather, but I certainly don’t want anything hindering my intakes- much less something which holds moisture…..and when I’m in public, among the cretins, with all the plethora of filthy diseases and farts and Gawd-knows-what-else in the air!

          • Nunz, I saw that article but didn’t read it either simply because I’ve probably read over a dozen from virologists and immunologists explaining how dangerous mask wearing is. I listen to Pam Popper every morning on YT. She’s trying to organize as many people as possible to protest the shutdowns and all the rest of the bullshit that’s being done to us. You can just open YT and search for Pam Popper to get her entire list of daily videos including the one for today.

            She has a bit of an idea of what she speaks of being a physician herself and knowing a lot about psychology. There are states with counties where suicides outnumber deaths from covid…..or what somebody calls covid.

  5. Ohio sheriff goes on CNN (yeah baby!) to say that he will not enforce DeWine’s mandatory mask order. He specifically tells people not to call the sheriffs office because he won’t enforce it. He told people to call the health department instead. He said that, “if the health department want’s to enforce mask wearing, they can put little yellow lights on their cars and hand out tickets.” He pretty much also said that the police won’t be enforcing it either. His video can be found on good old youtube as well. Good stuff!

  6. “Mind Your Own Business”…circa 1950’s…Hank Williams

    Oh, the woman on our party line’s the nosiest thing
    She picks up her receiver when she knows it’s my ring
    Why don’t you mind your own business
    Mind your own business
    Well, if you mind your business, then you won’t be mindin’ mine

    • Hey Alger,

      “Mindin’ other people’s business seems to be high-tone
      I got all that I can do just to mind my own”.

      Hank is, IMO, the greatest American songwriter ever. He railed against the false piety of who we now call “Social Justice Warriors” and exposed the cruelty in their hearts. He spoke for the poor, the destitute, the wild, the adventurers and outsiders. His songs could be a joyous celebration of life (Hey Good Lookin’), a rapturous description of faith (I Saw the Light), a bittersweet reflection on the joys and costs of an independent spirit (Ramblin’ Man), a tragic lament of despair (I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive), or a condemnation of human cruelty and hypocrisy (Be Careful of Stones that You Throw).

      Like so many of the great country songwriters, he was a master of lyrical wordplay, which brings a smile to your face, even in the midst of the bleakest song. Consider these lyrics from “I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive”

      “These shabby shoes I’m wearin’ all the time, are full of holes and nails
      Buddy if I stepped on a worn out dime, I betchya nickel I could tell if it was heads or tails”.

      A tortured but compassionate soul, constantly in pain, his self medication finally took him, at age 29, in the backseat of his Cadillac en route to a New year’s day concert in Ohio.

      In a dark tribute, Alan Jackson recorded the haunting ghost story, “Midnight in Montgomery”.


  7. Another way to attack the Mask Mandate: We communicate with our faces; speech is protected by the First Amendment. If strippers can be protected, if burning the flag is protected speech, then why can’t being free to communicate with our faces be protected?

    • Exactly, Andy –

      They are denying our freedom of expression as well as attempting to compel people to perform a bizarre ritual… on the basis of a supposition, not an actuality: You might be sick. You might get someone sick. You might get sick This is intolerable. If accepted as legitimate, it becomes legitimate to impose anything on everyone . . . on the basis of you might . . . as asserted by neurotics and control freaks.

      The only language these people understand is NO. Backed up,if necessary, with fists and anything else required.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if it really is a satanic ritual. The ppl running our govts put on nice suits (paid for by we people) and put on a show on TV, but behind the TV screen I’ve read alot of expose’s about how BONKERS they are.

        IOW the people have an IMAGE of what the govt ppl are like and what they’re doing… but reality is VASTLY different.

        Image is everything. Everything is an illusion.

        • Amen, Harry!

          Just look at the Epstein thing- How many “renowned respected” powerful people are involved with the “Lolita Express” and Pedo Island. So many big-shots from here and around the world.

          I’d heard rumors and conspiracy-theories about such things since the 80’s, and while I always maintained that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were true (Considering what we can observe about the character of all of these tyrants), I never really spoke of them, since there was no proof, and it seemed a little incredulous. But here we are- those rumors turned out to be TRUE, and now we have proof.

          More and more lately, it seems the masks are falling away, and the true nature of those whom our neighbors have consented to be ruled by is being revealed for what it is -but sadly, it’s too late, as the masses don’t care anymore, as they have been demoralized, and are happy just as long as their “leaders” offer them some benefit at their neighbor’s expense.

        • Security guard guy was a felon and not allowed to have a gun — how’d he get that job? His wife is felon too, also not allowed to have a gun, she was on scene for some reason. WEIRD stuff. Where’s the riots — white lives matter???

          EVERYONE should have a gun on their hip everywhere all the time now. God-dang peasants have NO CLUE what’s going on nowadays cuz they apparently never read ONE SINGLE ARTICLE in their entire life yet — I guess they just hang out in their fake news TV land.

          Meanwhile, according to Natural News, CA governor is smuggling automatic weapons parts from China, embezzling & laundering federal aid money, and all sorts of cartoon-level crimes. The SAME politicians saying they gotta take the guns away from the peasants are illegal gun smugglers — getting innocent ppl murdered, drug smugglers, and human traffickers. But they say it’s the PEASANTS that are the problem!!!

          • harry, hanging out in MSM land is exactly what they do. I have noticed a difference in the information people have if they type or don’t.

    • That is frickin’ awesome! However, the lawsuit was filed last week, I sure hope it also applies to the insanity that took place today. And I figured it would be Scott county (right next door from Lexington), that’s the county attorney I mentioned that won’t diaper up. Good news!

      • Darn it, I can’t go back and edit my last reply. Oh well.

        I just downloaded and looked over the restraining order. It only applies to agritourism business. It’s a good start, but it needs to be expanded ASAP.

        • Jim, it includes the agri-tourism busy-nesses, but from what I can see, the order decrees that NO COVID executive orders be issued or enforced, period.

          Of course, they’ll probably fight it in a higher court, until they waste enough of our money and find an obedient judge who will rule the opposite way.

          (And it does apply state-wide)

  8. Everyone here is correct, and everyone here has been a great boost in confidence and sanity. The governor decreed by executive fiat that all in my state must wear a mask, etc. Now I have to walk the walk.

    Some lawyer is apparently already suing him. That’s good, if true, and if it works out.

    Test 1: I walked in without a mask, despite the sign on the door. No issues.
    Test 2: No issues. One customer who submitted gave me a long glare. I was not the only one without a mask.
    Test 3: I walk in, employee says “Sir…” I pretend to not hear and do what I need to do.
    Test 4: Employee seemed annoyed but didn’t say anything. I was not the only one without a mask.

    It is SO MUCH easier when you’re not the only one. (I wish I could coordinate with a group of a couple people, and enter at the same time. Doubt there would be a problem when working as a group.)

    So far so good. But I haven’t tackled a grocery store yet. I plan to cite breathing issues if confronted, but they’ll probably say they’re doing it on their own behalf, not the governor’s. So they discriminate against me because I have a breathing disability, but let’s get real, am I going to sue them? Been trying to preemptively make contact with a lawyer who agrees…

    See I’m not big, tall, tough, and scary like everyone else here, so I can’t just be intimidating. The hourly employees would love to tackle someone like me to the ground, breaking my back in the process, rather than to allow me to slip past/affront their temporary, artificial power. Power they’ve never had before but crave. The mask mob will cheer them on and probably participate, record it, upload it, and comment about how I got what I deserved.

    The corporations violate our rights so the government doesn’t have to, and “they’re a private company so they can do whatever they want”.

    Any advice? I could order everything I need online, and it may come to that, but I need to test myself in the real world. And eventually you won’t be able to order online without the COVID chip/certification.

    Also, what states are left as not being all in with the deep state? Looks like Iowa, Montana, Wisconsin, and South Dakota?

    • Brandon, five words to remember if anyone demands you wear a mask:

      Ich kann kein Englisch sprechen.

      If that doesn’t work, then “I have a disability”!

      Here in KY the goobernor had issued a mask order back I think on April or May 6. Never heard another word about it- and no one has yet to ever hassle me for not wearing a mask….well, except for the parents of small children who get scared by seeing my face 😀

      I’m not big and scary either (But I make up for it in attitude!).

      Only time anyone said anything about a mask to me, is when I went to the tooth doc a couple’a months ago: They make ya wait outside in your vee-hickle now; so when one of the assistants came out to get me, she said: “Do you have a mask? Or I’ll give you one if you don’t” I just said “I don’t do that”- and that was that.

      • Hey Nunz, our order came down this week. The stores had mask recommendations and requirements before, but compliance was less than 50%. With the fatwa, compliance went up to 95%, so that changes things.

        Yeah you may not be big, but you are definitely scary.

    • Or, you could adopt the Latka Gravis language!

      (Hey, the German works fine though- unless of course, there are a lot of Krauts in your area… One of the times I used it at Walmart when they tried to make me walk through a maze, I said it, then, as the COVidiot repeated it, I said it again, followed by “Dummkopf!” as I walked in “the wrong way”.

      This stuff can actually be fun! (My latest lark is breaking through the plastic tape barriers!)

    • Brandon
      No need to look scary, the law is on your side. Just like those in wheelchairs they cannot stop you or restrict you in any way(like telling the person in a wheel chair to leave it behind because the tires might track dirt on their carpet), As a business is a “Public Accommodation”, and as such must follow the law.
      I complement you as you have bigger balls than 99.9% of the public to stand alone against the madness. Rest assured you are on the right side of the law as this is federal and enshrined in all state law.
      Educate our people-those that can understand, and next time you go in that store you may have company. Do not let anyone divide and conquer, it’s sane people like you that will power us thru this.

      • Everything you say is so true, Woody!

        Our KY. governor is now is now in contempt of the restraining order issued by a circuit court judge, for ignoring that order and mandating masks. Let’s see what “they” do…if anything- or if they will just allow the top dog in this state to ignore a court order, which we’d be in jail for if we did.

        Methinks there is no law in this country anymore- at least not when it comes to “them”- it’s just the law of might makes right.

        And my kudos and admiration to Brandon too, for the bravery.

        • Morning, Nunz!

          Defy this…it’s legally unenforceable. It is being enforced via social pressure, which you can resist without risking jail. Do so. It is imperative. This Diapering madness can be defeated. If it is defeated, there is a chance.

          Seize the day!

          • eric, exactly that, seize the day. I refuse, I won’t comply, kiss my rusty red ass, go to hell. I could go on but you get my drift. I have health issues that keep me from wearing a mask and you don’t have to state what that issue is because of HIPPA law.

          • Absotively, Eric! I will not don a mask….EVER! Once ya do that, they own you. And as a Christian, this is even more abhorrent, as it is the pre-cursor to the Mark- the DNA-altering vaccine and “proof of immunity” chip, which will be required for participation in any form of economics or public life. If we rationalize the mask….we would do the same for what follows- so we may as well just get used to being outsiders and among the persecuted now, because it’s only going to get worse.

            • Hi my wop friend!

              I’m not specifically religious, but this – the Diapering and all associated with it – gives me a numinous feeling. It literally raises the hair on one’s skin, or mine at any rate. Something very evil is afoot – and I won’t have any part of it, bad as I am!

      • Amen, Woody!

        These creatures are relying on heavy social pressure to achieve their ends. It just takes saying No to them. They are screeching psychotic babies used to getting their way. It startles them when they don’t. Which is enjoyable, in a schadenfreude kind of way.

        • Indeed, NO has become one of my favorite words. It started in that capacity a number of years ago in the work place. When the boss said for instance “you have to work this weekend” and I said no, they looked at me like I had grown a third ear in the middle of my face. But then they rarely attempted to “force” me. They were too busy trying to digest my response, that they were totally unprepared for. I suspect the mask enforcers will suffer the same inability to digest the word. They are just as likely to suffer a brain aneurysm from their cognitive inability to cope. “No” is a word that solves a lot of problems, and should be used far more often than it is.

      • Hey Woody, thanks for the kind words and the reassuring sentiments. The law may be on my side, but the power is not on my side. Plus I find it difficult to articulate these arguments well in the heat of the moment. It’s one thing to think out these things while typing a comment, quite another when in the flesh. But then again I’m almost as dumb as Nunz (just kidding, he’s pretty bright for a greasy meatball Italian).

        All that being said, it looks like the stores are worried that someone with the time and money will sue if they are denied entry. So things are okay right now.

        • The wife and I went in to the gro. store today. I had to get R.O. water outside and witnessed everyone going in with masks. It’s a first for there but then again, Abbott’s fatwa never applied to us. I think we had 11 cases of positive, one over the limit.

          I will not wear a mask. It doesn’t make a shit, I won’t do it and neither will the wife. We got in and everyone was masked up…..but somebody had dropped the word that the fatwa wasn’t legal among the staff evidently. Some had one around their neck and others, the cashiers, had none and looked normal. We stayed around a while trying to find the things we wanted(no shallots…dammit). I even went into the back(employees only), a new sign. No public bathroom, another new sign.

          I went into the vault(been doing this 50 years), well, more than that. Dug around in the jalos that were fresher than the ones out on the shelf. I touched each one checking for hardness, the sign of a fresh jalo. I loaded a bag and left, then went out and checked various things by feel(hell, it’s veggies). Then we went around and checked various meats by look and feel. I guess we touched nearly every damn thing in the store. I had another good conversation with the sacker, a guy I’ve known forever. He normally pets on Cholley Jack but it was hot, well above 100 degrees so CJ was at home. He wondered if the soft drinks in the bed would explode. I wondered too but hoped I’d be home well before it got to that point and I drove really smoothly to not shake them up, not easy in a Z71, what the fuck ever they created that monster for. I keep saying I’ll put different shocks on it but I am waiting to get the old 93 diesel running again and want to put all my limited funds into it. It was so much better than the later models.

          So we get home and I’m soaked with sweat after bringing everything into the house. I laughed out loud while washing my face and hands with cold water trying to cool off. How the hell could a flu of any sort survive that heat? It can’t. Fuck em and feed em fish heads. I refuse……about everything. Then I went to the post office and walked into the other part where the clerk was working. She showed up masked up and I told her what I wanted and next thing I know she doesn’t even have a mask showing and we were conversing across the counter with her taking my info down on a note pad.(trying to get a rural box) as I have been for 35 years but these are new people. Tired of driving 30 miles to get a stack of bills and the book I got today, Files on JFK, written by James E. Files. I hope it’s as good as projected.

          That’s it for today. Headed to the shower to get the sticky sweat off and go to the bedroom and cool down with Nora Jones singing me back home(and making me horny)with all the boys, CJ and Big, BW, Two Tone, White Feet(female) and a couple other cats I trust. We’ll be spread out and cooling off and sawing logs in another couple hours. BW, right beside my head(old man), Possum, the other side, Bigger, wherever he wants and whoever else wants to come in I trust to not wake me up. Good night all. peace b

          • “I guess we touched nearly every damn thing in the store.” Damn 8, you know how many Karens you infuriated by doing this? Ah well, that’s probably part of the reason to do it.

            • You damn right. And I got real close to them too. I’d have licked their door handles if it hadn’t been 106……which seems pretty desireable to day since it’s 108. I nearly wrote 208 and that doesn’t seem so far away. No leaf lettuce, just iceberg and it’s wrapped but I handled several of them even though you could see there wasn’t any difference. Seriously, by the time we left, hardly anyone was in the store because of the time of day and every employee was demasked. They seemed to be glad they could remove those damned things. Of all the times for my allergies to not act up. I didn’t have a single sneeze the entire time and I generally have those explosive things. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

    • Hi everyone,

      Thank you for your comments. Pretty good results from the battlefront:

      Test 5: Gas station. Entered, people stared like I had a tree growing out of my head, but other than that, nothing. I was pleased to see, after I was leaving, two men enter without a mask.

      Test 6: Bix-box store that does not sell groceries. I was nervous to enter alone. I waited for a while watching the people go in. Not a single person entering without a mask. I said, well, I guess I have to be literally the only man here out of the 100+ people here. I didn’t ask for this burden or responsibility. I certainly don’t want it. I prefer to assist a better man. But, I guess I don’t have the choice. We rarely get to choose these types of things. I guess I’m the best we had at that place in that moment in time. I pushed through my discomfort and anxiety and went in. No one guarding the entrance. I think I was the only one in there without a mask, no problems though. Saw one guy enter, as I left, without a mask. Good luck to him.

      Test 7: Big-box store that sells food. This was the real test. I was nervous. I waited in the parking lot, seeing who was going in. All masks, but then, I saw a family, (husband, wife, and child) going towards the entrance, not wearing masks. My chance! I got out and saw they got in! Yes! A man in his 20s also entered, sans-mask. He was stopped by the two sentries guarding the single gate. They said something to him and he said nothing and walked in. I chose to make eye contact with the guards, which I could have avoided, to make things slightly harder on them, but chose to allow them to speak their case. They said “If you don’t have face covering, please be sure to maintain a 6 foot social distance”. “Understood!” – I happily replied. There were several people, more than everywhere else, not wearing masks. (By the way, nobody there could distance 6 feet, because the entrance and exits to the store have been funneled down to an area about 3 feet in width, whatever, the 6 feet thing is just a shtick)

      Then I go online and people say that there needs to be fines because there is not enough mask compliance. The employees of these stores have been very cool though, in person. I appreciate them not trying to start a fight. Just saying what they have to say and letting me be. I can live with that. Of course, I’ve heard stories of those employees that are part of the cult. Haven’t run into one yet.

      So I’m 7 for 7 this week. Will update everyone if my streak is broken.

  9. The emperor of Kentucky signed an executive order today mandating masks among the general public. Well, if you want to go into a business, that is. Effective Friday at 5pm.

    The unfortunate thing is that Kentucky doesn’t have a provision to initiate a recall petition, or I’d be all over it. I’ve been looking into it. Shame, as we’d actually have a chance since he only won election by about 5000 votes. So we’re stuck with the asshole for the next 3 years. But come 2023, I’m going to stump for anyone of any party running against the SOB. And this year I’m going to engage anyone running for downstream offices to make sure they meet the standards of liberty, and actively campaign for any who qualify.

    I fully intend to tell anyone who tries to enforce the mandate to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, and starting tomorrow, I’m scouting for alternative places to shop. I won’t be muzzled. I’ve still got to take my 88 year old mom grocery shopping tomorrow (now I wish we’d done it today), and I’m going to check stores that we go to. If they’re getting an early start and requiring muzzles before 5pm, then it’s on to the next store. Despite that she’s a democrat, she doesn’t wear the diapers either. I’m also going to shop around for other counties who will be lax enforcing the diktat (a neighboring county attorney said a couple of months ago that he wasn’t wearing a face diaper). There has got to be somebody around with the balls and brains to say enough of this crap.

  10. As I have mentioned before, there is an exeption for a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask. Spelled out in the ADA also in california CC51(b) and in every county guideline. It is a disability. No one can ask about the nature of your disability, that violares HIPPA and ADA. It is the business owner’s responsibility to know this exception, but few do, including I have found Banks.
    When excercising your health rights be firm but do not back down. Even though I have tried to show minions the law they don’t always look, but I “stand my ground” and always get in the business. I would not because of the reasons spelled out by Eric many times, but you can always call the police as they may even enforce the law. Look at it as a opportunity to educate and spread the word to people who a can understand. They will hear your argument and come up to you later.
    Again, not my style, but an income opportunity in these tough times to sue the business, as an individual can do this under ADA. Please only sue wallyworld, major banks, or Whole Paycheck and not our suffering smal businesses.
    Fighting for freedom need not include guns, but does include discomfort.

  11. Here’s why “requiring” face coverings is WRONG, IMMORAL, and ILLEGAL:

    Their argument that people are doing something bad by NOT wearing a mask is flawed for three reasons:
    1) The accusation that someone can kill another person with their exhaled breath is incredibly WEAK & LAME (this is the epitomy of stupidity)– plus IF SOMEONE’S BREATH IS SO DEADLY THEN THEY’D ALREADY BE DEAD FROM THEIR OWN BREATH LONG BEFORE THEY COULD INFECT OTHER PEOPLE.
    2) It’s not a crime to NOT do something (not wearing a mask), you can only accuse people of a crime if they DO something bad — DOING something can be a crime but NOT DOING something is never a crime — this is a huge line to cross — telling everyone they’re literally KILLING other people by NOT doing anything at all — this is totally completely ludicrous nonsense.
    3) Forcing people to wear a mask is invading peoples’ BODY SPACE (a human / civil rights violation) — you can’t invade peoples’ body space telling them what to wear or what to eat etc, plus it actually has significant detrimental health effects so it’s CAUSING PHYSICAL HARM to people … sure they exempt people with disabilities/health conditions, but that’s ADMITTING that it causes physical harm so if it’s wrong to force masks on disabled people then it’s wrong to force them on healthy people too.

    America is supposed to be a democracy where the governement employees are REPRESENTATIVES of the peoples’ will — yet … they don’t let the people VOTE on anything anymore!!!!!! WHEN DO WE THE PEOPLE GET TO HAVE A SAY IN ANYTHING — ESPECIALLY SOMETHING THAT’S SUPPOSEDLY DEADLY, ESPECIALLY SOMETHING THAT THE DICTATORS ARE USING TO DESTROY OUR LIVELIHOODS/ETC?

    Where’s our sheriffs???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    They should be enforcing the laws that say we get to vote on huge/important issues. Plus our human / civil rights are being violated, just like those state troopers in OR said (they were RIGHT).

    • Where’s our sheriffs? Where are the state legislators who have the power to rein in dictators like we have here in Kentucky? Nowhere to be found. Time to file some lawsuits.

      • Sheriffs? Too busy playing cop, by busting druggies and giving out traffic tickets. Our former sheriff in my county, who had been in office forever, until recently, was the brother of a drug dealer. The brother never had a problem- ‘specially with his brother the sheriff eliminating all the competition.

        Sheriff of Hart county was busted for selling “illegal” firearms.
        Sheriff of Barren county was busted after conspiring to protect his thugs who beta a handcuffed suspect…. (A white suspect)

        These thugs don’t know or care about what a sheriff is supposed to do.

    • Ohio sheriff went on CNN to say that he won’t enforce the new mask mandate! He said, don’t call us we don’t have time and that mask wearing should be up to the individual. He said that it’s up to the health department and the health department said that they are too busy. Police said they won’t have time to enforce it either. The sheriff also has a YouTube video as well.

  12. This whole thing is lunacy.

    Imagine if your doctor sat you down and said:

    “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you have a deadly disease. You’d better get your affairs in order. Your chances of survival are only 99.74%.”

    If he did, you would be ecstatic.

    The IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) for COVID-19 is 0.26%.

    The only caveat is that this statistic comes from a right wing extremist racist hate site: The CDC.

    This is even counting all those who died with Covid being pronounced dead from Covid.

    Even counting that a positive test result isn’t even required to be counted as an “from Covid” death.

    Even counting that hospitals has significant financial incentives to treat as Covid patients. Same procedure pays more when Covid is the cause.

    The headline should be:

    “More than 997 people out of 1000 who contract Covid live to tell about it.”

    This “cases” hysteria is going to bite them in the ass: The more “Cases” they keep counting without the corresponding increase in deaths causes this IFR to on par with a bad seasonal flu – which is 0.1-0.2%.

    Keep counting those cases!

    • The virus has never been purified down to identify the virus. So how can they claim a new virus? The RT-PCR test is a sham. The original designer, Kary Mullis, said it was not designed for diagnoses. The PCR has a 70pct error to positive. Even if the infectious viri are long dead, a corona test can come back positive, because the PCR method multiplies even a tiny fraction of the viral genetic material enough [to be detected]. The test cannot determine the viral load which is necessary to determine infection. The test can not identify whether the virus is still alive, i.e. still infectious.
      SARS-COV-2 is closely related toe SARS-COV-1 which explains why many don’t get the illness. The Antibodies of SARS-1 is good to handle SARS-2 as well.
      The cases count are those from the phony PCR test and those “presumed Covid” plus all the people they said they were around. One person could result in 30 cases or more.
      The obvious answer to this is it must be political. This would explain all the unexplainable. They have obviously committed to MMT,,, Magic Money Theory,,, as they are deliberately destroying the economy while printing trillions of digits as a bridge to a new monetary and governmental system. It must be global in nature as 99pct of all nations in the world are doing exactly the same so this obviously has been in the works for some time. This is what we get for not keeping a close tab on what they have been up to. Those wearing the mask will also let them know who will go along with this New Order. This will be hell on earth. It is said that only 20pct are resisting. If true then,,, it’s over,,, as that won’t be near enough to stop it once they declare their intentions,,, so it must be stopped now. With the weakest cattle being driven into the slaughter corral I have no clue as to how.

      • Exactly well said. And don’t forget, ALL the doctors & nurses everywhere had enough schooling to KNOW this about viruses and the pcr test etc. So THEY’RE ALL LYING TO EVERYONE — all your beloved doctors and nurses are LIARS running this HOAX on everyone… do you suckers still want to go to them for your health care????? They’re criminals — so don’t trust them for your health care!

  13. Those diapered are frightened, weak minded fools. Easy prey for the tyrant wannabee Caesar’s like Newsom, Coumo, Whitmer and other government flotsam. At the same time they are aware of their sickness. It’s easy to single them out because of their wearing the mask but,,, make everyone wear the mask, their weakness, fears and other neurotic problems are disguised. Now they’re comfortable in knowing their neurosis is hidden.

    • Excellent take Ken. I think you’re 100% right. In my area, the mask wearers were becoming a noticeable, hilarious, minority. Then one fatwa later and us visibly normal people are now the again in the minority.

  14. CBS News reports on an “induced sheeple stampede”:

    New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission resumed in-person services this week, and THOUSANDS of drivers lined up outside its offices.

    After waiting for HOURS Tuesday and Wednesday, many were told to come back and do it all again.

    Because of social distancing guidelines, the MVC is only allowing 20 people inside at a time and capping appointments at 150 for the day.

    Most offices only have two-thirds of their staff.


    Most DMV “services” — other than, arguably, titles — are not services at all, but mandatory taxes and fees.

    Making obligatory “customers” [sic] wait … and wait … and even come back mañana, is part of the ritual humiliation imposed upon little people. You can’t even send an agent in your stead, as now they want “your papers, bitte” even to renew a tag [“Take my money, please!” “No, your license is not Real ID compliant. Come back tomorrow … chump.”]

    Contrast the DMV’s scornful disrespect for your time with gov-owned businesses where participation is voluntary. For instance, New York City’s former OTB parlors — where no one was obliged to bet on the ponies — had plenty of staff behind the counter to offer “snappy service.” But even with a legal monopoly, they couldn’t make a dime, and filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

    Whole states are gonna gurgle down the drain as lavish pensions for UGWs [Unionized Govt Workers] bankrupt them. Naturally, we are going to pay with astronomically hiked auto registration fees and (probably) even longer lines at DMVs with only two-thirds staffing to “save money.”

    In the warped world of government, our time and convenience has zero value.

  15. All this crap is about warm fuzzy feelings…putting on a show to imply that this is super serious and that something is being done about this super-scary bug.

    I just returned from two glorious weeks in Cabo. Normally, the airline passes out the required immigration and customs forms once the plane starts its descent. This time, there was a 3rd paper, a mandatory cerveza virus questionnaire. Just the general crap, asking if you had any symptoms or been around somebody who had it in the last 14 days, yadda yadda, but also included questions about the flight, seat assignment and such. Oh, I thought…data for contact tracing. Makes a smidgen of sense if one buys into all this stupidity. So, after deplaning and passing through immigration, one has to stand in front of a thermal camera while a worker reviews the questionnaire (AFTER you’ve admitted me to the country?). Then they give it the appropriate “Covid 19 Approved” stamp and hand it back. Huh? What exactly is the point of this, then? First, like anybody is going to answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions. Second, why ask for the flight info if they’re not going to store that data for potential future use? Had to do the same before boarding the return flight. I finally found a government system that’s more useless/pointless than the TSA.

    But our time in Cabo was fabulous. Took a couple of days for the staff at the resort to understand that me and Vegas Vicky didn’t give a flying F about the silly little bug going around and not wear their ‘mandatory’ masks in our presence or remain two meters away from us. (BTW it was mid-90’s with 80 to 90% humidity…oppressive heat even without a face diaper). It was sort of weird…like people just, I don’t know, living? (and isn’t that a bizarre thought…that acting normal somehow feels abnormal?) There were large portions of the day over the two weeks that we were the only two people on the beach or at the swim-up bar.

    I’ll be more than happy to continue on living and enjoying my life while so many others succumb to the fear propaganda if this is the result.

      • It is with some amount of shame that I admit to being face diapered for most of the flight there and back. In my defense, I feared not the wrath of American Airlines…I feared the wrath of Vegas Vicky, who’s always chiding me to ‘just go through’ the TSA scanner (I won’t…I enjoy interrupting their extended breaks to have to send someone over and frisk me…with some added commentary like “oooh, a little more to the left” and “it’s a good thing you’re going back on break after this, ain’t it?” with an added wink) and the like. She’s more of the thought of accepting the ‘small’ inconveniences to achieve her desired outcome, as opposed to my desire to poke a stick in the eye of whatever I see as not allowing me to live as a sovereign human being. Happy wife, happy life they say…I have learned to pick and choose what hills I’m gonna die on.

        • I have not worn a Terror Mask since I modified my garage floor for a 4 Post back in 2018. When asked to wear a mask, I always say, I have a Medical Condition. If told I must wear one anyway, I walk out saying `Fine, I’ll just buy online´. Guadalajara had a manditory mask requirement but except for people between ca. 18 to 50, few complied. Mexico is a lot more critical of this farce because the people have learned through experience the Government is there for its own self-interents.

          • “Mexico is a lot more critical of this farce because the people have learned through experience the Government is there for its own self-interest.” Nail, meet hammer.

            Having developed many friends and acquaintances over our 15 years of visiting, I have found that the main difference between the average American and the average Mexican is that the American believes ‘if we could just elect so-and-so, things would be better’ while the Mexican knows it doesn’t matter… all politicians are corrupt. Wonder when the light bulb is going to come on north of the border…

              • A drop of fluoride here, a dash of roundup there..
                A couple grams of lines from the sky, and toss that salad!!
                Warm it all up with a little 5g and serve!!

              • Drink the water here, you end up with brain damage/retardation. Drink the water in Mexico, all you get is the trots. I’ll gladly take the trots!

                • Amen, Nunz – in re the water.

                  One of the many perks of living in the Woods is the water I drink comes out of my ground – not a pipe that leads to a city sewage treatment plant, where the resultant product is leavened with chlorine and fluoride.

  16. The point of being confined do to others fears is excellent. Because that’s what this ultimately leads to. That is what it is intended to lead to. You either take the Gates vaccine or you get locked away.

    • Thanks, Brent – I wish it were as obvious to others as it is to us. I have trouble sometimes grappling with it… can people be this stupid? No. It isn’t possible.

      And then I look around and realize – it is.

  17. This is the kind of crap that”s going to keep us with the masking and social distancing requirements into perpetuity, because it’s an impossible and implausible goal to begin with, to not ever get sick…

    Eric, yours is the only time I’ve ever felt compelled to support a site, and right at the start of this pandemic mess, and I remember you telling me we’d see if sanity prevailed. Unfortunately we all know the answer. Thanks for continuing to be a bright light, no matter how much it seems to be diminishing within all the darkness.

  18. Waivers don’t mean jack in the real world…thank contingency-fee personal injury attorneys for that.

    We’re keeping our community (HOA) pool closed, probably all summer, because our attorney has made it clear our liability insurance covers us if a resident sues us for not opening the pool, i.e. denial of an amenity.

    But it doesn’t cover us if we open the pool & someone catches “The Covid” simply because they allege we weren’t properly following state rules (e.g. cleaning it continuously, enforcing social distancing, limiting number of people, etc.)…there’s really no way to prove compliance sufficiently to indemnify us, so we’d be tempting targets for a shakedown.

  19. I don’t understand why someone who does the things George does would be all of a sudden be interested in masking up like Michael Jackson. Perhaps, take a step back and look at other ways you can possibly get sick. Just saying, in the most polite way possible.

    • I was going to say the exact same thing, Swamp! Imagine if the state were to impose restrictions and prohibitions on those who are most likely to spread AIDS and who are significantly more prone to get gonorrhea and other major health issues, and who as a result of their buggery consume significantly more “healthcare resources” due to their buggery? They would then be protesting in the streets and having hissy-fits!

    • Hi Swamp,

      Of course. George isn’t being honest with himself. He knows the Diapering isn’t about health. It is about getting rid of Trump – by maintaining this fear being used to “lockdown” life.


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